Minutes of a meeting of the Planning and Regulatory Committee

Held in the Council Chamber, Civic House, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson

On Thursday 11 August 2016, commencing at 9.02am


Present:              Councillor B McGurk (Chairperson), Her Worship the Mayor R Reese, Councillors I Barker, E Davy, K Fulton (Deputy Chairperson), M Lawrey and M Ward, and Ms G Paine


In Attendance:   Councillor G Noonan, Group Manager Strategy and   Environment (C Barton), Senior Strategic Adviser (N      McDonald), Manager Building (M Brown), Manager Operations          and Asset Management (P Anderson), Manager Environmental                           Programmes (D Evans), Technical Officer – Environment (P     Fisher) Environmental Programme Advisers (R Frizzell, R Popenhagen, L Hall, J Martin and S Moore-Lavo), Strategy and        Environment Analyst (B Wayman), Team Leader Resource                           Consents (C Jenkins), Team Leader Building Inspections (P     Bothwell), Manager Environmental Inspections (S Lawrence),       Policy Coordinator (S Yarrow), Youth Councillors H Goldthorpe        and E Edwards, and Administration Adviser (L Halsall)

Apologies:           Nil.



1.       Apologies


          There were no apologies.

2.       Confirmation of Order of Business

There were no changes to the order of business, but it was noted that there was a change to item 9, with an updated report having been circulated to elected members.

3.       Interests

There were no updates to the Interests Register, and no interests with items on the agenda were declared.

4.       Public Forum

4.1   Doug Craig and Helen Campbell - Friends of Nelson Haven and Tasman Bay Inc

        Mr Craig and Ms Campbell spoke about the Friends’ feedback to the draft Regional Policy Statement (RPS) and gave a PowerPoint presentation (A1602228).


Resolved PR/2016/041

THAT delete

Barker/Copeland                                                                         Carried


1    A1602228 - Doug Craig and Helen Campbell Friends of Nelson Haven and Tasman Bay Inc Powerpoint



In response to a question, Mr Craig advised that although the Friends did not support the use of hard coastal defences or reclamation, they were supportive of the use of planting and that dune restoration at Tahunanui seemed to have worked well.

4.2   Derek Shaw - Nelson Environment Centre

Mr Shaw, from the Nelson Environment Centre, spoke about the Centre’s feedback to the draft RPS.

Mr Shaw said that although the Centre was largely supportive of much in the draft RPS, he believed it could be improved by some additions and amendments.  He suggested that similar to the current RPS, the draft should include a section detailing Council’s approach when there was a shortage of information and how Council would act as a resource user.

Mr Shaw said he believed chapters should be expanded to include vision statements and that a chapter on climate change be added to give this important subject a clear focus.

Mr Shaw added the Centre would like to see greater emphasis on waste management and sustainable ways of transport.

In response to a question about electric vehicles and lithium mines, Mr Shaw acknowledged that everything used resources and that ideally batteries would be made from renewable resources. 

4.3   Derek Shaw - Brook Waimarama Sanctuary

Mr Shaw, from the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary, spoke about the Sanctuary’s feedback to the draft RPS.

Mr Shaw gave an update on the Sanctuary’s work, spoke of its vision and how its restoration project had created a strong sense of belonging among volunteers and supporters.

Mr Shaw gave his thanks for reference to the Sanctuary and its support of the vision for Whakatu Nelson and said that it would be useful if community groups could be mentioned in the objectives and policies part of the draft RPS.

Mr Shaw explained that the Sanctuary’s submission had concentrated on Chapter 8 regarding biodiversity, and highlighted concern about the fact that only half the significant natural areas on private land had been surveyed.

4.4   Christine Cleveland

Ms Cleveland spoke about her feedback to the draft RPS.  Her presentation was supported by a hand-out summarising her key points (A1602677).


