Extraordinary meeting of the


Community Services Committee


Monday 29 April 2019

Commencing at 9.00a.m.

Council Chamber

Civic House

110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson


Pat Dougherty

Chief Executive


Membership: Councillor Gaile Noonan (Chairperson), Her Worship the Mayor Rachel Reese, Councillors Mel Courtney (Deputy Chairperson), Kate Fulton, Matt Lawrey, Brian McGurk, Paul Matheson and Mike Rutledge

Quorum: 4


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N-logotype-black-wideCommunity Services Committee

29 April 2019



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Opening Prayer


1.       Apologies

1.1       An apology has been received from Councillor McGurk

2.       Confirmation of Order of Business

3.       Interests

3.1       Updates to the Interests Register

3.2       Identify any conflicts of interest in the agenda

4.       Public Forum  

5.       Stoke Library Remediation                         5 - 15

Document number R10160


That the Community Services Committee

1.     Receives the report Stoke Library Remediation (R10160); and

2.     Approves the creation of a Stoke Pop Up Library during the Stoke main library closure; and

3.     Allocates up to $40,000 for the creation of the Stoke Pop Up Library as unbudgeted operational expenditure; and

4.     Agrees to the Stoke Pop Up Library being located in the former Stoke Seniors Hall.



Recommendation to Council

That the Council

1.     Approves unbudgeted expenditure of up to $40,000 for the creation of temporary library services at the former Stoke Seniors Hall.








Item 4: Stoke Library Remediation


Community Services Committee

29 April 2019




Stoke Library Remediation



1.       Purpose of Report

1.1       To confirm the scope, location and resources for the Stoke Pop Up Library during the closure of the main Stoke Library for watertightness assessment and repairs.

2.       Summary

2.1       The Stoke Library has sustained water damage and a call for tenders to undertake remedial works received nil responses. It is now planned to remove the internal wall linings to assess the extent of the damage and determine a way forward.

2.2       The library is heavily utilised and the community will expect library services to be available during the closure period, with a Pop Up Library recommended.

2.3       Until the wall linings are removed, it is not possible to ascertain the extent of the damage and therefore the duration of closure. A potential Pop Up Library would therefore need to have a flexible length of stay.

2.4       Several locations have been scoped for the Pop Up Library with the former Stoke Seniors Hall being the most suitable.




3.       Recommendation


That the Community Services Committee

1.     Receives the report Stoke Library Remediation (R10160); and

2.     Approves the creation of a Stoke Pop Up Library during the Stoke main library closure; and

3.     Allocates up to $40,000 for the creation of the Stoke Pop Up Library as unbudgeted operational expenditure; and

4.     Agrees to the Stoke Pop Up Library being located in the former Stoke Seniors Hall.

Recommendation to Council

That the Council

1.     Approves unbudgeted expenditure of up to $40,000 for the creation of temporary library services at the former Stoke Seniors Hall.




4.       Background

4.1       The Community Services Committee has the responsibility for libraries, and the power to make recommendations to Council regarding unbudgeted expenditure to address remediation of the Stoke Library.

4.2       The issue of the weather tightness of the Stoke Library was discussed by the Community Services Committee on 4 October 2018. This included a report on the Weathertightness on the structural roof beams (A2022791). On 27 November 2018, Council resolved:

That the Council

Approves unbudgeted expenditure of $200,000 for an immediate short term structural renewal for the Stoke Library.

4.3       Tenders for this remedial work closed on 21 March 2019 with none submitted.  Discussions with potential contractors suggested that the reasons for lack of interest include the uncertainty and degree of risk involved with tendering without clear knowledge of the extent of damage incurred.

4.4       The Council’s consulting engineers, Calibre, have recommended that to reduce this element of risk and to encourage contractors to submit, an investigation be undertaken. This would involve closing the library for a period of up to four weeks and removing internal wall and ceiling linings to identify the potential damage. This work is programmed to begin on 27 May 2019.

4.5       Three scenarios could result:

a.  Should the extent of the damage be as expected, repairs will be made, linings replaced and the library re-opened. Tenders will then be called to repair the exterior work. The total closure time would be up to four weeks.

b.  Should the extent of the damage be beyond the scope of the current funding allocation the interior linings would be replaced while a report is presented to the Community Services Committee to determine a way forward. The initial closure time would be up to two weeks. The library may, or may not then reopen. If a decision is made to continue with repairs, tenders would be called and the library would close again for a further period of up to four weeks while those repairs were undertaken.

c.  Should the damage be extreme the library would remain closed and the long term future of the Stoke Library considered. $2.5m is included over the period 2021 to 2025 for extension or relocation of the Stoke Library. The library would be closed indefinitely in this scenario.

