Minutes of a meeting of the Nelson City Council to hear submissions to the draft Annual Plan 2019-2020, including Community Housing. To hear submissions to the Wakatu Square Potential Sale of Land for Commercial Use Proposal

Held in the Council Chamber, Civic House, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson

On Tuesday 14 May 2019, commencing at 9.05a.m.


Present:              Her Worship the Mayor R Reese (Chairperson), Councillors I Barker, M Courtney, B Dahlberg, K Fulton, M Lawrey, P Matheson, B McGurk, G Noonan, M Rutledge, T Skinner and S Walker

In Attendance:   Chief Executive (P Dougherty), Group Manager Community Services (R Ball), Group Manager Corporate Services (N Harrison), Group Manager Strategy and Communications (N McDonald) and Governance Advisers (E-J Ruthven, and J Brandt)

Apology:             Councillor L Acland


Opening Prayer

Councillor Skinner gave the opening prayer.

1.       Apologies

It was noted that Councillor Acland was unable to attend the full hearing of submissions, and had tendered an apology for 14 May 2019.

Resolved CL/2019/067


That the Council

1.        Receives and accepts an apology from Councillor Acland for attendance on 14 May 2019 .

Courtney/Her Worship the Mayor                                                  Carried



2.       Confirmation of Order of Business

Her Worship the Mayor discussed an additional paper relating to climate change.  She spoke about the possibility of declaring a state of climate emergency, and the reasons for considering the issue at this time.

Her Worship the Mayor advised further of late submissions for the meeting, and that the following resolutions needed to be passed for these to be considered:

2.1      Late Submissions - Draft Annual Plan 2019-20 including Community Housing, and to the Wakatu Square Potential Sale of Land for Commercial Use Proposal

Resolved CL/2019/068


That the Council

1.        Considers the item regarding Late Submissions  -  Draft Annual Plan 2019-20, including Community Housing and to the Wakatu Square Potential Sale of Land for Commercial Use Proposal at this meeting as a major item not on the agenda, pursuant to Section 46A(7)(a) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, to enable a timely decision to be made.

McGurk/Fulton                                                                             Carried

3.       Late Submissions  -  Draft Annual Plan 2019-20 including Community Housing, and to the Wakatu Square Potential Sale of Land for Commercial Use Proposal

Document number R10209, late items agenda pages 3 - 43 refer.

Resolved CL/2019/069


That the Council

1.    Receives the report Late Submissions  -  Draft Annual Plan 2019-20 including Community Housing; and to the Wakatu Square Potential Sale of Land for Commercial Use Proposal (R10209) and its attachments (A2188533, A2188438 and A2188443); and

2.    Accepts the late submissions to the Draft Annual Plan 2019-20 including Community Housing, and to the Wakatu Square Potential Sale of Land for Commercial Use Proposal.

Fulton/McGurk                                                                             Carried

4.       Interests

Councillor Matheson subsequently declared an interest in the Mission to Seafarers Nelson (20166) submission and left the meeting for that item.

5.       Hearing of Submissions to the Draft Annual Plan 2019/20 including Community Housing, and to the Wakatu Square Potential Sale of Land for Commercial Development Proposal

Document number R10201, agenda pages 4 - 1190 refer.

5.1      Ishna Jacobs - Bridge Street Studios (20196, AP631 refers)

Ms Jacobs spoke to her submission and tabled her speaking notes, she answered questions regarding the structure and operation of the Bridge Street Studios.



1    A2192816 - Ishna Jacobs tabled document

5.2      Robin Whalley - Chatton Property Group  (19706, AP9 refers)

Mr Whalley noted that rates and water bills for properties he managed on behalf of clients were being received in a delayed manner.  He explained the difficulties such delays presented, and noted he had engaged with Council’s Rates Officer on this matter. 

5.3      Dan McGuire (19725, AP41 refers)

Mr McGuire spoke to his submission.  He spoke about rates increases and Council debt levels, and explained his concerns regarding unnecessary Council spending and Council’s consultation processes.  Mr McGuire answered questions regarding rating systems and local Government funding.


5.4      Kay Pastorius (19741, AP52 refers)

Ms Pastorius spoke to her submission.  She spoke about the cleanliness and maintenance of Riverside Pool, and explained her concerns regarding the presence of dry rot and mould, particularly in the female changing rooms. 

Ms Pastorius confirmed she had complained about this issue, and answered questions.   

5.5      Clare Scott (19778, AP75 refers)

Ms Scott showed a PowerPoint presentation regarding the safety of the Hampden Street-Waimea Road intersection, particularly for cyclists and pedestrians.  She suggested a Barnes Dance crossing as a potential solution for the intersection.

Ms Scott spoke further about the need for infrastructure improvements to increase the safety of pedestrians, on-road cyclists and others engaging in active transport generally, and answered questions on her submission.


1    A2190089 - Clare Scott PowerPoint presentation

5.6      Steve Cross (19784, AP78 refers)

Mr Cross spoke to his submission.  He said the proposal in the draft Annual Plan to build a boat storage yard at the marina was non-core business and should be abandoned.  He suggested further that marina fees should be directed into the general rates pool, instead of being considered as a closed account.  Mr Cross answered questions on his submission.

Attendance:  Councillor Rutledge left the meeting at 9.54a.m.

5.7      Susanne Bernsdorf-Solly (19928, AP218 refers)

Emma Bernsdorf-Solly presented the submission.  Miss Bernsdorf-Solly spoke about the importance of Natureland to her family, and asked that Council reinstate funding for Natureland to its previous levels.

Attendance:  Councillor Barker left the meeting from 9.55a.m. to 9.57a.m., and Councillor Rutledge returned to the meeting at 9.57a.m.

5.8      Stephen Alder (19791 and 20047, AP85 and AP373 refer)

Mr Alder spoke to his submission regarding climate change.  He noted his support for the declaration of a climate emergency, requested that Council take concrete actions to prevent the effects of climate change, and answered questions regarding single-occupancy vehicle use. 

Mr Alder then addressed his submission regarding cycling, and explained his concerns that on-road cycling infrastructure was inconsistent across the city.  He described the difficulties this presented to on-road cyclists, and suggested potential options for improvement and answered further questions.

5.9      Tim Robson, on behalf of Caroline Wheeler (19817, AP101 refers)

           Mr Robson explained that Ms Wheeler was unable to attend the hearing, and showed a video of her submission, on her behalf (A2190634) which noted her concerns regarding climate change and asked Council to take steps to address that.

5.10    Tim and Barbara Robson (19911, AP190 refers)

Mr Robson spoke to the submission, and said he supported a declaration of climate emergency being made.  He said the draft Annual Plan did not provide sufficient leadership on environmental and climate change issues, and suggested enforcing existing environmental legislation more rigorously. 

Mr Robson requested that Council take a leadership role on climate change issues, noted his support for a Climate Change Forum being established, and answered questions on their submission. 

Attendance:  The meeting adjourned from 10.20a.m. to 10.43a.m.

5.11    Penny Molnar (19804, AP92 and WS27 refers)

Ms Molnar spoke to the submission.  She noted her support for making climate change a priority for Council, and requested that Council increase the Community Investment Fund.

Ms Molnar spoke about the importance of Council taking a facilitative role, to bring stakeholders together to address housing issues, in particular increasing the supply of stable long-term rental housing options, and supplying appropriate emergency housing options.

Ms Molnar spoke further about the importance of parks and reserves in Nelson, and expressed her support for an artificial football turf being established at Guppy Park.

Ms Molnar answered questions regarding the various aspects of her submission.

