Ordinary meeting of the


Nelson City Council


Wednesday 11 May 2016, commencing at 9.00am

Thursday 12 May 2016, commencing at 9.00am

Council Chamber

Civic House

110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson



Membership: Her Worship the Mayor Rachel Reese (Chairperson), Councillors Luke Acland, Ian Barker, Ruth Copeland, Eric Davy, Kate Fulton, Matt Lawrey, Paul Matheson (Deputy Mayor), Brian McGurk, Gaile Noonan, Pete Rainey, Tim Skinner and Mike Ward


N-logotype-black-wideNelson City Council

11 and 12 May 2016



Page No.

Opening Prayer

1.       Apologies


2.       Confirmation of Order of Business

3.       Interests

3.1       Updates to the Interests Register

3.2       Identify any conflicts of interest in the agenda

4.       Confirmation of Minutes                                   4 - 25

4.1       3 and 4 May 2016

Document number M1866


THAT the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 3 and 4 May 2016, be confirmed as a true and correct record.


5.       Deliberations on the draft Annual Plan 2016/17 - Part 1                                                              26 - 61

Document number R5730


THAT the report Deliberations on the draft Annual Plan 2016/17 - Part 1 (R5730) and its attachments (A1532915, A1536482 and A1543604) be received;

AND THAT the spreadsheet in Attachment 1 (A1532915), as amended, be used as the basis of responses to submitters on matters raised and to amend the draft Annual Plan 2016/17 as necessary.


6.       Deliberations on the draft Annual Plan 2016/17 - Part 2

This item will be distributed separately.    



Minutes of a meeting of the Nelson City Council to Hear Submissions to the Draft Annual Plan 2016/17

Held in the Council Chamber, Civic House, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson

On Tuesday 3 May 2016, commencing at 11.00am


Present:               Her Worship the Mayor R Reese (Chairperson), Councillors L Acland, I Barker, R Copeland, E Davy, K Fulton, M Lawrey, P Matheson (Deputy Mayor), B McGurk, G Noonan, P Rainey, T Skinner and M Ward

In Attendance:     Chief Executive (C Hadley), Group Manager Community Services (C Ward), Group Manager Corporate Services (N Harrison), Senior Strategic Adviser (N McDonald), Policy Coordinator (J Loughnan), and Administration Advisers (S Burgess and L Halsall)

Apology:              Councillor K Fulton for lateness



1.       Apologies

Resolved CL/2016/081

THAT an apology is received and accepted from Councillor Fulton for lateness.

Her Worship the Mayor/Matheson                                                Carried

2.       Confirmation of Order of Business

Her Worship the Mayor drew attention to the final hearing schedule (A1525424), the updates to submission folders (A1543004) and the late submissions (A1536081), which had been tabled. She advised a resolution was required to accept the late submissions.

Resolved CL/2016/082

THAT late submissions to the draft Annual Plan 2016/17 be accepted.

Her Worship the Mayor/Ward                                                      Carried


1    A1525424 - Hearing Schedule

2    A1543004 - Draft Annual Plan 2016-17 - Update to Submission Folders

3    A1536081 - Annual Plan 2016-17 - Total Late Submissions


3.       Interests

There were no updates to the Interests Register, and no interests with items on the agenda were declared.

4.       Hearing of Submissions to the draft Annual Plan 2016/17

4.1       Dean Walker, Kawatiri Resource Management

            Submission number 7617, page 322 refers.

Mr Walker highlighted key parts of his submission and emphasised his support for the Cleveland Terrace Residential Shared Zone team submission.

In response to a question, Mr Walker said he would like the shared zone to extend to City Heights.

4.2       Ian Jonson

Submission number 7393, page 24 refers.

Mr Jonson tabled images (A1536299) and summarised key points in his submission relating to graffiti removal and publicising rules for community signs. He gave a progress report on cleaning up the Nelson shoreline.

In response to a question, Mr Jonson said he would be comfortable for the cost of graffiti removal to be added to rates.


1    A1536299 - Annual Plan 2016-17 - Submission 7393 - Ian Jonson - Additional Information Tabled - 03May2016 

Attendance: Councillor Fulton joined the meeting at 11.20am, Councillor Skinner left the meeting at 11.21am.

4.3       Jennifer Walker

Submission number 7469, page 117 refers.

Dr Walker spoke about the need for investment in mountain biking in Nelson and emphasised points in her submission relating to community health, tourism, and the need for beginners tracks.

In response to a question, Dr Walker said she was aware that some members of the community opposed an investment in mountain biking. She said she was also aware of congestion issues with cars and bikes at key entrances, and suggested that a carpark and toilet block would be a worthwhile investment.

4.4       Michele Surcouf

Submission number 7518, page 186 refers.

Ms Surcouf spoke about her submission, and urged Council not to support the addition of fluoride to the city’s water supply. She suggested that ingesting fluoride would not benefit teeth, and said the matter was a human rights issue.

4.5       Gerald Renshaw

Submission number 7566, page 263 refers.

Mr Renshaw asked that the community be provided detail on likely events and ticket costs before any decisions were made regarding a Performing Arts Centre.

Attendance: Councillor Copeland left the meeting from 11.39am to 11.41am.

Mr Renshaw suggested a Centre would not be a good community investment if it was funded using rates and only a small sector of ratepayers used the facility.

Attendance: Councillor Lawrey left the meeting at 11.45am.

In response to questions, Mr Renshaw advised he supported the proposed Trafalgar Theatre as it appeared to be a fiscally responsible proposal. He said he did support the reconsideration of a Performing Arts Centre, but wanted key questions to be asked of the community during that process.

4.6       Paul Jennings, individual submission and Nelson Mountain Bike Club submission

Submission number 7503, page 167, and submission number 7945, page 889 refers.

Mr Jennings summarised his personal submission which focussed on mountain biking in Nelson.