Resolved PR/2016/042

THAT delete

Barker/Ward                                                                               Carried


1    A1602677 - Christine Cleveland Regional Policy Statement Feedback Handout



A discussion was held regarding Ms Cleveland’s suggestion that Council consider a scheme reducing the size of rural land permitted for development to 7 hectare lots, which would be a more manageable size for landowners keen to restore the native ecosystem.

4.5   Jenny Easton

Ms Easton spoke about her feedback to the draft RPS.  Two supporting hand-outs were circulated: Transition to a low-carbon economy for New Zealand (A1600764), and Communities for Climate Protection Programme Local Action Plan October 2008 (A1600766).


Resolved PR/2016/043

THAT delete

Fulton/Ward                                                                               Carried


1    A1600764 - Jenny Easton Draft Regional Policy Statement Handout 1

2    A1600766 - Jenny Easton Draft Regional Policy Statement Handout 2



In response to a question, Ms Easton advised she did not believe that New Zealand could take a similar course of action to combat rising sea levels as the Netherlands because of the large length of the New Zealand coastline and the significant costs involved.

4.6   John Moore and Kindra Douglas - Victory Community Centre

Dr Moore and Ms Douglas, from the Victory Community Centre, spoke about the Centre’s feedback to the draft RPS.

Dr Moore suggested that the RPS should explain how it was going to achieve its vision.

Dr Moore said he believed there were major social and environmental risks resulting from the way we were currently living and consuming. He suggested that Council encourage people to paint roofs a light colour because of the benefits in offsetting carbon dioxide, and not celebrate the increase in tourism and flights because of the related environmental costs.

Dr Moore added that housing and living wage issues should be addressed.

4.7   Debs Martin and Sally Gepp - Forest and Bird

Ms Martin and Ms Gepp, from Forest and Bird, spoke about the organisation’s feedback to the draft RPS.  A supporting hand-out was circulated (A1603482).


Resolved PR/2016/044

THAT <Enter text>

Fulton/Lawrey                                                                            Carried


1    A1603482 - Debs Martin Forest and Bird Regional Policy Statement Feedback Handout



Ms Martin said that she was looking forward to the next iterations of the RPS and working with Council on the development of the RPS.

In response to a question, Ms Martin said she believed some more work was necessary in relation to the freshwater and coastal parts of the RPS to make it more complementary to the National Policy Statement.

Clare Barton, Group Manager Strategy and Environment, thanked all those who had taken part in the public forum and encouraged them to stay involved with the process of developing the RPS.  She advised that producing the RPS was an iterative process and there was still some work to be done, and that councillors would receive feedback over the next few months.

Concern was raised regarding the process of the public forum being used for providing feedback on the draft RPS, and it was suggested that officers consider how the issue should be addressed.

Attendance: the meeting adjourned for morning tea at 10.30am until 10.43am during which time Her Worship the Mayor and Councillor Fulton left the meeting.


5.       Confirmation of Minutes

5.1      30 June 2016

Document number M1966, agenda pages 7 - 12 refer.

Resolved PR/2016/045

THAT the minutes of the meeting of the Planning and Regulatory Committee, held on 30 June 2016, be confirmed as a true and correct record.

Barker/McGurk                                                                           Carried


6.       Status Report - Planning and Regulatory Committee - 11 August 2016

In response to a question, Clare Barton, Group Manager Strategy and Environment, advised that there had been initial conversations in relation to establishing a warrant of fitness for rental housing, and the issue would come back to Council in May 2017 as signalled in the report.


Attendance: Cr Fulton returned to the meeting at 10.45am.

Document number R6399, agenda pages 13 - 15 refer.

Resolved PR/2016/046

THAT the Status Report Planning and Regulatory Committee 11 August 2016 (R6399) and its attachment (A1155975) be received.

Lawrey/Ward                                                                              Carried


7.       Chairperson's Report

          The Chairperson gave an overview of the Committee’s noteworthy achievements during the triennium and thanked members and staff for their contributions. 

           It was noted that it was Councillor Ward’s final Planning and Regulatory Committee meeting with his first being 30 years ago.

Document number R6430, agenda pages 16 - 17 refer.