5.12    Peter Pattullo - Tasman Bay Backpackers (19825, AP105 refers)

Peter and Georgie Pattullo presented the submission and tabled a document.

Mr Pattullo expressed his concerns regarding the growth in AirBnB listings in Nelson, including the effect on his backpacker hostel business, the loss of housing stock, increased pressures on infrastructure, security issues for AirBnB guests and their neighbours, and the loss of a sense of  neighbourhood community as a result of the increase in listing numbers. 

Mr Pattullo encouraged Council to track the number of AirBnB listings in Nelson, and consider applying commercial rates and development contributions, where appropriate, to owners of AirBnB-listed properties.  Mr Pattullo answered questions regarding his submission points.



1    A2189177 - Peter Pattullo tabled document

5.13    Noeline Inglis (19844, AP116 refers)

Ms Inglis spoke to her submission, and tabled a document.  She spoke about the importance of on-site stormwater detention, and requested Council to make this a condition for all new-builds.  She encouraged Council to follow the example of Councils on Australia’s Gold Coast regarding the detention and re-use of stormwater.

Ms Inglis spoke further about the health of Maire Stream, and noted it was not considered part of the stormwater system, despite a number of stormwater mains running into the stream.  Ms Inglis answered questions regarding her submission.



1    A2190296 - Noelene Inglis tabled document

5.14    Peter Robins (19860, AP129 refers)

Mr Robins spoke to his submission, and requested that Council take appropriate actions to address climate change.  He noted that climate change also presented opportunities, which Council and the Nelson community could benefit from, and suggested that Council facilitate cooperation between organisations in the region to consider how best to take advantage of such opportunities.

5.15    Simon Duffy and Chris Butler - Uniquely Nelson (19878, AP155 refers)

Mr Duffy and Mr Butler presented the Uniquely Nelson submission.  They requested additional resources to support Uniquely Nelson’s virtual reality and live website developments, and to increase engagement with stakeholders to assist with improvements for the central business district (CBD).

Mr Duffy and Mr Butler answered questions regarding how the virtual reality developments were used, how they contributed to a sense of community in the CBD, how Uniquely Nelson’s work benefitted the community beyond retailers, and the ways in which Uniquely Nelson could contribute to action regarding climate change.

5.16    Ifor Ffowcs-Williams (19954, AP234 refers)

Mr Ffowcs-Williams spoke to his submission, and encouraged Council to consider climate change as a priority issue for the region. He noted the opportunities that climate change presented, and suggested that Nelson could become a world leader in addressing aspects of climate change, drawing on its current science and business knowledge in the region.

Mr Ffowcs-Williams answered questions, and suggested that freshwater management and climate change in temperate regions could be key focus areas for Nelson.   


5.17    Kindra Douglas - Community Action Nelson (19926, AP210 and WS73 refer)

Ms Douglas presented the Community Action Nelson (CAN) submission and tabled a document.  She said that CAN had revised its submission regarding the proposed Wakatu Square development, and no longer supported development on land that was prone to flooding on a regular basis.

Ms Douglas noted CAN’s support for selling Council’s community housing to Nelson Tasman Housing Trust.  She encouraged Council to pursue housing initiatives that would support a connected and vibrant community, such as ensuring a percentage of new housing was affordable, and supporting long-term stable rental properties.  She added that doing so would make the community more resilient and able to react to weather events occurring as a result of climate change.

Attendance:  Councillors Rutledge and Noonan left the meeting at 11.47a.m., and Councillor Lawrey left the meeting at 11.48a.m.

Ms Douglas answered questions regarding emergency housing, the rental market and Council’s community housing stock, and further development in the CBD. 

Attendance:  Councillor Noonan returned to the meeting at 11.50a.m, Councillor Rutledge retuned to the meeting at 11.52a.m, and Councillor Skinner left the meeting at 11.52a.m.



1    A2191663 - Kindra Douglas - Community Action Nelson tabled document

5.18    David Rogers (19956, AP236 refers)

Mr Rogers spoke to his submission.  He noted his concerns regarding intensive development in the Tasman region, and the effect this had on Nelson city.  He noted the impact of the recent drought on resources, the pressure placed on Rocks Road, and suggested the two Councils would need to amalgamate in the future.

Attendance:  Councillors Lawrey and Skinner returned to the meeting at 11.55a.m.

Mr Rogers answered questions regarding transport infrastructure and the maintenance of Rocks Road.

5.19    Emma O'Grady (19958, AP237 refers)

Ms O’Grady spoke to her submission.  She noted the effects of climate change, and said that Council should focus on improving connections and education in this area, rather than focusing on building roads or developing the CBD.

Ms O’Grady answered questions, including suggesting possible ways individuals could take action to limit the effects of climate change.

5.20    Sandra Ware (20198, AP642 refers)

Ms Ware spoke to her submission, and noted her support for a declaration of climate emergency.  She spoke about the changes the community would need to make to address the effects of climate change.  Ms Ware answered questions on her submission.

5.21    Jenny Easton and Julie Nevin - Zero Carbon Nelson Tasman (19772, AP252 refers)

Ms Easton and Ms Nevin presented the submission from Zero Carbon Nelson Tasman.  They gave a PowerPoint presentation, and tabled a document.

Ms Easton and Ms Nevin encouraged Council to develop a Nelson Tasman Climate Change Forum, including an expert advisory group, noting that climate change was a cross-boundary issue.  They explained the need to address climate change in a proactive manner, rather than responding to climate change-induced emergencies, and encouraged Council to allocate sufficient funding to develop a climate emergency plan. 

Ms Easton and Ms Nevin spoke further about the declaration of climate emergency made by Darebin city in Victoria, Australia, and discussed action taken by Darebin as a result. 

Ms Easton and Ms Nevin answered questions regarding Darebin’s Climate Emergency Plan, the benefits of investing in actions to reduce the effects of climate change now, as opposed to the costs of responding to climate-change induced events, and the establishment of a Climate Change Forum.  



1    A2190022 - Jenny Easton and Julie Nevin - Zero Carbon Nelson Tasman PowerPoint presentation

2    A2190032 - Jenny Easton and Julie Nevin - Zero Carbon Nelson tabled document

5.22    Mel Schroder - Nelson Mountain Bike Club (19969, AP243 refers)

Ms Schroder spoke to the Nelson Mountain Bike Club submission.  She asked that funding for an Enduro World Series in the 2020/2021 year be brought forward to the 2019/2020 year, requested further funding to underwrite the hosting of an Enduro World Series event in 2021, and answered questions.

           The meeting adjourned from 12.32p.m. to 1.25p.m.

           At the beginning of the afternoon session of the hearing, members asked for clarification/feedback from officers on several points.

           Councillor Fulton left the meeting from 1.34p.m. to 1.36p.m.

5.23    Mary Ellen O'Connor (20267, late submissions page 5 refers)

Ms O’Connor spoke to the submission and highlighted key aspects such as the urgency to remove obstacles to affordable housing in Nelson and the request to reconsider the Wakatu Square development with a view to making the development green, sustainable and people-centric.  

5.24    Nigel McFadden and Mr Curtis - on behalf of Rasamibe Limited (20016, AP304 refers)

Mr McFadden spoke to the submission. He highlighted the need for Council, in line with its waste minimisation aspirations, to explore alternatives for the current requirement to have certain orchard soil dumped at landfill, noting research supported that there were options to use such soil.  

Councillor Matheson left the meeting from 1.48p.m. until 1.55p.m.

