Nelson City Council Minutes - 31 October 2017


Minutes of a meeting of the Nelson City Council

Held in the Council Chamber, Civic House, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson

On Tuesday 31 October 2017, commencing at 9.03am


Present:              Her Worship the Mayor R Reese (Chairperson), Councillors L Acland, I Barker, M Courtney, B Dahlberg, K Fulton, M Lawrey, P Matheson, B McGurk, G Noonan, T Skinner and S Walker

In Attendance:   External Appointee J Murray; Acting Chief Executive (D Hammond), Group Manager Infrastructure (A Louverdis), Group Manager Strategy and Environment (C Barton), Group Manager Corporate Services (N Harrison), Group Manager Community Services (C Ward), Senior Strategic Adviser (N McDonald), Manager Communications (P Shattock), Manager People and Capability (S Vincent), and Governance Adviser (L Canton)

Apology:             Councillor Rutledge


Opening Prayer

Councillor Skinner gave the opening prayer.

1.       Apologies

Resolved CL/2017/487

That the Council

Receives and accepts the apology from Councillor Rutledge.

Noonan/Courtney                                                                       Carried


2.       Confirmation of Order of Business

Her Worship the Mayor explained that External Appointee to the Audit Risk and Finance Committee, John Murray would be in attendance for agenda item 5 Adoption of the Annual Report 2016/17. 


3.       Interests

There were no updates to the Interests Register, and no interests with items on the agenda were declared.

4.       Public Forum

There was no public forum.        

5.       Adoption of the Annual Report 2016/17

Document number R8141, agenda pages 4 - 219 refer.

Group Manager Corporate Services, Nikki Harrison and Senior Strategic Adviser, Nicky McDonald presented the report.  Ms Harrison confirmed that Audit New Zealand had issued an unmodified audit report.  She tabled three documents (A1857230): Annual Reports financial basics (2016/17), and updates to pages 72, 73, and 92 of the agenda.

Ms Harrison, Ms McDonald, and Group Manager Strategy and Environment, Clare Barton, answered questions.

Resolved CL/2017/488

That the Council

Receives the report Adoption of the Annual Report 2016/17 (R8141) and its attachments (A1853308 and A1850169); and

Adopts the Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 2017 in accordance with s98 of the Local Government Act 2002; and

Delegates the Mayor and Chief Executive to make minor editorial changes as necessary.

Barker/Her Worship the Mayor                                                    Carried


1    A1857230 - Annual Report 2016/17 tabled documents


6.       Exclusion of the Public

Resolved CL/2017/489

That the Council

Excludes the public from the following parts of the proceedings of this meeting.

The general subject of each matter to be considered while the public is excluded, the reason for passing this resolution in relation to each matter and the specific grounds under section 48(1) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 for the passing of this resolution are as follows:

Her Worship the Mayor/Dahlberg                                             Carried



General subject of each matter to be considered

Reason for passing this resolution in relation to each matter

Particular interests protected (where applicable)


Trafalgar Park Turf Renewal


Section 48(1)(a)

The public conduct of this matter would be likely to result in disclosure of information for which good reason exists under section 7

The withholding of the information is necessary:

·   Section 7(2)(i)

     To enable the local authority to carry on, without prejudice or disadvantage, negotiations (including commercial and industrial negotiations)

The meeting went into public excluded session at 9.03am and resumed in public session at 11.57am. 

7.       Re-admittance of the Public

Resolved CL/2017/491

That the Council

Re-admits the public to the meeting.

Noonan/Barker                                                                           Carried



There being no further business the meeting ended at 11.57am.


Confirmed as a correct record of proceedings:




                                                       Chairperson                                     Date