Attendance: Councillor Lawrey returned to the meeting at 11.48am.

Mr Jennings spoke to the Nelson Mountain Bike Club submission, highlighting opportunities surrounding mountain biking and how the activity could define Nelson. He spoke about the disconnect between having plans and volunteer hours, but not getting the ‘green light’ from Council to develop trails.

Mr Jennings summarised the requests of Council from the Club, and emphasised the need for facilities at the start and end of key tracks in the Brook and Maitai.

In response to questions, Mr Jennings provided detail regarding membership fees, sponsorship, first aid, beginners tracks, maintenance, conservation, the international code of conduct for mountain bikers, Council’s proposed Off Road Tracks and Trails Strategy, and land ownership.

Attendance: Councillor Noonan left the meeting from 12.16pm to 12.18pm.

In response to further questions, Mr Jennings said there was a need for a mountain bike strategy, which could be incorporated in the Off Road Tracks and Trails Strategy, as well as a need for discussions with groups like the Nelson Regional Development Agency. He said the Club supported the proposal for a gondola, but highlighted it was important that the facilities and strategy surrounding the gondola were considered as well.

Attendance: Councillor Fulton declared an interest and sat back from the table at 12.25pm.

4.7       Simon and Jane Murray

Submission number 7558, page 243 refers.

Mrs Murray spoke to their submission, requesting that stormwater facilities in Atmore Terrace be upgraded. She said the stormwater from their house would run off into neighbouring properties, and an upgrade would be needed before they could develop further houses on the site. Mrs Murray asked that they be informed with an approximate timeframe for this upgrade so they could plan their development.

Attendance: Councillor Fulton returned to the table at 12.31pm.

4.8       Bill Johnson and Hilary Clifton, Citizens Advice Nelson Tasman

Submission number 7592, page 291 refers.

Mr Johnson summarised the Citizens Advice Bureau’s (CAB) desire to be involved in discussions regarding the redevelopment of the library. He highlighted that the Nelson CAB had significantly lower walk-in visitors than elsewhere in New Zealand, and would benefit from a new location such as a redeveloped library.

4.9       Peter Kortegast, Iron Duke Seascouts

Submission number 7594, page 294, and submission number 7687, page 433 refers.

Mr Kortegast presented the Iron Duke Seacouts submission, asking Council to fund the repair work required to the boat ramp at their marina facility. He noted that their facility was used every night of the week and involved a large number of youth.

In response to a question, Mr Kortegast said he was aware of the draft Marina Strategy, and a representative of their organisation had been involved in the Sea Sports Facility consultation.

4.10     Sonja Gillies

Submission number 7616, page 321 refers.

Ms Gillies spoke to her submission and added that the current library site worked well for those who needed disabled access.

In response to a question, Ms Gillies said the library could be improved by relocating noisier areas such as the children’s library and the computer hub away from the quieter areas.

Attendance: Councillor Davy left the meeting from 12.54pm to 12.56pm.

4.11     Cynthia McConville

            Submission number 7655, page 376 refers.

Ms McConville provided a handout (A1542825) and spoke to the points in her submission regarding interpretation panels and freedom camping. She raised concerns about freedom campers using water facilities to wash dishes and clothes, and the impact this had on the Maitai River.

Ms McConville presented a short video (A1542839) regarding freedom camping, and asked Council to request government to remove areas with inadequate facilities from the Freedom Camping Act 2011.

In response to questions, Ms McConville said she did not believe a ban on freedom camping would impact the Nelson economy. She said she did not have any issues with self-contained campers.


1    A1542825 - Annual Plan 2016-17 - Submission 7655 - Cynthia McConville - Additional Information Tabled 

Attendance: The meeting adjourned for lunch from 1.10pm to 1.42pm, during which time Councillor Acland left the meeting and Councillor Skinner returned to the meeting.

4.12     Connie Winslow

Submission number 7688, page 435 refers.

Ms Winslow spoke to her submission, which focused on her concerns about the possibility of fluoride being added to the city’s water supply, saying its highly toxic nature would have a detrimental effect on the health of residents and the environment.  She stated that many cities across the world that had previously added fluoride to their water supplies, had now ceased to do so because of well-documented research findings highlighting associated dangers. 

A YouTube clip (A1542410) was shown and a hand-out (A1543904) circulated in support of Ms Winslow’s submission.


1    A1543904 - Submission 7688 - Connie Winslow - Additional Information Tabled

4.13     Katy Steele, Volunteer Nelson

Submission number 7672, page 401 refers.

Ms Steele from Volunteer Nelson summarised the organisation’s submission relating to its request for funding to support the development of volunteer hubs and services for Nelson’s elderly and disabled.  She highlighted the increasing number of socially isolated seniors within the city, and the benefits of volunteering experienced by many individuals and the community as a whole.  Mrs Steele’s submission was supported by a tabled document (A1543902).


1    A1543902 - Submission 7672 - Katy Steele - Volunteer Nelson - Additional Information Tabled

Attendance: Councillor Acland returned to the meeting at 1.56pm.

4.14     Paul Lunberg

Submission number 7365, page 1 refers.

Mr Lunberg told councillors about considerable sea erosion evident at the bottom of steps to the foreshore opposite Richardson Street, and his idea of a concrete platform being built out into the sea in this area.  In support of his submission, Mr Lunberg showed councillors a presentation (A1542861) featuring a number of photos.


1    A1542861 - Submission 7365 - Paul Lunberg - Additional Information Tabled

Attendance: Councillor Skinner left the meeting at 2.11pm.

4.15     Helen Webber

Submission number 7737, page 484 refers.

Ms Webber urged Council to consider the possibility of providing a dog park in Stoke where dogs could be exercised off their leads, identifying  Greenmeadows as being a potentially ideal location for such a facility.  She stressed the high level of dog ownership among the elderly in the area, and the associated health benefits. 