5.25    Pam Ferguson (20028, AP339 refers)

Ms Ferguson spoke in favour of supporting Natureland and answered questions about the 200 signatures she had collected in support of the submission.

5.26    Mary Lafrentz - NZMCA Nelson Tasman Area 70 (20055, AP376 refers)

In speaking to her submission on a public dump station for self-contained vehicles, Ms Lafrentz answered questions about other sites that were considered, types of toilets available on vehicles, working in partnership with NZMCA and the benefits of a public site with potable water.

5.27    Andrea Warn (20057, A380 refers), and speaking on behalf of Isaac Milner - Nelson Central School (20144, AP535 refers)

Ms Warn and a group of children from Nelson Central School spoke to the submission, noting that they had been trying out active travel modes such as biking, rollerblading and riding scooters to school and some of the challenges encountered such as blind corners and the removal of Sharlands Creek Bridge. Ms Warn and the children answered questions about riding bikes on footpaths, benefits of a reduced speed environment, park and ride options, and possible barriers to using buses.

           Members asked for clarification/feedback from officers on several points regarding submissions heard that afternoon.

5.28    Anna Wallace - NZIA Nelson Marlborough Branch (20077, AP447 refers)

Ms Wallace highlighted that the proposed role of Mayor’s Design Advocate could actively support Nelson City Council in its ambition to be a smart little city by leading through innovation and sustainability. Ms Wallace answered questions regarding the role, which she envisaged would provide strategic level input for big picture planning at an early stage. She clarified that there was no envisaged cross-over with the Urban Design Panel.

5.29    Tamika Simpson, on behalf of Richard Sullivan (20081, AP453 refers)

Ms Simpson spoke to the submission, highlighting that the preference in regards to Community Housing was for Council to opt for sale on the open market and that any organisation expressing an interest should have the opportunity to be considered.

5.30    Lee Ann O'Brien, on behalf of Matt Walters - Stoked (20142, AP533 refers)

Ms O’Brien spoke about Stoked, the work it had undertaken to date, membership, funding, partnerships with other organisations and the focus on intergenerational engagement. Ms O’Brien highlighted achievements  and future plans, as well as the request for a council resource. In response to questions, Ms O’Brien gave details about the one-stop shop idea for youth, noting that it was a place where youth would be able to easily access a variety of services, including social and fun activities, employment and wellbeing services.

5.31    Tom Kennedy - Friends of the Maitai (20064, AP402 refers)

Mr Kennedy spoke in support of Council working with iwi and other partners to achieve carbon footprint reductions to meet the target of staying under 1.5 degrees Celsius climate change.

Cr Noonan left the meeting from 2.40p.m. until 2.43p.m.

Mr Kennedy spoke about sediment science and noted that planned regular meetings with stakeholders would be welcomed by the Friends of the Maitai, and that the goal was to make progress by targeting one catchment and, once successful there, to then apply the model to other areas.

5.32    Andrew Smith and Kaf Henderson (20054, AP429 refers)

Mr Smith spoke in support of a climate emergency declaration and added that solving local transport issues by making a shift away from being a transport-centric city would have a very positive climate action impact for Nelson. In speaking to the submission, Mr Smith stressed that moving the pedestrian crossing on Waimea Road outside Hampden Street School to the intersection of Waimea Rd and Hampden Street, and make it a Barnes Dance crossing. This would increase children’s safety by reducing the number of roads needing to be crossed.

5.33    Glenys MacLellan (20070, AP432 refers)

Ms McLellan spoke to her submission. She highlighted her support for introducing express buses between Richmond and Nelson, noting the benefits of buses coming out of bus stops having the right of way.

5.34    Peter Olorenshaw - Nelsust Inc (20244, AP790 refers)

In speaking to his submission, Mr Olorenshaw noted the importance of including an appropriate budget for climate change action in the Annual Plan, to develop a climate change significance policy, the positive impacts of city living, energy efficient housing, congestion busting, and lowering emissions. Mr Olorenshaw subsequently provided a copy of his speaking notes.  



1    A2191665 - Peter Olorenshaw - Nelsust Inc speaking notes

           The meeting adjourned from 3.29p.m. to 3.45p.m.

Returning to a procedural matter raised at the beginning of the day, Her Worship the Mayor noted the suggestion for an extraordinary Council meeting to be held on Thursday, 16 May 2019 in order for Council to consider the matter of a climate emergency declaration. It was noted that this extraordinary meeting could be requested by way of a resolution by Council and that this could be done on Wednesday, 15 May.

5.35    Alison McLeish (20087, AP465 refers)

Ms McLeish noted her support of a climate emergency declaration by Council and outlined the reasons why, noting the extent of the global crisis was becoming increasingly apparent with grass-roots movements everywhere calling for action now. Ms McLeish highlighted her request for a Citizens Assembly to be included if a climate committee were to be set up by Council. In response to questions, she spoke about redefining Council priorities to make climate change a top priority.

5.36    Amme Hiser (20118, AP500 refers)

Ms Hiser spoke in support of Nelson City Council declaring a climate emergency, stressing the urgency to take action, commence transition to a circular economy, and for housing to be built in more sustainable ways. She called for Council’s policies to be amended to facilitate such a transition.

5.37    Kate Malcolm (20124, AP503 refers)

Ms Malcolm spoke to her submission. She highlighted her request to actively discourage car travel and answered questions about encouraging the elderly to use alternative transport modes.

5.38    Dr Iain Wilson and son Archie (19965, AP239 refers)

Dr Wilson spoke in support of Natureland as an important facility for children and conservation work to preserve species. Dr Wilson highlighted the idea of a partnership model for the Brook Sanctuary and Natureland, with a view to cross advertising and a joint access fee.

           At the end of the afternoon session of the Hearing, members asked for clarification/feedback from officers on several points.

           The meeting adjourned at 4.30p.m. to be reconvened on Wednesday, 15 May 2019 at 9.00a.m.





Minutes of a meeting of the Nelson City Council to hear submissions to the draft Annual Plan 2019-2020, including Community Housing. To hear submissions to the Wakatu Square Potential Sale of Land for Commercial Use Proposal

Held in the Council Chamber, Civic House, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson

Reconvened on Wednesday 15 May 2019, commencing at 9.05a.m.


Present:              Her Worship the Mayor R Reese (Chairperson), Councillors I Barker, M Courtney, B Dahlberg, K Fulton, M Lawrey, P Matheson, B McGurk, G Noonan, M Rutledge, T Skinner and S Walker

In Attendance:   Chief Executive (P Dougherty), Group Manager Community Services (R Ball), Group Manager Corporate Services (N Harrison), Group Manager Strategy and Communications (N McDonald), Team Leader Governance (R Byrne) and Governance Advisers (E Stephenson)

Apology:             Councillor L Acland for the morning session


6.       Apologies

Resolved CL/2019/070


That the Council

1.        Receives and accepts the apology from Councillor Acland for the morning of 15 May 2019.


Courtney/Walker                                                                          Carried


5.39    Gaire Thompson (20180, WS189 and AP629 refer)

Mr Thompson spoke to his submission about climate change, carbon credits, commercial water leaks, community housing availability and open process. He noted the importance of inner city parking, which was paid for by ratepayers. He also noted the need for people to be able to access the city. He was supportive of a future Southern Link and of tax deductibility for earthquake strengthening. He felt the rates rise was too high and noted increases in Council’s budgets.

Mr Thompson said that he was opposed to adding extra retail space and reducing car parking and he highlighted the effect on other retailers.

