Minutes of a meeting of the Nelson City Council and Tasman District Council Regional Transport Committees

Held in the Council Chamber, Civic House, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson

On Friday 9 April 2021, commencing at 9.01a.m. – to hear Submissions to the Draft Connecting Te Tauihu – Regional Land Transport Plan 2021 – 2031 and the Draft Regional Public Transport Plan 2021-2031


Present:               Nelson City Councillors B McGurk (Chairperson), Her Worship the Mayor R Reese, Councillors J Edgar (Deputy Chairperson) and R O'Neill-Stevens, Tasman District Councillors S Bryant (Co-Chairperson), C Butler, B Dowler, A Turley and Waka Kotahi Representative S Higgs

In Attendance:     Group Manager Infrastructure (A Louverdis), Governance Team Leader (R Byrne) and Governance Adviser (J Brandt)

Apology:              Tasman District Councillor C Butler (lateness)


Karakia Timatanga


1.         Apologies




That the Regional Transport Committee

1.       Receives and accepts an apology from Tasman District Councillor C Butler for lateness.

Bryant/Turley                                                                                  Carried


2.         Confirmation of Order of Business

There was no change to the order of business. It was noted that some submitters would speak to submissions made on both the Draft Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP) and the Draft Regional Public Plan (RPTP).

3.         Interests

There were no updates to the Interests Register, and no interests with items on the agenda were declared.

4.         Draft Regional Public Transport Plan 2021 - 2031 - Hearing of Submissions

Document number R24778, agenda pages 4 - 304 refer.

4.1      Late submissions

An updated hearings schedule was tabled (A2605505).

Resolved RTC/2021/007


That the Regional Transport Committee

2.       Accepts the late submissions from the St Stephens Community Church (#27062), John Young (#27064) and Thomas Fry (#27198).

Edgar/Her Worship the Mayor                                                          Carried

Bryant/Turley                                                                                   Carried


1    A2605505 - Updated Hearings Schedule

2    A2614151 - Total Late Submissions

Attendance: Tasman District Councillor C Butler joined the meeting at 9.08a.m.

4.2       Bernadine Goldsmith - Nelson Residents Association - 26975 (RPTP) and 26974 (RLTP)

President of the Nelson Residents Association (NRA), Ms Goldsmith, tabled additional information (A2616518) and gave a presentation (A2611899).  She spoke about the need for a public transport network that was safe, efficient, cost effective and low on carbon emissions. The NRA requested that Councils jointly appoint an independent person to investigate options, and that they explore alternatives to ratepayer funding, and review the current system for inefficiencies.






1    A2616518 - Bernie Goldsmith - Nelson Residents Association - additional information 9Apr2021

2    A2611899 - Bernie Goldsmith - Nelson Residents Association - Presentation 9Apr2021

4.3       Portia King – Beca on behalf of the Ministry of Education 26884 RPTP and 26881 (RLTP) – the submitter did not attend

4.4       Kate Malcolm - Nelson Tasman Community Transport Trust Board - 27085

Ms Malcolm tabled additional information (A2611275 and A2611234) and spoke to her submission. She highlighted that separating town and country buses would be key for public transport in the Top of the South. She spoke about routes and how these could improve time efficiency.

She answered questions about the dependency of rural and life style residents on cars, and locations for Park and Ride facilities. She stressed the importance of secure parking for e-bikes to encourage a culture change.





1    A2611275 - Kate Malcolm - Nelson Tasman Community Trust Board - Additional information

2    A2611234 - Kate Malcolm - Nelson Tasman Community Trust Board - Map


4.5       Barbara and Tim Robson – 26917 (RPTP) and 26916 (RLTP)

Barbara and Tim Robson spoke to their submission. They asked to shorten the proposed timeline for implementation in light of the climate emergency. They spoke in support of clear ways and express ways but stressed that the measures suggested in the Plan needed to go further than what was proposed. They asked the Councils to show leadership.


4.6       Jane Murray - NMDHB - 26810

Ms Murray spoke to the NMDHB’s submission and spoke in support of the introduction of $2 fares to increase accessibility, the importance of removing barriers to usage, i.e. increasing hours of service and frequency of service to 15-minute intervals. She answered questions about shifts of hospital staff in regards to suitability of timetables.



4.7       Peter Olorenshaw - Nelsust - 26957

Mr Olorenshaw gave a Powerpoint presentation (A2613371). He spoke to his submission highlighting ideal routes for express bus routes, the separation of express and country buses, and the extension of service times to 10p.m. on weekdays. He spoke about the need to make buses and active transport modes more attractive to encourage a modal shift. He answered questions about the need for express buses between Richmond and Nelson being all day, both ways, noting country buses could be less frequent. 





1    A2613371 - Peter Olorenshaw - Presentation 9Apr2021


The meeting was adjourned from 10.00a.m. to 10.04a.m.

4.8       Debs Martin – 26708

Ms Martin presented her submission. She said changing people’s mindsets and making habit changes easy were key to achieving a modal shift. She spoke about the role of e-bikes and the need to be able to transport these on buses. She spoke in support of express ways, improving the bus terminal to attract service users, and extending services to North Nelson, with park and ride options and lock-up facilities.

4.9       Mike Ward – 26897

Mr Ward spoke to his submission. He emphasised the need to encourage behaviour change, and everyone’s role in making change happen.