4.16     Francesca Francina

Submission number 7752, page 502 refers.

Ms Francina spoke about her concerns of the possibility of adding fluoride to the city’s water supply, particularly in terms of the impact on the health of babies and toddlers.  She told councillors that she believed it would be “unethical” to force the entire city’s population to drink fluoridated water and that there were better ways to improve dental health.  Ms Francina left a magazine (A1545464) containing an article on the issue for circulation among councillors.

The Mayor told Mrs Francina that this issue was for the District Health Board to decide, not Council, but that councillors were happy to hear residents’ concerns.


1    A1545464 - Francesca Francina Additional Information Submission 7752

4.17     James Glass

Submission number 7726, page 470 refers.

Mr Glass urged Council not to introduce fluoride to the city’s water supply because of its toxic nature.

4.18     Peter Thompson, Tasman District Council (TDC)

Submission number 7753, page 505 refers.

Mr Peter Thompson, Engineering Services Manager at Tasman District Council, spoke to TDC’s submission supporting the proposed landfill joint venture between TDC and Nelson City Council.

Attendance:  Councillor Matheson left the meeting from 2.37pm to 2.39pm.

4.19     Nigle Muir and Brent Maru, Sport Tasman

Submission number 7736, page 482 refers.

Mr Muir and Mr Maru from Sport Tasman told councillors that they applauded the energy that Council was putting into cycle tracks and walkways.  They requested that Council consider investing in BikeFest and asked for greater collaboration with Council officers in development of the South Island Masters Games as a key regional event.

4.20     Graeme O’Brien

Submission number 7809, page 582 refers.

Mr O’Brien highlighted a number of issues, including his opposition to the fluoridation of the city’s water, the proposed gondola, moving the Elma Turner Library, and the dangers of children cycling to school along Waimea Road.  He also outlined his ideas on how to encourage more residents to become involved in local democracy.

Additionally, Mr O’Brien voiced his concern at the way groups such as Target Shooting Nelson had been treated in being forced to relocate from Trafalgar Park.  The Mayor advised that a new purpose-built facility for target shooting was under development at Saxton Field.

Attendance: Councillor Lawrey left the meeting at 2.57pm.

4.21     Susan Lea

Submission number 7841, page 629 refers.

Mrs Lea addressed Council about her concerns relating to the possible fluoridation of the city’s water, stating that she believed people should have responsibility for their own wellbeing and that education was key to good dental health.  She also referred to a local subterranean aquifer from which water was being taken to be bottled and mainly sold offshore.

Attendance: The meeting adjourned for afternoon tea from 3.05pm to 3.25pm, during which time Councillor Acland left the meeting and Councillor Skinner returned to the meeting.

Attendance: Councillor Lawrey returned to the meeting at 3.28pm.

4.22     Christopher St Johanser, Brook Valley Community Group Inc

Submission number 7888, page 709 refers.

Mr St Johanser spoke on behalf of the Brook Valley Community Group Inc in opposition to the idea of constructing a gondola in the city and his belief that ratepayers should not have to pay for a feasibility study. 

4.23     Duncan Cunningham

Submission number 7796, page 564 refers.

Mr Cunningham spoke to his submission in relation to mountain biking trails on Council land.  He told councillors that the key to a trail being shared by bikers and walkers was abiding the “keep left” rule and showing each other courtesy.

Attendance: Councillor Acland returned to the meeting at 3.37pm and left the meeting at 3.40pm.

4.24     Sara Cooper, Fluoride Free Nelson

Submission number 7970, page 940 refers.

Mrs Cooper spoke on behalf of Fluoride Free Nelson about the group’s opposition to the fluoridation of Nelson’s water supply.  She explained that she was raising this issue with Council because residents were not able to engage constructively or have a democratic process with the District Health Board, which would be making the decision. Mrs Cooper highlighted the diverse membership of the Fluoride Free Nelson group and its strong and shared beliefs. 

In support of her submission, Mrs Cooper showed a PowerPoint presentation (A1545251) and circulated a hand-out (A1543219).


1    A1543219 - Submission 7970 - Sara Cooper - Fluoride Free Nelson - Additional information tabled

2    A1545251 - Sara Cooper Powerpoint  Fluoride-Free-Nelson

Attendance: Councillor Acland returned to the meeting at 3.55pm.

4.25     Steve Newport, Helibike Nelson Limited

Submission number 7852, page 647 refers.

            Mr Newport of Helibike Nelson Limited summarised his submission urging Council to assist with further development of mountain biking in Nelson, which after Queenstown and Rotorua, was now identified as being one of the best places for the sport in New Zealand.

Attendance: Councillor Skinner left the meeting at 4.07pm.

In response to a question, Mr Newport said that it would be a great help if Council could assist with providing good maps of mountain bike areas.

Attendance: Councillor Skinner returned to the meeting at 4.11pm. Councillor Lawrey left the meeting from 4.17pm to 4.19pm.

4.26     Hudson Dodd and Dave Butler, Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Trust

Submission number 7927, page 793 refers.

Mr Dodd and Mr Butler spoke to the Trust’s submission in which it outlined its projects and the support it received from Council.  In response to questions, Mr Dodd and Mr Butler spoke about proactive stormwater management, the best methodology for killing pine trees and insurance issues.

4.27     Douglas Craig, Friends of Nelson Haven and Tasman Bay Inc

Submission number 7905, page 745 refers.

Mr Craig spoke on behalf of the environmental advocacy group, Friends of Nelson Haven and Tasman Bay Inc.  The submission covered: Waimea Community Dam, river ecology monitoring, airport cycleway, wastewater and stormwater. Mr Craig told councillors that currently, when there were discharges into Tahunanui Beach, the District Health Board was notified for health reasons and iwi for cultural purposes. He said he believed the Friends of Nelson Haven and Tasman Bay Inc should also receive notification for ecological reasons.

