Works and Infrastructure Committee Minutes - 6 March 2019


Minutes of a meeting of the Works and Infrastructure Committee

Held in the Council Chamber, Civic House, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson

On Wednesday 6 March 2019, commencing at 9.01a.m.- hearing of submissions to Amendment to the Speed Limits Bylaw 2011 (210) - Waimea Road


Present:              Councillor S Walker (Chairperson), Councillors L Acland, M Lawrey, G Noonan, T Skinner and M Rutledge (Deputy Chairperson)

In Attendance:   Councillors I Barker and M Courtney, Manager Transport and Solid Waste, Marg Parfitt and Governance Adviser (E Stephenson)

Apologies:           Her Worship the Mayor R Reese

Leave of Absence: Councillor P Matheson



1.       Apologies

Resolved WI/2019/007

That the Works and Infrastructure Committee

Receives and accepts the apology from Her Worship the Mayor Reese.

Noonan/Skinner                                                                         Carried


2.       Confirmation of Order of Business

There was no change to the order of business.

3.       Interests

There were no updates to the Interests Register, and no interests with items on the agenda were declared.


4.       Hearing of Submissions to Nelson City Council's Amendment to the Speed Limits Bylaw 2011 (210) - Waimea Road

Document number R10013, agenda pages 4 - 133 refer.

A late submission and an updated Hearings Schedule were tabled.

Recommendation WI/2019/008

That the Works and Infrastructure Committee

Accepts the late submission (A2149516) and the updated Hearing Schedule (A2149628) for the  Waimea Road proposed speed limit review.

Noonan/Rutledge                                                                       Carried


1    A2149516 - Late submission to the Waimea Road proposed speed limit review

2    A2149628 - Waimea Road Speed Limit Review - Hearing Schedule - 6 March 2019



4.1      Ms Noeline Inglis (#19441)


Ms Inglis spoke to her submission opposing the reduction in speed limit as she considered the change in speed limit would result in more traffic on Annesbrook Drive, through the Tahunanui Hill roads, which would increase  congestion on Waimea Road. She highlighted the need for adequate parking when visiting rest homes.


4.2      Mr Robin Whalley (#19458)


Mr Whalley spoke to his submission opposing a reduction in the speed limit, noting his concern that this would increase the volume of heavy traffic on Haven Road. Mr Whalley displayed an object that had fallen off a truck into Haven Road and answered questions regarding the logic behind the view that it would mean an in increase in heavy traffic.


4.3      Mr Bruce Thomas (#19526)


Mr Thomas spoke to his submission in support of a reduction in the speed limit as he felt the current situation was dangerous and it would improve safety. As a regular cyclist in this area, he requested any lowered limit be heavily enforced and requested yellow hatching across the Waimea Road and Marked Road intersection.


4.4      Mr Pat and Mrs Chris Heaphy (#19618)


Mr Heaphy spoke to the submission in support of a reduction in the speed limit. He said that he felt that the controlled intersection at Bishopdale Hill would swap congestion from Rocks Road to Waimea Road. He proposed an alternative to traffic signals at the Princes Drive, Waimea Road intersection and drew this on the whiteboard. It involved a roundabout at Market road and a ban on right turns into or out of Princes Drive, controlled without signals.


4.5      Mr Tim Bayley (#19574)


Mr Bayley tabled supporting information.


Mr Bayley  summarised his submission and supporting information in opposition to a reduction in speed limit.



1    A2150508 - Tim Bayley supporting information


4.6      Nelson Youth Councillors (#19598)


Youth Councillors Cassie Hagan and Alex Hunter, supported by Anna Sawyer, Alexandra Lile, Ryan Martyn, Theo Wheatley and Ollie Ransom, spoke to the Youth Council submission in support of a reduction in the speed limit. It was acknowledged that not all youth welcomed this change due to concerns regarding travel time. Youth Councillors answered questions regarding how many of them drove or cycled and whether any had concerns regarding driving towards cyclists on the cycleway at speed.


4.7      Mr Charles Heaphy (#19600)


Mr Heaphy spoke to his family’s submission in support of a reduction in the speed limit, he felt it would improve congestion by evening out traffic flow.


4.8      Mr Gavin Calder – Automobile Association – Nelson District (#19612)


Mr Calder spoke to the Nelson District Automobile Association’s (AA) submission in support of a reduction in the speed limit, noting that the AA would like to see safety improvements at adjacent intersections.


           Officers were requested to provide the following information for future consideration:


·         a view on Mr Heaphy’s (#19618) proposal for a different layout

·         commentary on the AA’s areas of concern in its submission (#19612); and

·         slow moving trucks exiting Market Road in fast traffic - how that was going to work.


There being no further business the meeting ended at 9.52a.m.


Confirmed as a correct record of proceedings:



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