5.40    Kate Howard speaking on behalf of Jennifer Hyde (19765, WS12 refers)

Ms Howard spoke to Ms Hyde’s submission opposing the sale of Wakatu Square and highlighted Nelson’s unique personality. She noted that malls kept people inside and that Nelson’s outdoors was incredible. She said that if the land was sold the people would lose an asset with no opportunity to get it back and it should be kept for its future potential. In response to questions regarding other options, Ms Howard noted the lack of public covered open spaces and places for other activities when it was raining.

5.41    Granville Dunstan - Dunstan Trust Holdings (19789, WS22 refers)

Mr Dunstan spoke to the submission and said that he was supportive of the Wakatu Square Development proposal, and in a unique position to support Mr Baigent. He noted that rates were high and the current effects on retail and highlighted the need for an anchor tenant in the town centre. He spoke of the possibility of the Farmers store leaving Nelson. Mr Dunstan answered questions regarding the possibility of Nelson’s loss of identity, ‘off-centre’ retailers, inner city living and the size of the proposal.

5.42    Michael Person (19824, WS40 refers)

Mr Person provided an MP4 presentation (A2190142) and spoke to his submission against the sale of public land. He said that he was supportive of plazas, trees, public spaces and of innovation rather than malls. He highlighted the value of community art works.

5.43    Larisse Hall (20036, WS108 and AP368 refer)

           The submitter did not attend.

5.44    Rob Snow - Moncrief Alliance Limited, Snow Holdings Limited, and Snorkly Holdings Limited (19910, WS67 refers)

Mr Snow spoke to the submission and said that he felt that the Wakatu Square proposal was one sided and would draw retailers away from other shops. He highlighted the need for inner city revitalisation. He felt that if there was going to be a mall it was better for it to be a Nelson developer, but it should be opened up to the rest of Trafalgar Street. He noted that responsibility lay with Council to provide a vibrant and attractive town and if the Mall blocked this entrance off it would affect Trafalgar Street.

5.45    Grant Abel, Alan Hinton and Stephen Stanley - Natureland Wildlife Trust (20000, AP279 refers)

Mr Hinton spoke to the submission. He provided background information regarding the Trust and listed the future options available to it. He noted the effect of the reduced funding provided in the Long Term Plan 2018-2028. He clarified that the Trust supported Option 1, noting the amount of supportive submissions. Mr Hinton, Mr Abel and Mr Stanley answered questions regarding whether there would be a need to euthanise any animals, the number of school and children admissions, cashflow and risk, conservation work in partnership with others, fundraising initiatives, staffing levels, capital and operational funding.

Her Worship the Mayor vacated the Chair and left the meeting at 10.16a.m. The Deputy Mayor assumed the Chair.

The Trust representatives answered questions regarding Tuatara deaths, the nature of its work with vets, core funding, the inability to cut outgoings within the current service contract with the Council and confirmed that without the funding it was in a downward spiral.

5.46    Robert Stevenson - Achilles Properties (20138, WS153 refers)

           The submitter did not attend.

5.47    Christine Tuffnell  and George Truman - Nelson Grey Power (20195, WS202 and AP488 refer)

Ms Tuffnell spoke to the submission and highlighted concerns regarding the amount of variations to the Long Term Plan 2018-2028. She commented on biosecurity and weed control and noted disappointment in rates increases, asking Council to share its criteria for exceeding the rates cap.

Ms Tuffnell noted the Council’s moral responsibility to look after its most vulnerable residents. She noted Grey Power was not supportive of the sale of Council’s pensioner housing, stating that renting in the private sector was hazardous for older people, providing examples. She highlighted tenants’ comments and concerns regarding the need for reassessment.

In response to a question, Ms Tuffnell said that Grey Power would be happy to liaise with tenants in conjunction with Council. It was clarified that the sale of community housing decision had not yet been made, this would be after consultation.

Attendance: Her Worship the Mayor returned to the meeting at 10.42a.m. and resumed the Chair.


5.48    Steve Cross (20121, WS145 and AP78 refer)

Mr Cross spoke to his submission regarding the merits of the requirement for an equivalent number of car parks being provided in the CBD. He felt that the project was over complicated and distracting officers from core business and should be a straight land swap. Mr Cross highlighted the unknown state of the land under ground.

           The meeting was adjourned at 10.49a.m. and reconvened at 11.07a.m.

Extraordinary Meeting

Following discussion on procedure, the following procedural motion, confirming an extraordinary meeting, was put by division.

Resolved CL/2019/071

That the Council

1.        Confirms an extraordinary meeting to be held on Thursday 16 May 2019 at 1.00p.m. to respond to calls from the community for urgent action on Climate Change and to consider declaring a climate emergency to allow further advice to be prepared for the deliberations on the Annual Plan 2019/20.

The motion was put and a division was called:


Her Worship the Mayor Reese (Chairperson)

Cr Dahlberg

Cr Fulton

Cr Lawrey

Cr Matheson

Cr McGurk

Cr Skinner

Cr Walker


Cr Barker

Cr Noonan

Cr Rutledge


Cr Courtney


Cr Acland


The motion was carried 8 - 3.

Lawrey/Walker                                                                                           Carried


5.49    Belinda Fletcher (20253, WS229 refers) did not attend

This submitter did not attend.

Attendance: Councillor Skinner left the meeting from 11.24a.m. until 11.26a.m.


5.50    John Walker (20252, WS227 refers)

Mr Walker spoke to his submission opposing the sale of Wakatu Square, noting he was in support of more car parks for the city. He felt that the development could accommodate multiple uses.  In response to questions, he said that the lack of demand from private car park operators was because council fees were too expensive and that Council should be concerned about setting a precedent.

5.51    Faye Wulff - Community Art Works (20152 and 20187, WS181 and AP579 refer)

Ms Wulff spoke to the submission objecting to the sale of the land. She noted the need for support of community arts, the need for more green spaces and the struggle for funding.

5.52    Kevin Gardener (20140, WS158 refers)

Mr Gardener spoke to his submission, highlighting his concerns regarding the setting of a precedent. He noted recent history regarding inaccurate costings and his concerns regarding the cost to the ratepayers. He felt the land could be used for a new Council building looking out to Anzac Park. He noted there was no boat ramp or a jetty included in the proposal and questioned this in light of predicted sea level rise.

5.53    Graeme O'Brien (20147 and 20125, WS179 and AP505 refer)

Mr O’Brien spoke to his submission regarding the divestment of community housing and reinvestment of the resulting $8million. He spoke about rates increases, capital and operating costs, reduction of debt, sale of land, management of tenants and his concerns regarding the suitability of mixed modelling for elderly tenants.

Councillor Skinner left the meeting from 11.42a.m. until 11.49a.m.

Councillor Fulton left the meeting from 11.48a.m. until 11.51a.m.

Councillor Fulton left the meeting at 11.52a.m.

5.54    Steve Baigent - Cephas (20213, WS217 refers)

Mr Baigent spoke to the submission and gave background information about Cephas and the proposal. He said that the plan was to provide a good public place, including a pocket park and a place to eat. He noted the intent to minimise the effects on neighbouring properties. He said that the proposal was intended to strengthen Nelson CBD, noting real opportunities to further enhance the city.  He noted that he had gone through all of the submissions and asked if it was not this project, then what would it be to improve the CBD. He noted that some submitters wanted housing in the area, noting this was not part of its proposal and that he considered it unsuitable in this location.

He noted that only a small part of the land could be sold publicly if not sold to Cephas. Mr Baigent felt that concerns regarding the location in a flooding plain were resolvable using higher floor levels. He noted the possibility of the use of solar energy. He acknowledged the proposal would not please everybody and thanked Council for its consideration of the project.

