Minutes of a meeting of the Works and Infrastructure Committee, to deliberate on submissions to the Amendment to the Speed Limits Bylaw 2011 (210) – Waimea Road

Held in the Council Chamber, Civic House, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson

On Thursday 28 March 2019, commencing at 10.19am


Present:               Councillors S Walker (Chairperson), L Acland, P Matheson, M Lawrey, G Noonan, T Skinner and M Rutledge (Deputy Chairperson)

In Attendance:     Councillor I Barker, Chief Executive (P Dougherty), Group Manager Infrastructure (A Louverdis), Governance Adviser (E-J Ruthven), and Youth Councillors A Burton and H Smith

Apologies :           Her Worship the Mayor R Reese



1.       Apologies

Resolved WI/2019/019

That the Works and Infrastructure Committee

1.    Receives and accepts the apologies from Her Worship the Mayor for attendance.

Skinner/Noonan                                                                               Carried

2.       Confirmation of Order of Business

There was no change to the order of business.

3.       Interests

There were no updates to the Interests Register, and no interests with items on the agenda were declared.



4.       Confirmation of Minutes

Document number R10061, agenda pages 5 - 8 refer.

Recommendation WI/2019/020

That the Works and Infrastructure Committee

1.     Confirms the minutes of the meeting of the Works and Infrastructure Committee hearing of submissions to Amendment to the Speed Limits Bylaw 2011 (210) – Waimea Road, held on 6 March 2019, as a true and correct record.


Rutledge/Lawrey                                                                             Carried


5.       Waimea Road Speed Limit Review - Deliberations

Document number R10000, agenda pages 9 - 22 refer.

Engineering Adviser, Sue McAuley, and Transport Planner, Waheed Ahmed, presented the report. 

Ms McAuley explained the amendment to clause one of the officer recommendation, aligning the description of the area of Waimea Road for which the speed reduction was proposed with the wording in the Speed Limits Bylaw.  She added that paragraph 7.1 of the report should state that three, rather than four, options had been considered.

Attendance:  Councillor Acland joined the meeting at 10.22a.m.

Ms McAuley and Mr Ahmed answered questions regarding the relationship between the proposed speed reduction area and the proposed intersection of Princes Drive and Waimea Road, safety considerations and potential traffic effects relating to the proposed speed limit reduction, historical reasons for the 70kph portion of Waimea Road, and past approaches to Council to consider lowering the speed limit in this area.

Attendance:  Councillor Skinner left the meeting from 10.27a.m to 10.28a.m.

Councillor Lawrey, seconded by Councillor Noonan, moved the amended recommendation in the officer report.

Committee members discussed the motion, noting that any negative traffic effects as a result of lowering the speed were outweighed by the safety benefits gained as a result of a lower speed limit. 

Recommendation WI/2019/021

That the Works and Infrastructure Committee

1.  Receives the report Waimea Road Speed Limit Review - Deliberations  (R10000).


Lawrey/Noonan                                                                               Carried

Recommendation to Council WI/2019/022

That the Council

1.   Approves the changes to the Speed Limits Bylaw 2011 (No. 210) by removing the section of Waimea Road 240m south of Market Road (Market Road) through to 200m north of the Beatson Road roundabout (being the section of Waimea Road 300m north of its intersection with the northern end of Beatson Road to a point 130m west of Tuckett Place, as described in Schedule H of the Speed Limits Bylaw) from Schedule H (70kph speed limit zones) and adding it to Schedule F (50kph speed limit zones); and

2.   Approves the changes to the Speed Limits Bylaw 2011 (No. 210) Schedule A, which includes the maps of the city’s speed limit zones; and

3.   Approves the implementation of the new speed limit, to take effect four weeks after the Council approval.


Lawrey/Noonan                                                                               Carried



There being no further business the meeting ended at 11.00am.


Confirmed as a correct record of proceedings:



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