Forestry Advisory Group Minutes - 12 June 2018


Minutes of a meeting of the Forestry Advisory Group

Held in the Ruma Mārama, Floor 2A, Civic House, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson

On Tuesday 12 June 2018, commencing at 3.00p.m.


Present:              Mr J Murray (Chairperson), Her Worship the Mayor R Reese, Mr A Louverdis and Mr P Gorman

In Attendance:   Councillor I Barker, Group Manager Infrastructure (A Louverdis), Land Vision Director (L Grant), PF Olsen Representatives (D Fincham, G Hurford, J Visscher) and Governance Adviser (J Brandt)


Apology:             Councillor Acland



1.       Apologies

Resolved FAG/2018/004

That the Forestry Advisory Group

Receives and accepts an apology from Councillor Acland.

Murray/Her Worship the Mayor                                                   Carried


2.       Confirmation of Order of Business

The Chair noted he had invited the Property Parks and Facilities Asset Manager to give an overview of plans and intentions in regards to future recreational use for the forestry areas.

3.       Interests

Her Worship the Mayor declared an interest in block 28.01.

4.       Public Forum 

There was no public forum.

5.       Confirmation of Minutes

5.1      15 March 2018

Document number M3339, agenda pages 5 - 9 refer.

Resolved FAG/2018/005

That the Forestry Advisory Group

Confirms the minutes of the meeting of the Forestry Advisory Group, held on 15 March 2018, as a true and correct record.

Murray/Her Worship the Mayor                                                   Carried



6.       Chairperson's Report    


Following an invitation from the Chairperson, the Property Parks and Facilities Asset Manager Andrew Petheram gave a verbal update on plans for future recreational use for the forestry areas pertaining to the Forestry Advisory Group. It was noted that there were a mixture of mountain bike tracks and walking tracks which were covered by Council’s Off Road Tracks Strategy 2016-2026 ‘Out and About – On Tracks’.


Mr Petheram noted that existing tracks were covered under an overarching Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Council and the Mountain Bike Club and that the process for building new tracks required Council approval through a new MOU for each track.


It was suggested that Council officers would include contractor’s harvest planning information relating to planned access roads in their consideration for planning future biking and walking tracks.


Officers answered questions about health and safety, track maintenance, charging rent, harvesting processes and communication with stakeholders, as well as proximity of tracks to the gondola project on Ngāti Koata land.



7.       Forestry Update - Number 4 - June 2018

Document number R9152, agenda pages 10 - 36 refer.

Group Manager Infrastructure Alec Louverdis noted a correction to item 3.2 on agenda page 11 explaining that poisoning in block 55.03 with respect to Douglas Fir/ Acacia removal had not yet occurred but was imminent.

The meeting discussed Block 42.06 (Douglas Fir) in Marsden Valley. Following the advice from Nick Ledgard, PF Olsen and Peter Gorman noting the possibility of harvesting in 2022 at breakeven, the meeting agreed to amend the recommendation to include 2022 as review date for harvesting this block in 2027.

“Tantragee Block”

PF Olsen presented their report on hazardous tree management for the “Tantragee block”. They noted that poisoning/felling was the preferred option as it would keep the houses safe and the hillside stable, which was also important for storm events.

It was noted that the costs outlined in the report did not include assessment of the site through a geotechnical engineer or ecological consultant. The wording of the recommendation was amended to make allowance for this by approving funds of up to $80,000 for work on the “Tantragee block” to be implemented.

PF Olsen advised that no special allowance was needed for stormwater controls due to the fact that these were expected to be minimal.

5-Year Harvesting Plans

Questions were raised regarding the harvesting prices in PF Olsen’s ‘NCC cut plan 2017-2027’.

Alternate Uses

Mr Lachie Grant of LandVision presented the report (A1989331) he had tabled and went through each block proposal.

In response to a question regarding replanting costs, Group Manager Infrastructure Alec Louverdis noted that an annual provision for replanting in alternate species was included in the Long Term Plan for the next ten years as part of the Parks budget.

With respect to Brook block 21.04, immediate revegetation was recommended as this was the section above the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Trust which had been harvested two years ago and was currently lying fallow.

Officers were asked to continue investigating access to the Government’s One Billion Trees Fund even though replanting existing forestry blocks in alternative species was not covered by the Government policy.

Attendance: Mr Gorman left the meeting at 4.50p.m.


Resolved FAG/2018/006

That the Forestry Advisory Group

Receives the report Forestry Update - Number 4 - June 2018 (R9152) and its attachments (A1959057, A1969488, A1969507 and A1969491); and

Murray/Her Worship the Mayor                                                   Carried

Resolved FAG/2018/007

That the Forestry Advisory Group

Approves the revised specific site plans as presented by LandVision at the 12 June 2018 Forestry Advisory Group meeting, subject to further refinement on financial implications, priorities and consultation, relating to Alternate Use of the stands to be retired from commercial forestry; and

Murray/Her Worship the Mayor                                                   Carried

Resolved FAG/2018/008

That the Forestry Advisory Group

Approves that Block 42.06 (Marsden – Douglas Fir) not be cleared until the trees can be commercially harvested around 2027 as per A1959057 of report R9152, with the review to be undertaken in 2022 to confirm if the harvest date of 2027 is still appropriate; and

Her Worship the Mayor/Murray                                                   Carried





Resolved FAG/2018/009

That the Forestry Advisory Group

Approves the specific site management plan for the “Tantragee block” as per option 1 of A1969488 of report R9152, and that work on this be implemented at an estimated cost of up to $80,000 without delay.

Murray/Her Worship the Mayor                                                   Carried


1    A1989331 - LandVision - Nelson City Council Forestry Alternative Management June 2018


There being no further business the meeting ended at 5.05pm.

Confirmed as a correct record of proceedings:




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