Resolved PR/2016/047

THAT the Chairperson’s Report (R6430) be received and the contents are noted.

McGurk/Fulton                                                                           Carried



8.       Strategy and Environment Report for 1 April to 30 June 2016

Dean Evans, Manager Environmental Programmes, presented the report.

Mr Evans introduced staff from the environmental programmes team and thanked community volunteers for their work.


In response to questions, officers advised that significant progress was being made in relation to biodiversity issues and that Council was moving towards a completely electronic process for administering building consents, for which there appeared to be community support.

Attendance: Councillor Ward left the meeting at 11.03am.

           In response to a question, Clare Barton, Group Manager Strategy and Environment, advised the Ministry of Environment had signalled there would be a draft document in October/November 2016 around the National Environment Standards for Air (NESA).

           It was noted that the Chairman requested feedback in relation to South Pine’s application to extend the timeframe to comply with the second stage of emission improvements.


Attendance: Councillor Ward returned to the meeting at 11.05am.

           In response to questions, officers advised that videos promoting Nelson Nature had received 120,000 hits and it was planned to include some animations; and that generally good practices in relation to stormwater were evident among local businesses.

           A discussion was held in relation to the Warmer Healthier Homes Nelson-Marlborough Project.  Officers explained that most referrals came via medical practices and the District Health Board, and also organisations such as Age Concern, and that the aim was to target the elderly, those on low incomes, and families with children with health issues.                                                                                       

           Project Maitai was discussed, with officers advising that it was hoped that the health of the reservoir could be addressed in the long term by potentially introducing an aeration system, but that this was a costly solution.

           In response to a question, officers advised there was no easy fix for the issue of cleanliness of the Maitai, particularly when rain washes animal excrement into the river.

           It was noted the Chairperson requested the annual figures for parking enforcement be included in future reports.

           In response to a question, officers advised that the number of alcohol applications was not significantly less and that the 190 included in the report should actually read 390.


Attendance: Councillor Lawrey left the meeting at 11.25am.


Document number R6097, agenda pages 18 - 45 refer.

Resolved PR/2016/048

Receive the report Strategy and Environment Report for 1 April to 30 June 2016 (R6097) and its attachments (A1566211, A1576614 and A1578137);

Approve the Nelson City Council Dog Control Activity Report 2015-2016 in Attachment 2 to Report R6097 (A1576614);

Approve the Nelson District Licensing Committee Annual Report 2015-2016 in Attachment 3 to Report R6097 (A1578137);

Note a workshop is to be scheduled for November 2016 to update the Council on the Draft Whakamahere Whakatu Nelson Plan.

Davy/Fulton                                                                               Carried


Attendance: Ms Paine left the meeting at 11.32am.

Policy and Planning

9.       Parking and Vehicle Control Bylaw (2011), No 207, Amendments to Schedules

Peter Anderson, Manager Operations and Asset Management, presented the report.

Document number R6025, agenda pages 46 - 54 refer.

Resolved PR/2016/049

THAT the report Parking and Vehicle Control Bylaw (2011), No 207, Amendments to Schedules (R6025) and its attachments  (A1542739, A1596484, A1570147, A1570194, A1570961 and A1600805) be received;

AND THAT  the amendments detailed in report R6025 to the following Schedules of Bylaw No 207, Parking and Vehicle Control (2011), be approved:

Schedule 4: Special parking areas

Schedule 9: No Stopping.

Davy/Barker                                                                               Carried


In response to a question, Mr Anderson said that he did not envisage there would be a problem adding two disabled carparks outside the Suter Gallery, but that the issue would probably have to come back to Council.

Concern was raised about the six metre length of no stopping lines being proposed to the western side of the Maitai footbridge; it was suggested that this should be increased to 12 metres.

Clare Barton, Group Manager Strategy and Environment, advised the length had been based on expert advice of transport planners, and that the key issue was monitoring it.



There being no further business the meeting ended at 11.36am.


Confirmed as a correct record of proceedings:



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