4.10     Penny Wardle - NZ Walking Access Commission - 27019

Ms Wardle presented the submission. She highlighted recommendations from the Commission for the RLTP to create an access-friendly unformed legal roads policy, increased and improved connectiveness and safety of active transport routes within and between settlements, and between regions. She said that safety was a real challenge, especially for cyclists.





1    A2607243 (agenda extract) - Penny Wardle - NZ Walking Access Commission submisson 27019 to RLTP


4.11     Sue Sara and George Truman - Grey Power Nelson - 27053

Ms Sara tabled additional information (A2614625 and A2615758) and presented the submission on behalf of Grey Power Nelson. She spoke about carpark shortages, a preference for smaller, more frequent buses, and the importance of easily accessible bus stop locations.





1    A2614625 - Sue Sara - Grey Power Nelson Handout 9Apr2021

2    A2615758 - Grey Power - additional information 9Apr2021


The meeting was adjourned from 10.37a.m. to 10.54a.m.

4.12     Karen Wilson & Coryn Owen - Blind Citizens NZ Nelson Branch - 26915

Mike Stephens presented the submission on behalf of the Blind Citizens NZ Nelson Branch. Coryn Owen’s speaking notes were tabled (A2616269). He spoke about the reliance on public transport, unpleasant experiences with drivers, and other barriers to using bus services, such as unsafe access to bus stops. He highlighted the need to create a more inclusive public transport system.





1    A2616269 - Coryn Owen - Blind Citizens NZ Nelson Branch

4.13     Nelson Youth Councillors - 26850 (RPTP) and 26951 (RLTP)

Nelson City Youth Councillors presented their submission. Speaking notes were tabled (A2616293). They highlighted improvements they would like to see for NBus services, especially in regards to behaviour from bus drivers. They answered questions about weekday bus services noting that the main impact on youth was during the weekends and that current bus times did not work for them. They said hourly weekend services would serve them better and that safety and accessibility were crucial.





1    A2616293 - Youth Council - Speaking Notes 9Apr2021


4.14     Peter Carlton – 26833

Mr Carlton presented his submission. He spoke about the reasons why Golden Bay needed a bus service. He further spoke about the positive impacts bus services could have on rural businesses and employment opportunities.

4.15     Caren, Stewart, Oliver and Alice Genery - 26965

Ms Genery presented the submission. Speaking notes were tabled (A2616653). She asked that Todd’s Valley be included in the existing bus routes, with the option to take bikes on the bus. She said there were 150 households, approx. 300 people in the area, and that the population was growing. She spoke about feedback she had from 60 Todd’s Valley residents who agreed that there was a need for a bus service.





1    A2616653 - Caren Genery - Speaking notes 9Apr2021

4.16     Paul Matheson, John Gilbertson – Tahunanui Business & Citizens Assn  Inc - 27052

Mr Matheson and Mr Gilbertson spoke to the Association’s submission. They answered questions about preferred times for services, noting that people in the industrial area in Tahunanui and the airport staff should be considered when choosing times. They requested that the bus route would remain on Muritai Street. They spoke about the need for an education programme for the public to achieve a mode change.

4.17     Rachel Boyack - MP for Nelson - 26909 (RPTP) and 26951 (RLTP)


Hon Rachel Boyack MP spoke about congestion on Lower Queen Street needing to be addressed urgently. She said that the area needed to be made safe for active transport with schools and heavy traffic in the area.

She spoke about examples from the Queenstown Lakes area where priority lanes were put into a short space near traffic lights only, which worked well.


Hon Rachel Boyack MP spoke about the importance of choosing routes wisely and listening to the community. She spoke in support of keeping the Stoke loop, not changing the Tahunanui route and increasing the frequency of bus services as soon as possible.

She answered questions about her support for express buses going from Richmond to Nelson along Whakatu Drive and Beatson Drive, with one stop at the hospital. She agreed that current bus service hours of 7a.m. to 7p.m. needed to be extended for working people and would be a game changer.

In reply to a question Hon Rachel Boyack MP said she would lobby hard on behalf of Nelson City and Tasman District Councils.






1    A2607243 (agenda extract) - Rachel Boyack - submission 26951 to RLTP


4.18     Carol-Anne Armitage - St Stephens Community Church - 27062

Ms Armitage tabled supporting information (A2615754) and presented the submission. She spoke in support of the bus route through Tahunanui via Muritai to remain in place, that the route not go via Pascoe Street or Nayland Road but along Main Road, Stoke, that attention be given to the intersection Pascoe Street and Tahunanui so that buses have priority during afternoon peak to Stoke from the city. She spoke about usefulness of a peak hour express service with park and ride facilities in Richmond and Stoke, and 15-minute intervals at peak hour and 30-minute intervals thereafter.





1    A2615754 - Carol-Anne Armitage - St Stephens Community Church - Handout 9Apr2021


4.19     Ross Lampert – First Union – 26998

Mr Lampert spoke to his submission requesting that funding for the living wage for bus drivers be included in the RPTP.

4.20     Richard Sullivan – 26905

Mr Sullivan spoke to his submission, highlighting the need for greater frequency of service at an early stage, and speaking in favour of an airport service.

4.20     Margaret Andrews – 27027 – submitter did not present

4.21     Brent Maru – Motueka Community Board – TDC – 27090 – submitter did not present


Nelson City Council and Tasman District Council Regional Transport Committee members requested additional information from officers for consideration at the deliberations.


Karakia Whakamutunga

There being no further business the meeting ended at 12.43p.m.

Confirmed as a correct record of proceedings:



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