Minutes of a meeting of the Infrastructure Committee

Held in the Council Chamber, Civic House, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson

On Wednesday 9 September 2020, commencing at 9.04a.m. - to hear submissions to Speed Limit Bylaw 2011 (210)


Present:             Councillor B McGurk (Chairperson), Her Worship the Mayor R Reese, Councillors Y Bowater, T Brand, M Courtney, J Edgar, K Fulton, M Lawrey, R O'Neill-Stevens (Deputy Chairperson), G Noonan, P Rainey, R Sanson and T Skinner

In Attendance:    Group Manager Infrastructure (A Louverdis), Team Leader Governance (R Byrne) and Governance Adviser (J Brandt)

Apologies :         Nil



A Karakia Timatanga was given.



1.       Apologies

There was no apology.

2.       Confirmation of Order of Business

There was no change to the order of business.

3.       Interests

There were no updates to the Interests Register, and no interests with items on the agenda were declared.

4.       Public Forum 

There was no public forum.


The meeting was adjourned from 9.08a.m. until 9.13a.m. during which time Councillors Fulton, Lawrey and Skinner joined the meeting.

5         Hearing of Submissions - Review of Speed Control Bylaw 2011 (210)

Document number R20291, agenda pages 4 - 200 refer. Officers tabled an updated Hearings Schedule (A2445358).

5.1 Lisa Black – 24482

Lisa Black spoke in support of a speed reduction for Teal Valley. She noted the wide range of road users in Teal Valley i.e. walkers, bikers, people on horses. She said that paving the road had led to an increase in vehicle speeds and was no longer safe. Ms Black answered questions about the number of residents in the area, the number of recreational users that visit the area, the absence of foothpaths, and the fact that this road was not included in the area proposed for speed reduction as part of the Special Consultative Procedure.

5.2 David Marsh – 24487

Mr Marsh spoke in support of the speed reduction and requested for the criteria to be widened to include cul-de-sacs. Mr Marsh tabled a supporting document (A2460374) showing photos of Springlea Heights and Farleigh Street demonstrating the danger posed by blind corners, and noted a number of near misses in these areas.

5.3 Deirdre MacAlpine – 24670

Ms MacAlpine spoke about Seymour Avenue and Brook Street being treated as a speeding ground, with drivers frequently engaging in dangerous behaviour and breaking speed limits. She said that the roads were not safe because of this. Ms MacAlpine answered questions about the numbers of pedestrians using the roads, which schools were being accessed from there, and the lack of safe crossings on Seymour Avenue.

The meeting was adjourned from 9.36a.m. until 9.37a.m.

5.4 Jane Murray NMDHB – 24658

Ms Murray spoke of her support for speed reductions and a modal shift. She answered questions about how a modal shift could support the economy, noting there was a relevant study from Christchurch that she undertook to provide to Elected Members.

The meeting was adjourned from 9.47a.m. until 9.55a.m.

5.5 Bernadine Goldsmith – 24586

Ms Goldsmith spoke against lowering the speeds in the Central Business District. She said that lowering speeds would cause delays which would have a direct financial impact on drivers in the transport industry delivering people and goods around town.

The meeting was adjourned from 10.04a.m. until 10.20a.m.

5.6 Charles Douglas – 24714

Mr Douglas spoke about concerns regarding road safety on Tosswill Road, noting his recent accident on a blind corner near Stansell Ave. He said the roads were being used as short cuts to avoid traffic congestion on the main arterials. He noted dangers posed by people speeding, and contributing seasonal factors such as ice and frost, as well as general issues of noise and privacy for residents. Mr Douglas said he would like to see action taken as part of a road safety initiative. He answered questions about tools that may aid to reduce speed, such as speed humps and his support for a broader review of street safety in Nelson. 

5.7 Hannah Baldwin – 24720

Ms Baldwin spoke about growing up on Tamaki Street and how the level of traffic congestion on the hill had increased over the years. She said there was an increase in near misses when pulling out of driveways due to people driving at speed. While the current speed limit was 40km/h, this was not being adhered to. She was in support of putting measures in place to make people slow down.

5.8 Bevan Woodward – Bicycle Nelson Bays – 24797

Mr Woodward gave a Powerpoint presentation (A2463127). He highlighted key factors contributing to unsafe driving environments such as people running late, a culture of aggressive driving in powerful fast vehicles, and distracted drivers. He proposed a safe system approach to road safety.

Mr Woodward noted that safe traffic speeds will increase the number of people cycling and walking, which in turn would mean less traffic, reduced emissions, and faster travel times. He answered questions about other cities that had adopted 30km/h limits in urban areas, and ways to engage the public in regards to speed management.

Attendance: Her Worship the Mayor Reese and Councillor Rainey left the meeting at 11.09a.m.

Due to COVID-19 Alert Level 2, speakers were required to join the meeting via audio-visual link. An option was provided to submit a written statement instead and the following statements were tabled:

·       Clare Scott – 24580 (A2461507) -

·       Ian Lash – 24671 (A2461300)



1    A2445358 - Updated Hearings Schedule 9Sep2020 Infrastructure Committee

2    A2460374 - David Marsh additional material - 9Sep2020 Infrastructure Committee

3    A2463127 - Bevan Woodward - Powerpoint presentation - 9Sep2020 Infrastructure Committee

4    A2461507 - Clare Scott - Written Statement - 9Sep2020 Infrastructure Committee

5    A2461300 - Ian Lash - Written Statement - 9Sep2020 Infrastructure Committee


Elected Members noted requests for information from officers for the deliberations meeting.



There being no further business the meeting ended at 11.21a.m.


Confirmed as a correct record of proceedings:




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