4.6       Officers will report back to the Committee with the results of the investigative work, and will provide cost estimates once these are known.  In the meantime, the focus of this report is the provision of temporary library services in Stoke. 

4.7       Various locations have been scoped for a temporary Pop Up Library with the former Stoke Seniors Hall at the rear of the Stoke Memorial Hall identified as the most suitable. This venue does not have confirmed forward bookings. Other venues including Video Ezy and Benge Fruit Shop would require extensive investment before use.

4.8       While Whanake Youth has indicated an interest in using the former Stoke Seniors Hall, at this stage they do not have firm plans for the venue and are establishing service delivery from their new office.

4.9       The suitability of the large function room in the Greenmeadows Centre was assessed for suitability as a Pop Up Library but ruled out due to resource consent conditions which mean that;

During the competitive sporting seasons for cricket and rugby, space within the Centre may not on Saturdays between the hours of 9am and 5pm be used or hired for events or gatherings involving more than 50 persons or attendees.

4.10     This condition would not allow a temporary library to open on a Saturday during the rugby season.

4.11     Separate window damage sustained when a car collided with the Stoke Library building will also be remediated during the library closure period.



5.       Discussion

          The need for a ‘Pop Up Library.’

5.1       The Stoke Library is busy, with an average of 10,000 visits per month. Core services include the issuing and return of books, programmes for young and older people, internet and customer service functions including the sale of bus tickets and accepting rates payments.

5.2       Older people in particular would be particularly affected by a closure as they are high library users and tend not to travel to the CBD or Tahunanui even with free bus services. Young people are also high users and face transport barriers accessing alternative library locations.

5.3       Maintaining Council customer services is important as there are no alternate customer service facilities in Stoke. Other agencies could be recruited however the practicalities around security, training, technology and cost make this a complex task. Alternatively a kiosk could be set up in Stoke, although this would attract set up, lease and staffing costs.

5.4       While the community may tolerate loss of services for a short time, if the closure was more than a couple of weeks it is anticipated there would be community pressure to provide an alternative library.


          Scope of the Pop Up Library

5.5       A Pop Up Library would need flexibility around duration and scope given the uncertain duration of closure. Planning will initially focus on a 4 week duration, which will be up scaled if the closure turns out to be longer.

5.6       The Pop Up Library offers an opportunity to be fun, innovative and provide programmes and activities not available in a ‘normal’ library. Some examples might be art classes, kappa haka or cooking demonstrations.

5.7       A minimum level of service to be provided short term (up to 4 weeks) includes bus tickets, rates payments, council information and drop off, printing and photocopying, home delivery pick up, short term internet sessions, wifi, browsing / limited lending services, newspapers, programmes and library led programmes such as children’s story time.  The size of the collection housed in the temporary library will be dependent on the space available and will focus on popular categories including fiction and children’s books. Other items can be requested from the catalogue and collected the next day.

5.8       The cost difference between setting up a minimum service Pop Up Library and more comprehensive services is not great; for example the costs of three internet computers is not a lot less than five and the costs of maintaining a small book collection are similar to a larger collection. The major limitation is the size of the building available. Improvements to furnishings and wifi will benefit future building users.

5.9       If the length of stay was extended beyond 4 weeks higher levels of service would be added to include a larger or rotating collection, more internet computers and increased programming at minimal extra cost.

          Location of the Pop Up Library

5.10     Several venues were scoped and considered as locations.





Video Ezy

·    Close proximity to existing library.

·    Highly visible site.

·    No toilets, plumbing or kitchen facilities.

·    Dilapidated state.

·    Lease to negotiate.

Not suitable due to building condition.

Benge Fruit Shop

·    High visibility site.

·    Small.

·    Requires infrastructure investment.

·    Lease to  negotiate.

·    Availability unknown.

Not recommended due to investment required.

Former Stoke Seniors Hall

·    A vacant council building.

·    Limited impact on potential users.

·    A great cozy space.

·    Reasonable parking.

·    Flexibility around duration.

·    Low profile site.

·    Limited IT infrastructure.

·    Will require venue management variation with CLM.

·    Extra security may be needed.

·    Limited public and staff toilets.

Recommended option.


Greenmeadows large function room

·    Existing council building.

·    No forward bookings.

·    Existing infrastructure.

·    An engaging new space.

·    Opportunity to activate and promote the new space.

·    Good proximity to the café and Stoke central.

·    Secure premises.

·    Library cannot operate on Saturdays.

·    Commitment given to other users, including Stoke Rugby offered room during peak periods.

·    Lost opportunity cost for accepting alternative bookings.

·    May not fit with stated purpose of this community venue.

Not recommended.

          Resourcing the Pop Up Library

5.11     It is difficult to accurately budget the costs for the pop up library as the scope and duration of the stay is uncertain. There is no existing budget that can readily be reallocated and the project would need to be resourced as unbudgeted operational expenditure.