Her Worship the Mayor asked Mr Baigent to provide a copy of his speaking notes.

Councillor Fulton returned to the meeting from at 12.04p.m.

Mr Baigent answered questions regarding whether Farmers had signed up, interior design graphics, the requirement for the design to be approved by the Urban Design Panel and the monitoring of consultation feedback.

Attendance: Councillor Rutledge left the meeting at 12.14p.m.

Questions were answered regarding support for Wakatu Square being the location for a bus terminus, concerns with green space, impact on other retailers and the rest of the CBD, attracting new retail and the risk to Council.

It was clarified that the proposal was a small scale reformatted existing space i.e. the adaptive reuse and upgrade of the existing Bridge Street frontage, with Trafalgar Street frontage.

Attendance: Councillor Rutledge returned to the meeting at 12.23p.m.

Further questions were answered regarding the suitability of the site for inner city living and carbon footprints with regard to climate change.

The meeting was adjourned from12.30pm until 1.08p.m.


5.55    Ian Gillespie (19785, CH29 refers)

Mr Gillespie spoke to his submission and asked that Council gift the entire housing portfolio to Nelson Tasman Housing Trust, which would necessitate Council being represented on the Board of the Trust.

5.56    Yasmeen Jones-Chollet AP484

Ms Jones-Chollett spoke to her submission on Climate Change, which asked that Council commit to make a significant difference to the most important crisis of our times and that Council put Climate Change at the forefront of every single decision.   

5.57 Lea Beaven (19938, CH63 refers)

Mrs Bevan spoke to her submission and tabled her speaking notes (A2194081 Redacted) She asked that rents remain at 25% of national super and that Council make the qualifying age at 65 years.

Her Worship the Mayor, in reviewing Ms Bevan’s speaking notes, advised that paragraphs on the second page were not appropriate for the meeting and that they should be omitted, Ms Beaven agreed.



1    A2194081 - Lea Beaven tabled document



5.58    Colin Clough (20053, CH78 refers)

Mr Clough spoke to his submission on behalf of some of the tenants living in Russell Flats, noting that they had the lowest rent because they had the lowest income and they were fearful of what would happen to them should the flats be sold and rents increased. 

5.59    Carrie Mozena and Keith Preston - Nelson Tasman Housing Trust (20132, CH85 refers)

Ms Mozena and Mr Preston spoke to the Nelson Tasman Housing Trust submission and emphasised key points on the nature of community housing, the need and wellbeing of tenants which required intentional management and selection and placement of tenants.

Attendance: Councillor Fulton left the meeting at 1.47p.m. and returned at 1.48p.m.

5.60    Peter Taylor (20141, AP530 refers)

Mr Taylor spoke to his submission and emphasised that to mitigate effects from climate change Council should put aside funds in a fiscally sensible way e.g. a small percentage from parking, for future use and answered questions on the membership of a Climate Change panel.

5.61    Karen Driver and Judene Edgar - Social Enterprise Te Tau Ihu (20185, AP612 refers)

Ms Edgar spoke to the submission and tabled her speaking notes. She said that social enterprise was a powerful vehicle for driving change and they were asking for seed funding to employ a part time coordinator to undertake community engagement and research.     



1    A2192872 - Karen Driver - Social Enterprise Te Tau Ihu - speaking notes

5.62    Maia Hegglun (20202, AP650 refers)

Mr Hegglun spoke to his submission regarding delivering a workshop on, and running workstations for, bone and stone carving and answered questions on the flooring requirements of the workshop.

5.63    Alexandria Leonard (20174, AP571 refers)

Ms Leonard spoke to her submission and emphasised the urgency to incentivise the use of renewable energy, use low emission transport,  change public behaviour and make new alternatives better than the status quo. In answering a question on how to get people to use public transport she suggested creating bus lanes to increase reliability and to treat public transport as an investment in the community, not for profit.


5.64    Bruce Gilkison - Climate for Change Limited (20182, AP583 refers)

Mr Gilkison spoke to the submission on committing to action on climate change and asked that Council include all Council organisations in its climate change plan. 

5.65    Daniel Adam and Geoffrey Proctor - Butterfly Forest (20218, AP672 refers)

Daniel Adam and Geoffrey Proctor spoke on behalf of the Butterfly Forest submissions and tabled a presentation which outlined the proposal of a merger of the  Butterfly Forest into the Natureland facility, working towards including a full size greenhouse for botanical plants, fish, reptiles and butterflies in the facility. Mr Adam answered questions on the history of the Butterfly Forest in the Coromandel, accreditations and management practices.  



1    A2191669 - Daniel Adam and Geoffrey Proctor - Butterfly Forest PowerPoint presentation

5.66    Steve Mitchell and Nic Foster - Tasman Rugby Union and Nelson Bays Football (20191, AP620 refers)

Mr Mitchell and Mr Foster spoke to the joint rugby and football submission, which supported a feasibility study for artificial turf in a key facility in Nelson.  They spoke on the impact the turf would have which would enable extended playing hours and provide an international grade surface.

Mr Foster answered questions on end of life disposal and advised a recently replaced hockey turf, which was no longer up to national standards, had been recycled into schools and kindergartens.    

5.67    Heyden Nunn and Nic Foster - Tahuna Football Club and Nelson Bays Football (20228, AP702 refers)

Mr Nunn and Mr Foster spoke to their submission supporting installation of lights on Beach Rd, Tahunanui sports grounds as this would support training year round.

The meeting adjourned from 3.10p.m. until 3.25p.m at which time Her Worship the Mayor was not present, the Deputy Mayor assumed the Chair.

5.68    Peter Bramley and Rob Beaglehole – Nelson Marlborough District Health Board (NMDHB) (20058, AP394 refers)

Peter Bramley, Rob Beaglehole, Miraka Norgate, Jane Murray and Michelle Hunt attended in support of the NMDHB submission. Mr Bramley gave a presentation and tabled further information, which urged Nelson City Council to take a leadership role in adopting smokefree policies

Attendance: Her Worship the Mayor returned to the meeting at 3.35p.m. and assumed the Chair.

Attendance: Councillors Matheson and Rutledge left the meeting at 3.50p.m.



1    A2190736 - Peter Bramley NMDHB PowerPoint presentation

2    A2193065 - Jane Murray - NMDHB - tabled document (1)

3    A2191647 - Peter Bramley - NMDHB tabled document (2)

5.69    John-Paul Pochin (20149 and 20150, AP540 refers)

Mr Pochin spoke to his submission and thanked Council for the proposal to declare a climate change emergency.

Attendance: Councillors Matheson and Rutledge returned to the meeting at 3.59p.m.      

5.70    Lindsay Wood - Braemar Eco Village and Resilienz Limited (20101, 20167 and 20241, AP481 , AP564  and AP778 refer)

Mr Wood spoke to his personal submission regarding the Grampians and reminded Council that when sheep were reintroduced there must be some control of dogs. 

He provided a presentation on behalf of Braemar Eco Village and Resilienz Ltd which emphasised the importance of addressing climate change and encouraged the Council to lead the change and discussed issues and options for improvement.

Attendance: Councillor Noonan left the meeting from 4.02p.m. until 4.05p.m.

Attendance: Councillor Skinner left the meeting from 4.15p.m. until 4.25p.m.



1    A2190719 - Lindsay Wood PowerPoint presentation

5.71    Mary Bronsteter - Multicultural Nelson Tasman (20183, AP585 refers)

Ms Bronsteter spoke to the submission, asking that Council support Multicultural Nelson Tasman with an annual grant of $30,000 to deliver the Top of the South Cross Sector Action Plan.

