Ordinary meeting of the


Nelson City Council


Wednesday 10 May 2017 commencing at 9.00am and
Thursday 11 May 2017 commencing at 9.00am

Council Chamber

Civic House

110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson



Membership: Her Worship the Mayor Rachel Reese (Chairperson), Councillors Luke Acland, Ian Barker, Mel Courtney, Bill Dahlberg, Kate Fulton, Matt Lawrey, Paul Matheson, Brian McGurk, Gaile Noonan, Mike Rutledge, Tim Skinner and Stuart Walker


N-logotype-black-wideNelson City Council

10 and 11 May 2017



Page No.

Opening Prayer

1.       Apologies


2.       Confirmation of Order of Business

3.       Interests

3.1       Updates to the Interests Register

3.2       Identify any conflicts of interest in the agenda     

4.       Hearing of Submissions to the draft Annual Plan 2017/18                                                              

4.1       Index of Submissions  

Document number A1742414

These documents have been circulated separately.

4.2       Draft Hearing Schedule                                                               3 - 6

Document number A1754144

An updated Hearing Schedule will be tabled at the meeting.

4.3       Copy of Submissions

Document number A1750732

This document has been circulated separately.




·             Lunch will be provided each day