4.28     Heather Thomas and Logan Clarke, Nelson BMX Club Inc

Submission number 7755, page 508 refers.

Mrs Thomas, President of the Nelson BMX Club Inc, and local young rider Mr Clarke, requested Council’s help with securing a new professional standard track for local riders. In response to a question enquiring if the Club’s preference was for a facility located at Saxton’s Field, Mrs Thomas and Mr Logan stated that their main concern was that it was of a better standard than the one at Tahunanui currently being used by the Club, and that they had assistance with maintenance.

4.29     Ren Kempthorne

Submission number 8030, page 1030 refers.

Mr Ren Kempthorne spoke to his submission regarding his opposition to the possible building of a gondola in Nelson. He stated that he believed it was unnecessary, not an attractive location and potentially unsafe. In response to a question, Mr Kempthorne said he did not believe there was any justification for spending public money on assisting to get the project started. He said he could see no public benefit in having a gondola, and he did not think it would attract any more visitors.

4.30     Fluoride Free Nelson (Continued)

A video link (A1543924) in further support of the submission made by Mrs Cooper earlier in the meeting was shown.

Attendance:  Councillor Fulton left the meeting at 5.05pm. Councillor Acland left the meeting from 5.05pm to 5.15pm.

The Mayor invited councillors to give their comments and queries on topics heard during the first day of hearings so they could be passed to the appropriate Council officers.

Attendance: The meeting was adjourned at 5.21pm.









Minutes of a reconvened meeting of the Nelson City Council to Hear Submissions to the Draft Annual Plan 2016/17

Held in the Council Chamber, Civic House, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson

On Wednesday 4 May 2016, commencing at 9.01am


Present:               Her Worship the Mayor R Reese (Chairperson), Councillors L Acland, I Barker, R Copeland, E Davy, K Fulton, M Lawrey, P Matheson (Deputy Mayor), B McGurk, G Noonan, P Rainey, T Skinner and M Ward

In Attendance:     Chief Executive (C Hadley), Group Manager Infrastructure (A Louverdis), Group Manager Strategy and Environment (C Barton), Group Manager Community Services (C Ward), Group Manager Corporate Services (N Harrison), Senior Strategic Adviser (N McDonald), Policy Coordinator (J Loughnan), and Administration Advisers (J McDougall and E-J Ruthven)

Apologies:            Councillors K Fulton and E Davy for lateness



5.       Hearing of Submissions to the draft Annual Plan 2016/17 Contd.

The apologies for lateness were noted.

It was noted that an additional late memo (A1543857) regarding a submission (8098) had been received.

Attendance: Councillor Fulton joined the meeting at 9.03am.


1    A1543857 and Sub No 8098 - additional late submission

5.1       Nelson Youth Council

Submission number 8035, page number 1043 refers.


Youth Council survey results were distributed (A1545156).  Elaine Ang advised that the data from the survey showed that respondents were against any shift of the Library.


Taylah Shuker spoke about lighting of the Railway Reserve, Keegan Phipps spoke on the performing arts centre, Jordan Lankshear spoke about international cricket events in Nelson and Isabella Lorandi spoke about closing Upper Trafalgar Street to traffic. Carys Collins noted that the largest support in the survey came for improvements to the NBus timetable.


In answer to questions, Daniel Leaper advised that 75% of survey respondents believed the gondola would be beneficial; and Elaine Ang agreed with the idea of a separate room at the Library for Skype-users to avoid disturbing others.


1    A1545156 - Nelson Youth Council Additional Information

5.2       Aynsley Moore, Top of the South Athletics Charitable Trust

Submission number 7911, page number 755 refers.

Aynsley Moore, on behalf of Derek Shaw (the Trust’s Chairperson), gave background information on the discus and hammer cages at Saxton Field and urged the Council to fund a new cage to improve safety.

Attendance: Councillor Davy joined the meeting at 9.18am

5.3       Andrew Goldsworthy and Kay Snedden, Nelson Ants

Submission number 7915, page number 769 refers.

Mr Goldsworthy and Ms Snedden spoke about the ant problem in the Nelson area and urged Council to support the initiatives outlined in the submission. Additional information was circulated (A1543950).


1    A1543950 - Submission 7915 - Andrew Goldsworthy - Additional Information Tabled

Attendance: Councillor Acland left the meeting from 9.37am to 9.39am.

5.4       Chris Mildon, MTB Trails Trust

Submission number 7875, page number 690 refers.

Mr Mildon presented the submission and encouraged Council to continue supporting mountain biking in the region and to support initiatives underway which brought economic benefits to the region.

Attendance: Councillor Barker left the meeting from 9.40am to 9.41am.

5.5       Gail Collingwood

Submission number 7981, page number 974

Mrs Collingwood presented her submission and advised that she supported the proposed upgrade of the Elma Turner library but did not support moving the library.

Responding to a question, Mrs Collingwood said she was not aware that the Annual Plan was considering what to do with the State Advances building but did note the need for it to be kept clean and tidy while unoccupied.

Responding to another question, Mrs Collingwood agreed that looking at other sites for the Library was appropriate, but it was important to keep the community informed. Mrs Collingwood however did query the need to look at other sites for the Library when she believed the current location was ideally suited.

5.6       Ms Glenys Maclellan

Submission number 7982, page number 977 refers.

Ms Maclellan spoke about footpaths and pavements as outlined in her submission and added comments about: the need to increase budget for repairs and maintenance for footpaths and pavements; the need to ensure kerbs were high enough to cope with any flooding events; and a request that the new toilets in Queens Gardens had the best disabled access possible such as sliding doors, access from both sides, pull down rails etc.

In response to a question, Ms Maclellan added that she was seeking designated footpaths, rather than pathways shared with cyclists or other users.

5.7       Kelly Atkinson, Days Track Group

Submission number 7918, page number 777 refers.