The meeting adjourned at 4.38p.m.



Minutes of a meeting of the Nelson City Council to hear submissions to the draft Annual Plan 2019-2020, including Community Housing. To hear submissions to the Wakatu Square Potential Sale of Land for Commercial Use Proposal

Held in the Council Chamber, Civic House, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson

Reconvened on Thursday 16 May 2019, commencing at 9.02a.m.

Present:              Her Worship the Mayor R Reese (Chairperson), Councillors M Courtney, B Dahlberg, K Fulton, M Lawrey, P Matheson, B McGurk, G Noonan, M Rutledge, T Skinner and S Walker

In Attendance:   Chief Executive (P Dougherty), Group Manager Community Services (R Ball), Group Manager Corporate Services (N Harrison), Group Manager Strategy and Communications (N McDonald) and Governance Advisers (E Stephenson)

Apologies:           Councillor Ian Barker

7.       Apologies

Resolved CL/2019/072


That the Council

1.        Receives and accepts the apology from Councillor Barker.


Her Worship the Mayor/Courtney                                                  Carried


8.       Further Late (Oral) Submissions

Resolved CL/2019/073


That the Council

1.    Accepts and receives further late (oral) submissions to the Draft Annual Plan 2019-20 from Rachael Brown, Chief Executive of the Sustainable Business Network, from Paul Morgan, Chair of Wakatu Incorporation, from Louie Holbrook, on behalf of Jordan Williams, NZ Taxpayers’ Union and from the Honourable James Shaw, Minister for Climate Change (via audio link).

Her Worship the Mayor/Walker                                                     Carried


5.72   Nelson Youth Councillors (20193 and 20189, AP623 and WS198 refer)

Attendance: Councillor Fulton entered the meeting at 9.06a.m.

Nelson City Youth Councillors provided a PowerPoint presentation and supporting information and spoke to their submission. Points they covered included:

·         support for the Stoke Youth Facility, and encouragement to make this a priority

·         support for the Natureland Wildlife Trust, without breaching the rates cap

·         support for action on climate change

·         support for the sale of Wakatu Square, acknowledging the need for innovation and adaptation to change, with outdoor social spaces.

Youth Councillors answered questions regarding open social spaces, climate change, Natureland, Wakatu Square and youth facilities in Stoke.



1    A2193480 - Nelson Youth Council tabled speaking notes

2    A2191219 - Nelson Youth Council tabled document - Annual Plan Youth Survey

3    A2191668 - Nelson Youth Council PowerPoint presentation - Wakatu Square

5.73    Nigel Muir - Sport Tasman (20205, AP655 refers)

Mr Muir spoke to the submission and tabled supporting information. He applauded the Annual Plan document and spoke about the work of Sport Tasman.

Points he noted included support for investment in cycle and walkways. He questioned the cost of Council using consultants, noting that he felt there was plenty of local knowledge available. Mr Muir applauded the Youth Council’s input. He said that Sport Tasman supported investment in climate change and for partnership projects such as the Marina and a Youth Community Facility, and expressed support for Natureland.

Mr Muir answered questions regarding the standard of sports facilities and encouraged staggered investment throughout the top of the South Island to avoid deterioration of assets happening at the same time. He answered questions regarding Natureland and the Brook Sanctuary and said he felt the need for a broader focus to allow both. He said that rain water was a valuable asset and recycling rain water was compulsory in parts of Australia.



1    A2193490 - Nigel Muir - Sport Tasman tabled document

5.74    Rachael Brown and Katrina Kidson – Sustainable Business Network (late (oral) submission)

           Ms Brown explained the Sustainable Business Network’s background and purpose, she introduced Ms Kidson as the Network’s local contact. Ms Brown encouraged Council to pursue the declaration of a climate emergency, noting that this was a systemic issue. She said that a bio economy was starting to emerge and felt this would attract investment, and noted the importance of Council’s leadership.

           Ms Brown answered questions regarding symbolism versus tangible change, formal duties and legal effect and the need for rule changes.

           Ms Kidson said that she felt that the world was changing, and that if businesses sat around waiting for rules they would just die. She felt that we needed to head in a direction and work it out on the way.

5.75    James Donaldson and Roger Taylor - Nelson Centre of Musical Arts (20067, AP427 refers)

Mr Taylor introduced Trustees Mr Alex Davidson and Ms Jan Trayes, who accompanied himself and Mr Donaldson and tabled supporting documents Mr Taylor and Mr Donaldson spoke to the submission regarding the NCMA’s support for the revitalisation of the city centre, and said that the Auditorium was a vital part of Nelson and a world class facility.

They spoke of the Centre’s high levels of occupancy and the background and importance of the NCMA, saying that it was unrivalled in New Zealand and of the highest order internationally, with around 1,500 visitors weekly. They noted that the NCMA could not continue with the current level of investment, that an appropriate level of funding was required, specifically to maintain and insure the facility and to provide staff. They provided budget information and said that they were seeking an additional $70,000.

In response to questions they clarified that the NCMA was not in a position to repay the existing loan of $680,000, and that it would have to negotiate repayment of this amount, which was recorded in the NCMA accounts.

They answered further questions on costs, the shortfall, visitor numbers, the reason that they felt ratepayers should fund, capital projects and outstanding builders payments.

Attendance: Councillor Rutledge left the meeting from 9.57a.m. until 9.59.a.m.



1    A2193051 - James Donaldson - Nelson Centre of Musical Arts tabled document (1)

2    A2193484 - James Donaldson - Nelson Centre of Musical Arts tabled document (2)

5.76    Paul Morgan - Chair of Wakatu Incorporation – (Late (oral) submission)

Mr Morgan spoke of the Te Tauihu Intergenerational Regional Growth Strategy and how this related to climate change and opportunities with Denmark. He noted that the Regional Growth Strategy had evolved and provided background, noting how, in the last couple of years, this had focused the minds of the community. He spoke of the work programme on how to change thinking and processes for managing climate change.

Mr Morgan said that he ran agribusinesses, and that water temperatures had been up to a record high. He felt the issue going forward required far-reaching decision-making. He spoke of working groups on water policy, and investment in science and knowledge and said that he was looking forward to solving problems. He felt that the region could position itself as a leader in climate change government, attracting knowledge, science and investment.

Mr Morgan said that discussion was at the heart of the Regional Growth Strategy and that we needed to be thinking way ahead, this was a great opportunity to think how. He noted that all businesses would need mitigation strategies and that there was a need to change the planning system. He felt the region needed to come together regarding best practice and gaps in knowledge. He noted the need for improvement, he felt that Denmark was connected to its environment and that the delegation was about addressing that goal. He felt that the whole world needed education, noting the importance of data systems to collect information. He urged Nelson to attract a climatorium and to drive it.  He felt the reporting process going forward needed aspiration and detail.

In response to questions, Mr Morgan said that with regard to legislation, that if new rules were introduced, current ones should be removed. He said that New Zealand was made up of small businesses, and it was important that they could flourish, be smart and have connectivity and access to what they would need in the future. With regard to the value of a big statement versus an action plan, he felt that it depended where we were at, it was important to set direction and be aspirational for the region.

Attendance: Councillor Lawrey left the meeting at 10.18a.m.


5.77    Derek Shaw - Nelson Environmental Centre (20134, AP520 refers)

Derek Shaw and Anton Drazevick spoke to the submission, giving background on the Nelson Environmental Centre. Mr Shaw supported a dedicated community forum. He urged Elected Members to support the staff recommendations in the climate report and to make a declaration of climate emergency as this would help to recognise the urgency. He urged Council to set targets and make savings and to think about a community hub.