Phone, wifi, IT


Moving out expenses

Packing, shifting, cleaning



Moving back expenses



Fit Out

Shelving and furnishings


Additional staff costs for the move.

Staff costs to assist with moving





Additional staff allocation for project planning









          Alternatives to a Pop Up Library

5.13     Alternatives to providing a Pop Up Library have been considered. The estimated cost of shuttles and a kiosk is $6250 per week plus $3000 set up costs.






Customer services kiosk at Greenmeadows

·    Customer services maintained.

·    Could include a book drop / pick up service.

·    2 additional FTE needed for staffing.

·    Book drop would require IT, staffing, transport costs.

·    Difficult to create a temporary library later if closure extended.

·    $3000 IT.

·    2 extra customer service FTE costing $1900 per week.


Shuttles to Elmer Turner Library

·    Library services availability.

·    Risk of undermining existing NBus services.

·    Older people reluctant to use.

·    Uncertain duration / cost.

·    $725 daily shuttle costs for 6 trips.

Shuttles to Tahunanui

·    May be a more favoured destination for some.

·    Increased profile of Tahunanui Library.

·    Less likely to undermine existing bus services.

·    Increased hours of operation and staffing needed.

·    The Tahunanui library is small with a limited collection and space for programmes.

·    Uncertain duration / cost.

·    $725 daily shuttle costs for 6 return trips.

·      2 additional FTE for Tahunanui extended opening and patronage.

No services

·    Economical and simple to implement.

·    Likely to result in negative community feedback.

·    Difficult to create a temporary library later if closure extended.

·      Nil



6.       Options

The provision of a Pop Up Library.

6.1       Option 3 is recommended, a Pop Up Library in the former Stoke Seniors Hall.


Option 1: Don’t provide a pop up library


·   Less expensive.

·   Easier to organise.

Risks and Disadvantages

·   May need to organise a Pop Up Library regardless if library closure is extended.

·   Organising a Pop Up Library at short notice may be difficult or not feasible.

·   Absence of library services could inconvenience the Stoke community and draw criticism.

Option 2: A customer services kiosk and shuttles to the Elma Turner Library.


·    Lower establishment costs.

·    Continuation of Council customer services.

Risks and Disadvantages

·    Reduced library service.

·    Unpopular with library users.

·   May need to organise a Pop Up Library regardless if library closure is extended.

·   Organising a Pop Up Library at short notice may be difficult or not feasible.

·    Weekly costs will exceed the cost of a Pop Up Library after 6 weeks.

Option 3: A Pop Up Library at the former Stoke Seniors Hall.


·    Continuation of Council customer services.

·    Vacant council owned building.

·    The site of the original Stoke library.

·    Staff consider this a workable site.

·    Flexibility around duration.

·    Popular with the community.

Risks and Disadvantages

·    Lower visibility site.

·    Lower quality facilities (toilets, heating, furnishings) than Greenmeadows.

·    Greater IT investment needed.


7.       Conclusion

7.1       Given the uncertain period of the closure of the Stoke Library, a Pop Up Library is needed to deliver library and council services. The former Stoke Seniors Hall is available and has the required flexibility.


Author:           Mark Preston-Thomas, Acting Library Manager




Important considerations for decision making

1.   Fit with Purpose of Local Government

The library remediation and providing alternative library services demonstrates how Council will deliver agreed services to the community in the most cost effective way.

2.   Consistency with Community Outcomes and Council Policy

Repairing the library and the Stoke pop up library plan has been developed to support the delivery of the following Council Community Outcomes:

Our communities have access to a range of social, educational and recreational facilities and activities.

3.   Risk

 Repairs to the Stoke library and creating a Pop Up Library is a medium risk as the extent of repairs and closure duration is unknown. If there is a protracted closure of the permanent library, there is financial risk to Council for repairs and temporary premises, with reputational risk if services are reduced.

4.   Financial impact

The cost of library repairs are not quantified. There are set up costs associated with creating a pop up library, however once the library is established staffing will be similar to the present.

5.   Degree of significance and level of engagement

This matter is of low significance as the work involves essential mantainence to the library. Relocation of library services are also of low significance given their temporary nature. Given the short project duration no public consultation is planned.

6.   Inclusion of Māori in the decision making process

No engagement with Māori has been undertaken in preparing this report.

7.   Delegations

The Community Services Committee has the following delegations to consider 

Areas of Responsibility:

·    Libraries

Powers to Decide:

·    Approval of tenders or projects (whether capital or operational), which exceed the parameters of officer responsibility, as set out in Council’s Procurement Policy.

Powers to Recommend:

·    Property transactions for any land or buildings relating to the areas of responsibility of the committee, including the acquisition, lease, sale or disposal, maintenance, management or development of any land or buildings.