Item 11: Event funding - Septura Residency for Brass Instrument Performers







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5 September 2018

Memo to:            Mayor and Councillors

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Subject:             Governance Committee 6 September 2018 – SUPPLEMENTARY ITEM





11.                Event funding - Septura Residency for Brass Instrument Performers



Governance Committee

6 September 2018




Event funding - Septura Residency for Brass Instrument Performers



1.       Purpose of Report

1.1      To consider funding for a residential music event at the Nelson Centre of Musical Arts (NCMA).

2.       Summary

2.1      This biennial event was supported in 2017 through the Events Fund (Fund) which is managed by the Nelson Regional Development Agency. The Fund is fully committed for the next two years.  Therefore, Council funding is being sought for this event.



3.       Recommendation

That the Governance Committee

Receives the report Event funding - Septura Residency for Brass Instrument Performers (R9677).


Recommendation to Council

That the Council

Approves funding of $15,000 for the Septura Residency for Brass Instrument Performers event to support the Nelson Centre of Musical Arts as it seeks to maximise its newly renovated venue.



4.       Background

4.1      Through a partnership between the NCMA, the New Zealand School of Music and Chamber Music New Zealand, Nelson hosts a biennial residential event for advanced students of music. 

4.2      Council supported the inaugural event in 2017, the successful Bach Cantata Residency, on condition that the event would not be a one-off event.  This was funded by the Events Fund.

4.3      On 26 July 2018, a report was brought to the Governance Committee advising that the Fund was fully allocated for the next two years.  At that time no financial commitment had been made for the 2019 Septura residency. 

4.4      Representatives of the NCMA will be present at the meeting.

5.       Discussion -    Event

5.1      The Septura residency, is a four-day residential workshop for advanced music students to be held in April 2019.  It will attract brass players from New Zealand, Australia and further afield to work with the international musicians of the Septura Brass septet from the United Kingdom.  David Bremner, (principal trombone, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra), will be the residency’s Artistic Director and will assist with the coaching.

5.2      One of the Nelson venues that will be hosting the event is the recently re-opened NCMA.  The residency will highlight the versatility and acoustic facilities at the NCMA with a view to increasing the demand for residential workshops and high-quality music events at this venue.  The event, which will be marketed across New Zealand, Australia and targeted outlets further afield, will also strengthen Nelson’s identity as a place that celebrates the arts and artisans. 

5.3      Based on a survey taken at the end of the 2017 residency, the direct spend of those who came to Nelson for the event was $60,000.  The 2019 Septura residency is expected to have an equivalent economic impact.

5.4      The strategic objectives of the Septura residency are to:

-   provide high-level educational opportunities for talented young New Zealanders,

-   encourage international students to choose New Zealand as a destination for further study, and

-   attract visitors to Nelson for high-quality cultural events.

5.5      Funding from Council would support the use of Nelson venues, assist with marketing costs to New Zealand and Australian universities and contribute to operational costs.  A funding application for $20,000 was made to the Fund in May 2018, but the Fund is fully allocated for economic events (this event fits as an economic rather than community event).  The organisers of the residency have indicated that without financial support, they would be unable to host the event in Nelson. 

5.6      In 2017, Council contributed $20,000 towards the event.  It is recommended that Council provide funding for the 2019 event at a reduced level of $15,000 as the event moves towards sustainability.

5.7      The contribution, if approved, would be made on the understanding that any future funding should be at a further reduced level, reflecting the expectation that the event becomes self-sustaining.

6.       Options

6.1      Council can decide to support or decline the request for funding. 

Option 1: Approve funding as unbudgeted expenditure


·   The 2019 event will be hosted in Nelson

·   The NCMA and Nelson will be promoted

·   Increases possibility of the event returning to Nelson in 2021

·   Reduces any adverse publicity that not supporting the event would generate

Risks and Disadvantages

·   Requires unbudgeted expenditure for 2018/19

·   Increases Council funding for events above the amount already allocated in the Long Term Plan

Option 2: Decide not to approve funding


·    No unbudgeted expenditure

Risks and Disadvantages

·    The 2019 event will not be hosted in Nelson 

·    Lost opportunity to promote Nelson and the recently reopened NCMA

·    Risk of reputational damage to Council as funding was provided in 2017 on condition that the event would not be a one-off event

·    Likely that the event would not return to Nelson in 2021

7.       Conclusion

7.1      The Septura residency is a specialised event which supports the reopened NCMA and allows the community to experience high-quality musical performances. It is therefore recommended that Council supports this event.

Author:          Michelle Joubert, Executive Officer




Important considerations for decision making

1.   Fit with Purpose of Local Government

Approving the funding provides partnership funding for the delivery of an event that supports the economic prosperity and cultural identity of the city with a view to that event becoming an established event that no longer requires ratepayer subsidy.

2.   Consistency with Community Outcomes and Council Policy

The decision aligns with the following community outcomes:

-   Our communities have opportunities to celebrate and explore their heritage, identity and creativity;

-   Our communities have access to a range of social, educational and recreational facilities and activities;

-   Our Council provides leadership and fosters partnerships, a regional perspective, and community engagement.

3.   Risk

If a decision is made not to approve the funding, the organisers will be unable to host the 2019 event in Nelson.  In those circumstances, it is likely that the 2021 event would also be hosted elsewhere. 

4.   Financial impact

The requested funding of $15,000, if approved, would be unbudgeted expenditure.

5.   Degree of significance and level of engagement

The decision is of low significance to most residents and ratepayers of Nelson and therefore no consultation is required.

6.   Inclusion of Māori in the decision making process

No engagement with Māori has been undertaken in preparing this report.

7.   Delegations

Unbudgeted expenditure is a matter for Council to approve. The Governance Committee has the following delegations to consider this matter:

Areas of Responsibility:

·    Business, economic development and tourism in Nelson

Powers to Recommend:

·      Matters within the areas of responsibility noted above.