Attendance: Councillor Lawrey returned to the meeting at 10.24a.m.

Mr Shaw answered a question regarding the recycling market.

5.78    Barry Thompson (20247 and 20254, AP805 and WS231 refer)

Mr Thompson tabled supporting information and spoke to the submission regarding car parking, noting that Council had created a special rating area 19 years ago - the C4 zone differential - to fund parking spaces. He noted that he had been instrumental in starting the Buxton car park. He spoke of the importance of car parks, and said that he felt that the system in town was wrong, he felt that it was better to pay when leaving the car park, rather than estimate the length of stay when entering.

In response to a question, Mr Thompson said that he felt that, looking forward to the next 50 years, some people would drive electric cars but would still come into Nelson.

Mr Thompson said that if the Wakatu Square entrance from Trafalgar Street were closed, it would be a disaster. He felt that residential accommodation would not happen there as there were too many restrictions and it would be too expensive.



1    A2193486 - Barry Thompson tabled document

5.79    Virginia Visser (20207, AP660)

Ms Visser spoke to the submission regarding the need for transparency regarding grants and she felt that a broader range of people should be able to get involved in arts. She said that she felt the Arts Festival events were expensive and the lack of access split the privileged and the less privileged. She voiced concern at the promotion of what she felt were dangerous amounts of alcohol at some events.

Attendance: Councillor Noonan left the meeting at 10.47a.m.

Ms Visser suggested that Building 16 on Paru Road, on the way to the Trafalgar Centre, was an amazing space to set something up, noting that she felt that youth did not have a part.

In response to a question, Ms Visser said that there should be a wide range of pay-as-you-go events. She felt that, in Nelson, there was not enough support for the arts community to develop on its own. Ms Visser requested a list of all Council grants.

5.80    Louie Houlbrooke, on behalf of Jordan Williams - New Zealand       Taxpayers' Union (late (oral) submission)

Attendance: Councillor Noonan returned to the meeting at 10.51a.m.

Mr Houlbrooke tabled a petition and spoke to the submission regarding the climate emergency, he said that he felt that this was a distraction from Council’s prime responsibilities. He felt the number one cause of wasteful spending was a sense of what was and wasn’t Council’s job. He felt that ratepayers did not expect Council to fight global issues and that Central Government already had activities in this area and voiced concerns regarding duplication of services.

Mr Houlbrooke said that he did not see a clear plan but was concerned about future further expenditure. He requested that Councillors pledge to abstain from all ratepayer-funded international travel.

In response to a question Mr Houlbrooke said that he felt that Council’s responsibility in low lying coastal areas was mitigation and that Council should concentrate on preparing for real events, not global ones.

It was clarified that no Elected Members undertook international travel, apart from Her Worship the Mayor, as leader of the Nelson community.

Mr Houlbrooke answered further questions regarding his organisation’s funding, the specific role of councils, the reintroduction of well beings into the role of councils in the Local Government Act, mitigation for extreme weather events and precedence.



1    A2193458 - Louie Houlbrooke - NZ Taxpayers Union tabled petition

          The meeting was adjourned at 11.01a.m. and reconvened at 11.14a.m. at which time Councillor Skinner was not present.

5.81    John Gilbertson on behalf of Ainslie Riddoch - Tahunanui Business Association (20242, AP785)

Attendance: Councillor Skinner returned to the meeting at 11.16a.m.

Mr Gilbertson spoke to the submission regarding the flooding at Tahunanui and the protection of assets such as the airport, the golf course, the holiday park and the reserve. He voiced concerns regarding the location of the sewerage treatment proposal and hoped Council would discuss this with the community. He felt that some things that impacted on businesses had been done with minimal consultation.

Mr Gilbertson said that the Association had been delighted to be part of the urban cycleway consultation. He spoke of the feral rabbit problem and of the frequency and type of rubbish bins in the recreation area.  He voiced concerns regarding the large number of high productivity vehicles, which he thought were restricted to particular routes, which were now coming down other roads, and highlighted the need to monitor them. He said that he felt that a stop sign and yellow hatching were needed by the playground to solve the problem.

He answered questions regarding the management of the beach reserve.

5.82    Jonathan McKeown - Azwood Energy (20135, AP524 refers)

Mr McKeown spoke to the submission and gave a background of the business, noting that he would like Council staff to work with and help educate organisations to move away from burning fossil fuels. He felt that the use of fossil fuels should be disincentivised and renewable energy incentivised. He felt that there should be monitoring of emissions for both private and public use of fossil fuels.

He invited Elected Members to view the company’s facilities and said that he thought they could help Nelson organisations to be more profitable in the future.

Mr McKeown answered questions regarding regulations, working with organisations, capital and operational considerations, costs of conversion, air monitoring, statistics on the efficiency of wood pellets and confirmed that there was no moratorium on coal burning anywhere else in New Zealand.

5.83    Ange Palmer (20226, AP697 refers)

Ms Palmer spoke to her submission and tabled a copy of her speaking notes.

Ms Palmer read an imaginary news report regarding issues such as; modular housing, cable travel, (gondola), redesign of the CBD, mandatory composting toilets, self-sufficiency, connected cycleways, solar lighting, a non-fossil fuel commuter network, climate emergency, a citizens forum, the largest social movement in history and innovation.

During questions, a Point of Order was raised by Councillor Rutledge against Councillor Acland for misleading comments attributed to Her Worship the Mayor. The Point of Order was upheld. Her Worship the Mayor noted further misleading comments made by Councillor Acland relating to her support for a third arterial route into Nelson.


1    A2193790 - Ange Palmer tabled speaking notes


5.84    Ru Collin and Morris Woodhouse- Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Trust          (20199, AP643 refers)

Mr Collin spoke to the submission regarding the Trust’s governance structure and its request for additional funding. Mr Collin noted the Trust’s internal and volunteer support commitment. He said that the Trust was trying to help itself with initiatives, he felt the Sanctuary was entering into positive phase, noting the changed governance structure and that there would be a new Chairperson. Mr Collin introduced the Trust’s Interim Chair, Peter Jamieson.

Attendance: Councillor Acland left the meeting at 11.49a.m.until 11.53a.m.

Mr Collin noted that he was about to step down as a trustee and had been appointed as the Trust’s Chief Executive and that funding had been secured for his role by two funders (for three years).

Mr Woodhouse spoke of the Trust’s current activities and the costs involved in the maintenance of the biosecurity fence. He said that the Trust needed additional support until matters were resolved. He noted the limited opening hours and that the Sanctuary attracted significant visitor numbers. He said that the estimated of value of the Sanctuary was in excess of $5m and hoped Council would support additional funding.

Mr Collin noted that the Sanctuary operated with no debt and that birdlife numbers were starting to grow and would be monitored. Mr Collin extended an invitation to Council and its senior leadership team to visit the Sanctuary.

Mr Collin answered a question regarding what the extra funding would be used for, noting that it was difficult to establish assets on land it did not own, and that development was blocked when land use was unclear. He said the Trust had been kept abreast on Council’s RMP and would like to know more and that he was concerned about the time that had been taken. The impact on expenditure was noted.

5.85    John Paul Pochin, on behalf of Nathalie Lacaze Campbell - Bicycle Nelson Bays (20200, AP647 refers)

Mr Pochin spoke to the submission regarding climate change, a rethink of public transport and promotion of the use of electric vehicles. He said that Nelson had more than one centre, and that more investment from businesses in public transport was needed. Mr Pochin highlighted the need for green parks, increasing the number of places to meet and walk. He felt that Council should not allow cars within a distance of the centre, that small electric buses, an increase in use of waterways, and dedicated bus lanes should be considered.

