Forestry Advisory Group Minutes - 15 March 2018


Minutes of a meeting of the Forestry Advisory Group

Held in the Ruma Mārama, Floor 2A, Civic House, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson

On Thursday 15 March 2018, commencing at 2.32pm


Present:              Chairperson J Murray (Chairperson), Her Worship the Mayor R Reese, Mr A Louverdis (Group Manager Infrastructure) and Mr P Gorman (Independent Forestry Expert)

In Attendance:   Group Manager Corporate Services (N Harrison), LandVision Director (L Grant), PF Olsen Nelson Branch Manager (S Nuske), PF Olsen Forestry Adviser (D Fincham) and Governance Adviser (J Brandt)

Apology:             Councillor Acland



1.       Apologies

Resolved FAG/2018/001

That the Forestry Advisory Group

Receives and accepts an apology from Councillor Acland.

Murray/Her Worship the Mayor Carried


2.       Confirmation of Order of Business

There was no change to the order of business.

3.       Interests

Her Worship the Mayor noted an interest regarding block 28.01 discussed as part of item 5.

4.       Confirmation of Minutes

4.1      15 November 2017

Document number M3126, agenda pages 5 - 8 refer.

Resolved FAG/2018/002

That the Forestry Advisory Group

Confirms the minutes of the meeting of the Forestry Advisory Group, held on 15 November 2017, as a true and correct record.

Her Worship the Mayor/Murray                                                   Carried


5.       Forestry update - Number 3 - March 2018

Document number R8888, agenda pages 9 - 32 refer.

The Group Manager Infrastructure, Alec Louverdis, spoke to his report and answered questions.

The meeting requested that officers include in the next report the analysis work that led to the change in direction from the initial decision to harvest plot 42.06 in Marsden Valley to defer harvest for a decade.

A correction for page 11 of the agenda was noted where the Brook stand was wrongly being referred to as block 29.01. The name Tantragee block was to be used instead. Work on this block had commenced and further options might emerge over the following two months for planning the consultation process.

The Brook block 21.05 was discussed and it was noted that communication with key stakeholders needed to occur prior to felling to waste.

It was requested that the Property Parks and Facilities Asset Manager be invited to a future Forestry Advisory Group meeting to give an overview as to plans and intentions in regards to future recreational use for the forestry areas.

Health and Safety was discussed. The GM Infrastructure undertook to organise a Safe Work Observation visit for the advisory group members once a block closer to town was being worked on. PF Olsen was asked to include two additional headers in its quarterly report, i.e. compliance with Resource Consents and the New Environmental National Standards.  


Mr Grant from LandVision tabled his report entitled Nelson City Council Forestry Alternative Management (A1931943) and spoke to the Powerpoint presentation (A1931941) regarding areas requiring alternate uses.


The Forestry Advisory Group went through the report page by page to vet the proposed consultation lists. The following advice was given regarding additional consultation that may be required:


Brook forest blocks


Block 22.01: Check with the Planning and Regulatory team regarding heritage related interests that may exist in the area.


Block: 22.02: Advise land owners of Council’s preferred option after consulting with the council communications team regarding appropriate messaging.


Blocks 22.03/22.04/22.05/22.06/22.09: Add consultation with Planning and Regulatory team and Biodiversity Forum to the list.


Consultation with Iwi was discussed and it was noted that consultation should occur where there was Iwi land adjoining council owned blocks, with a view to exploring partnership opportunities.


Block 22.08: No change.


Block 25.01: No change.


Blocks 26.01/26.02/26.04/26.07: Consultation with adjoining landowners was recommended as well as exploration of partnership funding with developers, as the area acted as a buffer between the landfill and the subdivisions.


Blocks 26.05/26.06: Same as previous, also next to the landfill. Noted that the decision regarding the future landfill site would dictate future use and a decision would need to be made at that time.


Block 28.01: Her Worship the Mayor declared an interest and did not participate in discussion of this block. It was agreed that consultation should include adjoining land owners. It was noted that public interest would be great once harvesting was to occur.


Block 21.04: No change. Noted that parts were harvested recently.


Maitai forest blocks


Block 1.04: Consultation to include Iwi due to close proximity to the Maitai river. Noted that options on how to remove trees would need to be investigated, including a buffer zone to allow for access. It was further recommended to consult with Infrastructure due to the proximity of the area to the road.


The Advisory Group noted their preference to work towards 100% compliance with the new National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry.


Noted that the next step would be for Mr Grant to talk to Leigh Marshall in the Environmental Programmes team.


Block 2.01: No consultation needed.


Block 2.02: No consultation needed but conversation with Infrastructure team to be had if action was to occur, as the block is next to public road.

Attendance: The Group Manager Infrastructure left the meeting at 4.11p.m.


Blocks 4.03 to 4.13: Consultation with Infrastructure was recommended. If the river was affected, then also consultation with Iwi.


Blocks 5.01/5.02/7.02: Consultation to involve the Parks and Reserves and Planning and Regulatory teams at Council.


Block 8.01: No change.

Attendance: The Group Manager Infrastructure returned to the meeting at 4.16p.m.


Blocks 9.01/10.01: No change


Block 10.02: Internal discussion to be had.


Marsden Valley forest blocks


Blocks 41.01/44.01: No change.


Block 42.06: More information to come back to the meeting.


Roding area forest block


Block 54.02: No change.

The Advisory Group voiced an interest in further exploring apiculture as a future business model where Council was replanting in Manuka. P F Olsen might be able to bring back some information, e.g. required minimum size for an economic model. It was noted that the hives currently in place were privately owned.

Mr Grant from LandVision spoke to a presentation (A1931941) entitled One Billion Trees and noted that it was the Government’s ambition to replant natives and exotics in traditional and innovative locations on a national scale. He further noted that Nelson City Council was unlikely to be able in a position to partake in this scheme, as the land owned by Nelson City Council did not fit the criteria. However, Mr Grant noted that some riparian strips could be suitable and Nelson City Council could hold conversations with land owners to encourage their participation.




Resolved FAG/2018/003

That the Forestry Advisory Group

Receives the report Forestry update - Number 3 - March 2018 (R8888) and its attachments (A1739267, A1849406, A1561381, A1908827 and A1908918); and

Directs officers to consult further with council staff and bring back revised specific site plans, present a timeline and prioritise the blocks for implementation.

Murray/Her Worship the Mayor                                                   Carried


1    A1931941 - Nelson City Council Forestry - Alternative Uses - LandVision presentation

2    A1931943 - Nelson City Council Forestry - Alternative Management - Report - LandVision March 2018

3    A1931942 - One Billion Trees

There being no further business the meeting ended at 4.33pm.


Confirmed as a correct record of proceedings:




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