Ms Atkinson spoke to her submission and highlighted the lack of action following the December 2011 storm event in the Days Track area. She urged Council to work in partnership with the local community and hoped for a swift resolution to the issue.

5.8       Ruth Newton

Submission number 7983, page number 979 refers.

Ms Newton spoke to her submission about the possible relocation of the Library and expressed concern about the lack of detail available publicly regarding the proposed move.

In response to a question, Ms Newton advised that she would not be against using the airspace above the current Library for apartments, as long as the building was not too high.

5.9       Dan Hawke, Youth Nelson

Submission number 7921, page number 781 refers.

Dan Hawke, (replacing Maree Shalders) from the alternative education school, Youth Nelson, spoke to the letters from students at the school which were tabled (A1544302) expressing their thanks for the current level of support from the Council. The Mayor accepted an invitation to go for lunch at the school at Pioneer Park.


1    A1544302 - Submission 7921 - Dan Hawke - Youth Nelson - Additional Information Tabled

Attendance: Councillor Copeland left the meeting from 10.21am to 10.23am.

5.10     Jade Tuckwell

Submission number 7954, page number 904 refers.

Mr Tuckwell spoke to his submission about fluoridation of the water supply and urged Council to research the issue. He acknowledged that Council had little jurisdiction in this area now that responsibility had been passed to District Health Boards.

In response to a query, Mr Tuckwell confirmed his view was that the District Health Board was supporting companies seeking to avoid the cost of getting rid of waste fluoride by selling it for adding to water supplies.

5.11     Steve Cross

Submission number 7842, page number 631 refers.

Mr Cross spoke to his submission and urged the Council to treat repairs and maintenance on the sewer system as urgent.

He also suggested differential marina charges for locals and people from out of town.

5.12     Marc Barron

Submission number 7957, page number 912 refers.

Mr Barron spoke about his submission on the possible relocation of the Library. He said he believed Civic House and State Advances needed to be opened up to small scale retail at ground level, not another large institutional frontage. His vision was of an exciting redevelopment on the current library site with a second level making use of views towards the bay for a reading space for library users.

Attendance: Councillor Davy left the meeting at 10.51am.

In response to a question Mr Barron advised that he had been party to round table discussions in the past about the Library location, which had not reached a consensus but had a range of views.

Attendance: The meeting adjourned for morning tea from 11.01am to 11.09am.


5.13     Brendan Santorini


Submission number 8026, page number 1026


Mr Santorini spoke to his submission about a smoke-free CBD, traffic congestion, the Nelson Southern Link investigation, and global warming.


Attendance: Councillor Fulton left the meeting from 11.00am to 11.12am. Councillor Skinner left the meeting at 11.13am.


In response to a question, Mr Santorini advised that he urged councillors to do their own research on global warming but was not asking for specific action by Council.

5.14     Douglas Craig

Submission number 7907, page number 748 refers.

Mr Douglas Craig spoke to his submission and PowerPoint presentation (A1545951) and noted that Nelson values: sense of place; ease of access; liveable cities and communities; green spaces; and urban form were important.


1    A1545951 - Douglas Craig, Submission No 7907, PowerPoint presentation

5.15     Mr Scott Gibbons, Gibbons Holdings Ltd

Submission number 7898, page number 732 refers.

Mr Gibbons spoke to the submission and emphasised that retailers relied on demographic information and trends in making decisions about long term capital investment. He said current trends showed the growth was in Tasman and to the south-west of Nelson City.

Attendance: Councillor Skinner returned to the meeting at 11.36am.

Mr Gibbons added that there was some nervousness from retailers about any decision on the Nelson Southern Link and noted that signals about this from Council were very important.

Attendance: Councillor Davy returned to the meeting at 11.40am.

In response to a query, Mr Gibbons advised that he supported the unbundling of changes to the waterfront and the Nelson Southern Link investigation.

5.16     Geoff Golding, Menzshed – Nelson

Submission number 7947, page number 891 refers.

Mr Golding spoke to the submission which was circulated at the meeting (A1544313).


1    A1544313 - Submission 7947 - Geoff Golding - Menzshed Nelson Inc - Additional Information Tabled

Attendance: Councillor Copeland left the meeting at 11.55am.

In answer to a query, Mr Golding mentioned several possible premises for the Menzshed including one at Founders Park.  Mr Golding said he would follow up the suggestion of talking to the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology about premises for Menzshed.

Attendance: Councillor Noonan left the meeting from 12.00pm to 12.02pm.

5.17     Karensa Johnston, Wakatu Incorporation

Submission number 7932, page number 833 refers.

Ms Johnston introduced Mr Iain Sheves who spoke to the submission and answered questions from councillors.

Attendance: Councillor Acland left the meeting at 12.06pm. Councillor McGurk left the meeting from 12.10pm to 12.13pm.

5.18     Mark Lile, Landmark

Submission number 7777, page number 539

Mr Lile spoke to the submission which was circulated (A1544319) regarding Council bringing forward expenditure planned for the Gracefield Beheading (a wastewater project).


1    A1544319 - Submission 7777 - Mark Lile - Gibair Developments Ltd and Coastal View Retirement Village Ltd - Additional Information Tabled

Attendance: Councillor Noonan left the meeting from 12.16pm to 12.19pm.

In response to questions, Mr Lile advised that the earthworks would take between 12 and 24 months to complete and that there was connectivity with Waimea Road and Princes Drive.

5.19     Richard Sullivan (via audio)

Submission number 7938, page number 865 refers.

Mr Sullivan spoke initially about the difficulty of attending public forums due to being usually scheduled within the normal working day. He then spoke to his submission about keeping rates rises as low as possible.

5.20     Sara Cooper

Submission number 7969, page number 936 refers.

Mrs Cooper spoke about her submission against putting fluoride in the water supply and circulated additional information (A1544324).