Mr Pochin noted concerns regarding the moving the bus terminal from the city centre, he voiced support for action around active transport, the development of local strategies, working with local organisations and the closure of roads around and adjacent to schools. He felt there was dangerous chaos around schools, and that this had been done in various cities. He suggested separate cyclist dedicated cycling lanes on pavements away from pedestrians, taking space from car parking and cars. He urged Council to see the big picture, to link new developments to these cycle lanes with connected villages, adapted travel and incentives to work from home.

He felt that Council’s core responsibility was the wellbeing of the community, that there was no bigger threat to the community than climate change and it was Council’s responsibility to recognise that. He said that the community would be watching.

Mr Pochin responded to questions regarding examples of schools that had removed parking and public transport.

5.86    Nathalie Lacaza - NTCTT (20201, AP649 refers) did not attend.

5.87    Peter Akuhata - Mission to Seafarers Nelson (20166 – AP refers)

Mr Akuhata requested the maximum possible funding. He gave background on the Mission, noting the Port’s benefits to Nelson. He said that the international shipping industry was open to corruption, and that there had been a massive issue when New Zealand signed legislation without Central Government funding to go alongside it, leaving the Chaplaincy responsibility with  no funding.

Mr Akuhata said that Government had a legal obligation but had put this on to the churches with funding drying up. He requested funding and protection of visitors to Nelson City. Mr Akuhata said that they had also approached Port Nelson. He noted that other councils in the country supported their local societies, such as Christchurch (funding of $5,000), and he felt there was human rights abuse in Nelson. He felt there was a moral obligation to look after the fishing fleet and port workers in our city. He reiterated that the Mission did not promote religion.

In response to questions, Mr Akuhata said that they did get Community Investment Funding until a couple of years ago, but this had stopped based on the religious component. He said that he believed Council had a moral obligation to ensure low pay was stopped.

5.88    Hon James Shaw, Minister for the Environment (late (oral) submission via audio link)

The Minister spoke to the meeting via audio link. He said that he was in support of Nelson City Council making a climate change emergency declaration, as this would send an important signal to the community. He said that his own experience was that aligning agencies around an outcome was not easy without a clear signal from Elected Members.

The Minister said that New Zealand was already seeing the impacts of climate change, and now had clear evidence of the frequency and severity. He noted that Nelson had its own fair share of incidents, that January had seen the warmest minimum temperature since records began, and that this had provided the environment for the wildfires.

The Minister noted that ‘emergency’ was an alarming word, but felt that it was accurate to describe this as a climate emergency. He felt that New Zealand was good at dealing with short term emergencies, noting the terror event response, but was not good at slow moving crises.  He said that climate change was one of those, and that naming it a climate change emergency gave it priority.

The Minister felt that the Zero Carbon Bill would form a similar function to a declaration, sending a high level political message and signalling to officers, he noted the significant category of risk and the need to name it as such and elevate it.

The risk to rate payers was noted, and her Worship the Mayor advised the meeting that Environment Canterbury had already declared a climate emergency, but that no city council had, as yet. The Minister said that he understood that moving first came with its own anxieties, and that he was aware that other councils were considering a declaration, noting that Auckland Council had committed to levelling global warming to 1.5 degrees. He felt the Council would not be moving alone, and that it would be helpful to galvanise the organisation to move on this issue. He noted that the Council had no formal duty, but felt that it was an important signal to the community and to other councils. He said that 528 councils in nine countries over the world had already made a declaration.

The Minister responded to questions regarding the reason that a declaration had not been made by the Government, noting that it had been preoccupied with the Zero Carbon Bill and would now consider it, the preference being for a Parliamentary declaration, rather than Cabinet, as this was a non-partisan issue.

With regard to the burden on Councils, he noted that a review into councils’ powers and functions and therefore funding of councils, would be considered. He stressed that Parliament understood the gravity of the situation.

In response to a comment that the paper was not great on detail, and that Councillors had not had a chance to discuss this with ratepayers, and a question as to what a climate emergency meant to the public, the Minister said that he felt that it sent a signal that Council had elevated this issue to a priority for the whole of Council to deal with climate change across the board and not with each event as it happened. He noted the importance of preparedness and resilience, as we were already suffering consequences.



5.89    David Leonard - Nelson Cricket Association (20268L, late submissions refers)

Mr Leonard spoke to the submission regarding the proposal for constructing two cricket facilities. He noted the cost of temporary structures for Saxon Oval international cricket. He spoke of opening up opportunities to secure the Oval as an international event facility.

Attendance: Councillor Courtney left the meeting at 12.43p.m.

In response to questions, Mr Leonard said that the Association was not asking for anything at the moment, was in discussions with New Zealand cricket and Sky Television and was reluctant to make any decision on infrastructure. He felt there was an opportunity for Nelson cricket and the Council to partner regarding the opportunity for naming rights of Saxton Oval as a venue, noting the significant opportunities in naming rights, which would help with the burden of ongoing costs being offset from the revenue from sponsorship.

It was noted that the Association might need to go through the Saxton Field Committee.

5.90    Elizabeth Dooley (19985, AP268 refers)

Ms Dooley spoke to her submission about cars and car parking, noting that cars were responsible for 20% of emissions. She suggested the use of a car pooling app, noting that most cars were used less than two hours a day and that valuable real estate used was being used as CBD car parks. She said that there would be more space for the public if cars were taken out of the CBD, resulting in clean air. Ms Dooley suggested that larger outlets could move to the edge of town, and  goods delivered in tuk tuks.

Attendance: Councillor Courtney returned to the meeting at 12.50p.m.

Ms Dooley felt that there should be a reduction on dependence on cars for the climate crisis and in response to a question, noted that she lived here without a car, used an electric bike, and only put her rubbish bin out twice a year.

5.91    Peter Dawson - Te Matau Trust (20197, AP633 refers)

Councillor Matheson declared a conflict of interest in this submission and left the meeting at 12.53p.m.

Mr Dawson spoke in support of the Seafarers Trust proposal for a marine centre of excellence, noting that the Council had agreed in principle to lease the site, and that the consent was subject to feasibility study.

He said that the estimated full cost of the business case was $550,000. It was well advanced in completing  its application to the Provincial Growth Fund for $225,000. The application had been peer reviewed by the Nelson Regional Development Agency and the Trust was seeking a contribution from Council of $75,000, with the balance from industry and external funders.

Mr Dawson noted the need to protect and enhance the natural environment and that climate change figured strongly in the Annual Plan, he said there was an urgent need to increase resilience and the Centre was important in this regard. He felt that development of the city centre should support and develop existing precincts.

In response to a question regarding funding, Mr Dawson said that the Trust had spoken to a number of big fishing companies and received indications of support, but that how much was an open question. He said that the Trust was seeking a forum where discussions took place in a transparent, not adversarial, manner.



        The meeting was adjourned at 1.05p.m.


        The Extraordinary Council meeting scheduled to begin at 1.00p.m. was      convened at 1.05p.m. and adjourned.


        The meeting was reconvened at 1.42p.m. at which time Councillor Acland was not present.


        Elected Members provided staff with a list of questions and information required prior to deliberations on 4 June 2019.



There being no further business the meeting ended at 2.00pm.


Confirmed as a correct record of proceedings:




                                                       Chairperson                                     Date