Minutes of a meeting of the

Hearing Panel

Te Rōpū Rongonga

Held in the Council Chamber, Floor 2A, Civic House, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson on Tuesday 7 May 2024, commencing at 9.00a.m.


Present:              Councillors A Stallard (Chair), M Anderson and J Hodgson

In Attendance:    Group Manager Environmental Management (M Bishop), Acting Group Manager Infrastructure (D Light), Team Leader Governance (R Byrne) and Governance Adviser (A Bryce)

Apologies :          Nil


Karakia and Mihi Timatanga

1.       Apologies

2.       Confirmation of Order of Business

There was no change to the order of business.

3.       Interests

There were no updates to the Interests Register, and no interests with items on the agenda were declared.

4.       Public Forum

There was no public forum.

5.       Confirmation of Minutes

5.1      22 March 2024

Document number M20505, agenda pages 5 - 7 refer.

Resolved HEA/2024/009


That the Hearing Panel

1.    Confirms the minutes of the meeting of the Hearing Panel, held on 22 March 2024, as a true and correct record.

Stallard/Hodgson                                                                          Carried

6.       Traffic and Road Bylaw Updates - March 2024

Document number R28347, agenda pages 8 - 25 refer.

Manager Transport and Solid Waste, Margaret Parfitt, and TSA Project Manager, Trent Kleinsman, took the report as read and answered questions on line marking, cycle safety on Pascoe street crossing and confirmed that the State Highway crossing was community and NZTA driven.

Group Manager Environmental Management, Mandy Bishop, answered questions on resource consent conditions for Pascoe Street line marking.

Resolved HEA/2024/010


That the Hearing Panel

1.    Receives the report Traffic and Parking Bylaw Updates (R28347) and its attachments (1355221503-18846, 1355221503-19907,1355321503-19909 and 1355321503- 19910); and

2.    Approves amendments to Bylaw schedules as detailed in R28347 for:

a.  Prohibition of parking on Pascoe Street (1355221503-18846); and

b.  Prohibition of parking on Tahunanui and Annesbrook Drives (1355221503-19907); and

c.  Prohibition of parking as part of the Streets for People Project in Motueka Street, Tipahi Street, Franklyn Street, and Kawai Street and Hampden Street West (1355321503- 19909); and

d.  Pedestrian crossings at Motueka Street (1355321503- 19909); and 

e.  Pedestrian crossing at Songer Street (1355321503- 19910).

Hodgson/Anderson                                                                        Carried


Karakia Whakamutanga

There being no further business the meeting ended at 9.20a.m.

Confirmed as a correct record of proceedings by resolution on 13 June 2024.



That the Hearing Panel

1.     Confirms the minutes of the meeting of the Hearing Panel, held on 7 May 2024, as a true and correct record.