1    A1544324 - Submission 7969 - Sara Cooper - Additional Information Tabled

5.21     Willemijn Vermaat, Handle With Care

Submission number 7883, page number 702 refers.

Dr Vermaat spoke to her submission including a suggestion that Council work towards minimising rent increases for businesses in the City.

5.22     Belinda Crisp

Submission number 7414, page number 56 refers.

Ms Crisp spoke about her submission on Codgers Reserve and Brook Street, and expressed frustration at the lack of repair work since the Easter 2014 storm.

Attendance: Councillor Fulton left the meeting at 12.40pm.

5.23     Jim Cable

Submission number 7940, page number 869 refers.

Mr Cable read out his submission (A1543960).


1    A1543960 - Submission 7940 - Jim Cable - Additional Information Tabled

Attendance: Councillor Fulton returned to the meeting at 12.44pm.

5.24     Lesley James Hollyman

Submission number 8023, page number 1022 refers.

Mr Hollyman spoke to his submission and expressed concern about the lack of action by the Council to clear out Hillwood Streams 1 and 2 since the flooding of November 2011.

Mr Hollyman was advised that a resource consent application was currently being considered by Council and that Council offers would be in touch with Mr Hollyman directly on this issue.


The meeting adjourned for lunch from 12.58pm to 1.35pm, during which time Councillors Davy and Fulton left the meeting, and Councillor Copeland returned to the meeting.

5.25     Stuart Walker

Submission number 8032, page number 1033 refers.

Mr Walker said that the library should stay in its current location, and requested upgrades to the pipe network and more parking in the city.

Attendance:  Councillor Fulton returned to the meeting at 1.37pm

Mr Walker outlined his concerns in relation to the Waimea Community Dam, and suggested alternatives such as diverting water from the Nelson Lakes or Pelorus Headwaters to the Waimea Plains instead. 

In addition, he outlined his concerns regarding the width of the access road to the Trafalgar centre Northern extension and the timing of drainage work undertaken at a Saxton Field soccer practice pitch.

5.26     Karen Dean, Nelson Residents’ Association

Submission number 8040, page number 1051 refers.

Ms Dean suggested that the State Advances Building be redeveloped as a high-end shopping development, the library be extended into the building next door and an additional floor built, and that the computers could be relocated from the library to Civic House.  She added that the current Library Activity Room was not big enough at present.

5.27     Frank van der Plas

Submission number 8024, page number 1023 refers.

Inga Schmidt presented the submission on behalf of Frank van der Plas.  She said there was divergent scientific opinion as to whether fluoride in the water supply was safe, and that it was important that residents did not lose the choice of whether to ingest fluoride.  She added that most water was used in industry, agriculture or disposed of as grey water, and that other countries had removed fluoride from the water supply without experiencing an increase in tooth decay.

5.28     Inga Schmidt

Submission number 8025, page number 1024 refers.

Ms Schmidt said that it was possible to apply fluoride in other forms, such as through toothpaste.  She explained her concerns of the effects that fluoride in the water supply would have on bottle-fed babies and people with health conditions.  She suggested that focus be placed instead on less sugar in diets, better dental hygiene and targeted assistance, such as free toothpaste, to people at risk of dental decay.

5.29     Dot Kettle, Nelson Tasman Chambers of Commerce

Submission number 8048, page number 1063 refers.

Ms Kettle noted the Chamber of Commerce’s support for a theatre space in the Trafalgar Centre, CBD enhancements, innovative city planning and cycleways.  She noted the potential for tourism and business opportunities with better walking and cycling facilities for Rocks Road.  In response to a question, she said the Chamber of Commerce supported separating the Southern Link from the Rocks Road walking and cycling project.

Ms Kettle also spoke about the marina, and outlined concerns that the scope of the draft Marina Strategy was too narrow in focus.  She suggested that the marina precinct area should be widened, and said that Chamber members were interested in further discussions regarding the marina, including a focus on recreational, as well as business use. 

In response to questions, Ms Kettle clarified the numbers of members who had responded to their survey regarding the NZTA Southern Link Business Case. 

5.30     Gavin O’Donnell, Federated Farmers of NZ

Submission number 7944, page number  880 refers.

Mr O’Donnell explained the effect of rates on rural properties, and encouraged Council to consider a greater uniform targeted rate, with a lesser proportion based on land values.

Attendance:  Councillor Noonan left the meeting at 2.06pm and Councillor Davy returned to the meeting at 2.06pm. 

Mr O’Donnell explained that Federated Farmers supported Council taking a business case approach to capital projects, greater environmental water monitoring through a transparent testing regime, and a contribution towards the construction of the Waimea Community Dam. 

He added that clarification was sought as to the status of and timeline for flood protection work at Wakapuaka. 

5.31     Mr Peter Chisholm

Submission number 8071, page number 1097 refers.

Mr Chisholm encouraged Council to continue to improve cycling infrastructure.  He noted that recent work in Brook Street had resulted in kerbs jutting out, and explained the difficulties that this presented for cyclists.  He added his support for the Maitai Pathway being widened, and that most cyclists and pedestrians behaved in a respectful manner on shared pathways.

Attendance:  Councillor Noonan returned to the meeting at 2.16pm, and Councillor Fulton left the meeting at 2.16pm.

5.32     Mike Cameron, Cleveland Tce (west area) Residential Shared Zone Team

Submission number 7765, page number 518 refers.

Mr Cameron outlined the submission, and noted an increase in cyclist and pedestrian traffic along Cleveland Terrace.  He noted the neighbourhood’s support for a Residential Shared Zone being achieved with minimal capital works being required. 

He explained that the proposal was separate to the submission in relation to the Manuka Street intersections, to allow the Cleveland Terrace proposal to be actioned as soon as possible.

Attendance:  Councillor Copeland left the meeting from 2.26pm to 2.28pm. 

