Minutes of a meeting of the Forestry Subcommittee

Held in the Council Chamber, Floor 2A, Civic House, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson

On Tuesday 23 March 2021, commencing at 1.05p.m.


Present:              Mr J Murray (Chairperson), Her Worship the Mayor R Reese, Councillors K Fulton, T Skinner, Independent Forestry Expert P Gorman, and Group Manager Infrastructure A Louverdis

In Attendance:    Team Leader Parks and Facilities Activity Management (P Harrington), PF Olsen representative (S Nuske), LandVision Ltd representative (L Grant), Governance Adviser (J Brandt) and Governance Support (P Boutle)

Apologies :          Mayor R Reese (early departure)



1.       Apologies

Resolved FS/2021/001


That the Forestry Subcommittee

1.        Receives and accepts the apology from Her Worship the Mayor R Reese for early departure.

Skinner/Murray                                                                             Carried

2.       Confirmation of Order of Business

There was no change to the order of business.

3.       Interests

There were no updates to the Interests Register, and no interests with items on the agenda were declared.

4.       Public Forum 


Tom Kennedy and Roger May, of Friends of the Maitai, tabled a supporting document (A2598435) and spoke to their submission.





1    A2598435 - Friends of the Maitai - Presentation to NCC Forestry Subcommittee 23Mar2021


5.       Confirmation of Minutes

5.1      1 December 2020

Document number M15312, agenda pages 5 - 9 refer.

Resolved FS/2021/002


That the Forestry Subcommittee

1.    Confirms the minutes of the meeting of the Forestry Subcommittee, held on 1 December 2020, as a true and correct record.

Skinner/Her Worship the Mayor                                                     Carried


6.       Chairperson's Report   

There was no Chairperson’s report.

7.       Forestry Update - Number 14

Document number R22589, agenda pages 10 - 25 refer.

Team Leader Parks and Facilities Activity Management, Paul Harrington, presented the report.

It was noted that the harvesting date for the Tantragee Block was being brought forward to May to September 2021. Originally, harvesting was going to be July to September 2021 to allow works to follow the proposed Brook Harvesting. A minor amendment was made to the resolution to reflect that it was a revised date.

It was noted that Nelson City Council had achieved Forestry Stewardship Council accreditation. The Subcommittee expressed their thanks to PF Olsen and everyone who had helped achieve this milestone.


Resolved FS/2021/003


That the Forestry Subcommittee

1.        Receives the report (R22589) and its Attachments (A2582672, A2577989 and A2578176); and

2.        Agrees on a revised harvesting date for the Nelson City Council owned Brook blocks to be May to September 2021.

Skinner/Fulton                                                                              Carried





There being no further business the meeting ended at 1.58p.m.


Confirmed as a correct record of proceedings:




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