In response to questions, Mr Cameron noted that not many vehicles travelled at 40 km/h, but those that did posed safety concerns.  He also outlined low-level capital works that may be required to achieve the Residential Shared Zone.

5.33     Wendy Griffin

Submission number 8033, page number 1037 refers.

Ms Griffin outlined her concerns that introducing fluoride to the water supply would result in adverse health effects.  She spoke about the potential dangers posed by hydrofluoric acid, and added that it was more appropriate to focus on removing sugar from diets.

Attendance:  Councillor Fulton returned to the meeting at 2.39pm.

In response to a question, she explained that the $1 million per year cost of adding fluoride to the water supply was based on a calculated cost of 20 cents, per person, per year.

5.34     Lynn Cooper, NZ Health Professionals Opposing Fluoridation

Submission number 8065, page number 1087 refers.

Sara Cooper presented the submission on behalf of Lynn Cooper.  She tabled a document (A1544332) and showed a video clip relating to the economic arguments against putting fluoride into the water supply (A1545966).

She emphasised the importance of limiting sugar intake and assisting children to brush their teeth properly.

Attendance:  The meeting adjourned for afternoon tea from 2.48pm to 3.01pm, during which time Councillors Fulton and Lawrey left the meeting. 


1    A1544332 - Submission 8065 - Sara Cooper on behalf of Lynn Jordan - Additional Information Tabled

5.35     Fionna Heiton

Submission number 7991, page number 991 refers.

Ms Heiton said that, in other countries, there had been no increase in tooth decay once fluoride had been removed from the water supply.  She outlined her concerns that fluoride in the water supply could cause harm to infants, elderly people, and those with underlying health conditions.  

Attendance:  Councillor Fulton returned to the meeting at 3.05pm. 

Ms Heiton added that the main focus should be on reducing sugar in diets.  She encouraged Council to represent the community views on fluoride to the District Health Board, and to continue working with the District Health Board to limit sugar intake. 

5.36     Pam Frahm, Nelson Residents' Association

Submission number 7897, page number 730 refers.

In response to a question, Ms Frahm explained that the Nelson Residents' Association supported a third road into Nelson, but wished to reserve its position regarding the Southern Link until it understood the costs involved. 

In response to a further question, she said that the Residents’ Association was against the rezoning of the Brook Reserve as a special purposes reserve.

5.37     Peter Olorenshaw

Submission number 7729, page number 473 refers.

Mr Olorenshaw gave a power point presentation (A1543885).  He outlined his concerns regarding wastewater charges on his rates bill given he did not receive this service from Council. The Mayor advised that he should talk to officers as records showed he was not being charged a wastewater rate.

Mr Olorenshaw noted his concerns regarding wastewater charges on his rates bill, and outlined a proposal for allowing second dwellings on a section, whilst keeping set-backs and site coverage at the same level.  He spoke about the benefits of intensification of current urban dwellings, and encouraged low-flow fittings to be included within the Nelson Plan.

Mr Olorenshaw also spoke about forecast sea-level rises.  He encouraged Council to undertake further studies to consider possible mitigation and adaptation solutions, and to incorporate proposed sea-level rises into planning documents.


1    A1543885 - Submission 7729 - Peter Olorenshaw - Additional information 

5.38     Requests for additional information

            Councillors advised of additional information they wished to consider during the deliberations meeting, as a result of points raised by submitters.

Attendance:  Councillor Fulton left the meeting at 3.40pm. Councillor Rainey left the meeting at 3.42pm.

5.39     Gaire Thompson

Submission number 7989, page number 987 refers.

Mr Thompson outlined the points in his written submission.  He noted further that he disagreed with proposed spending on the Saxton Cricket Stadium, Saxton Pavilion lift, river monitoring, the Council Chamber sound system, and the Gondola, but supported Council fully funding the Modeller’s Pond. 

Attendance:  Councillor Fulton returned to the meeting at 3.44pm.

Mr Thompson also spoke about commercial rates for properties in the CBD.  He said the commercial differential led to large rates increases for commercial property owners, and said that extra charges per tenant were driving out smaller operators.

Attendance:  Councillor Davy left the meeting at 3.48pm.

In response to a question, Mr Thompson said that commercial rents in the Nelson CBD area had not risen aside from CPI increases.  He said that insurance costs could be kept low, but that property owners could not control rates rises.

Attendance:  Councillor Copeland left the meeting at 3.54pm.



There being no further business the meeting ended at 3.56pm.


Confirmed as a correct record of proceedings:




                                                         Chairperson                                        Date       





11 May 2016




Deliberations on the draft Annual Plan 2016/17 - Part 1



1.       Purpose of Report

1.1       To provide additional information and recommendations to support decision making on matters raised in submissions on the Consultation Document for the draft Annual Plan 2016/17 and concurrent consultations.

2.       Delegations

2.1       The preparation of an Annual Plan is a decision of Council.

3.       Recommendation

THAT the report Deliberations on the draft Annual Plan 2016/17 - Part 1 (R5730) and its attachments (A1532915, A1536482 and A1543604) be received;

AND THAT the spreadsheet in Attachment 1 (A1532915), as amended, be used as the basis of responses to submitters on matters raised and to amend the draft Annual Plan 2016/17 as necessary.




4.       Background

4.1       Council’s Consultation Document on the draft Annual Plan 2016/17 was open for consultation over the period 11 March to 11 April. A new online database was used to receive and accept submissions this year. The system was developed by Tasman District Council and was offered to Nelson City Council as a shared system with costs limited to those changes required to tailor the system to run on our website.  Submitters responded well to the interface.  

4.2       605 submissions were received during the consultation process and 66 submitters spoke at hearings held on 3 and 4 May. 15 late submissions were approved for consideration by Council on 3 May.

4.3       At this meeting Council will deliberate on submissions, ensuring that reasons for any decisions are made clear so that this can be conveyed to submitters as per the Local Government Act 2002, Section 82(1)(f): ‘that persons who present views to the local authority should have access to a clear record or description of relevant decisions made by the local authority and explanatory material relating to the decisions...’

5.       Discussion

5.1       Major issues raised in submissions are dealt with in this report in activity order, with recommendations as appropriate. Smaller or more submitter-specific issues that require a response are covered in Attachment 1, the spreadsheet of responses to submitters.

5.2       The attached spreadsheet does not duplicate any material covered in the body of the report, e.g. there are no suggested responses on the fluoride issue as that is covered under the water supply activity. Submissions may be repeated in several places throughout the spreadsheet if a submission covers more than one issue.

5.3       Part two of this report, covering special housing area issues, mountain biking and the gondola, will be distributed separately.

6.       Transport

6.1       There were 18 submissions on the Haven Precinct, fairly evenly split between supporters and those who are remaining non-committal until they see concept plans. One submitter did not see the potential of development in this part of the waterfront and Federated Farmers (submission 7944) urged delaying the project for affordability reasons or introducing a targeted rate to pay for it. Uniquely Nelson (submission 7898) did not support any commercial development of a retail or hospitality nature that would compete with central city businesses, although residential development along the Haven did have its support.

6.2       Gibbons Holdings Ltd (submission 7898) urged Council to move rapidly to decide on the necessary infrastructure it needed to provide to support the area and then to allow private investment to move the development forward. It suggested that if Council set the vision for the area and then let private investment drive the opportunity the city would more quickly realise the value from those property assets.

6.3       A number of submitters saw the Haven Precinct development as tied to the NZ Transport Agency’s Southern Link project in the sense of needing to reduce heavy vehicles on the road to get best use of the waterfront. Some submissions also called for the removal of the Plant and Food building to open up access to the waterfront space. There was interest in a better relationship of the space to the adjacent port and a request for expanded parking.

6.4       There was also a call for more recognition of Maori settlement and history in the area – something officers have collaborated on with iwi for other parts of the city but with limited success. It is hoped that the Mayors and Chairs Forum might provide a venue that is able to broker agreement on such projects.


THAT Council notes the interest in the Haven Precinct development and indicates to submitters that there will be a public engagement process once concept plans are developed.

6.5       There were wide ranging views and suggestions on what Council should do to enhance the Nelson CBD. Suggestions included more trees, more shared spaces, more inner city living, better cycle access, encouraging more activity in the streets, more street dining and assistance to preserve heritage facades. The issue of access to the CBD and dealing with congestion in the main roads leading into Nelson was also raised.

6.6       Uniquely Nelson opposed the proposal to upgrade Church Street, with its members wishing to enhance Upper Trafalgar Street as the preferred option for access to town from the Rutherford Hotel. It also requested improvements to lanes leading from Trafalgar and Hardy Streets to the Saturday market. Suggestions will be considered as part of a future report to Council on how to best spend the CBD Enhancement funding allocated in 2016/17. A few points made in submissions eg on daylight angles, were more relevant to the Nelson Plan development and have been referred to that process.

6.7       Some submitters raised the possible closure of Upper Trafalgar Street to traffic. Council has considered the possibility of closing Upper Trafalgar Street in the past, although the Heart of Nelson Strategy did not support a permanent closure and businesses in the area have concerns given the impact on trade of some of the short-term closures for events. Officers are currently working with Uniquely Nelson which is consulting its membership on a shorter-term summer closure. A report to Council on the issue is scheduled.

6.8       The Nelson Marlborough District Health Board (submission 7942) and submission 8026 have requested that the Nelson CBD be made smokefree. Council has previously discussed extending its smokefree policy (currently applying in sportsgrounds and playgrounds on a non-regulatory/non-enforced basis) to a wider area.

6.9       To pursue a smokefree CBD, Council has the option of introducing a bylaw as it has the power to make bylaws for the purpose of “protecting, promoting and maintaining public health and safety”. However given that there are unlikely to be sufficient resources to enforce such a bylaw and the District Health Board supports non-regulatory approaches as effective, a bylaw would not seem appropriate.

6.10     Wellington City Council has been active in this space and its approach might provide a model. It began exactly as Nelson City Council has, by making sportsfields and playgrounds smokefree. To expand coverage of its policy it first engaged the public to understand what would be supported and then made other areas smokefree such as bus stops, building entrances, squares etc. It used modest signage (which would fit with Nelson’s culture of low signage) and an education campaign. No enforcement is undertaken, Wellington’s smokefree approach is entirely based on encouragement.


THAT officers investigate options for expanding Council’s smokefree policy, using education rather than regulatory approaches, and assessing this work against other policy priorities.

6.11     Many submitters wrote supporting Council’s efforts to date in developing the city’s walk/cycle network and urging that this work continues. There were advocates for both more and less confident cyclists and their differing needs, as well as recognition of the need to make paths safe and welcoming for walkers.

6.12     There were submissions in support of the proposed airport cycleway however Friends of Nelson Haven and Tasman Bay (submission 7905) were concerned a route on the coastal side of the airport and golf course would be vulnerable to climate change and affect plant and bird habitats. Officers will consult with stakeholders mentioned in submission 7905 as the cycleway project is scoped.

6.13     There is interest in extending the network by creating a cycle path to connect the Glen/Hira/Cable Bay, noting that this is a well used route that is made challenging by the volume and speed of traffic. Officers consider this route is unlikely to be economically justifiable on transport grounds alone but could, at a point in the future, form a continuation of the recreationally driven Great Taste Trail to the north. This is a project that could be considered during development of the 2018/28 Long Term Plan.

6.14     In the meantime recently completed improvements by the NZ Transport Agency on the Gentle Annie Summit should provide some benefit. It would also be possible to add signage on the Cable Bay Road, to warn drivers to watch for cyclists. This would need some further investigation and testing by officers but provision for the cost of signs could be made. Signage on the state highway is unlikely to be supported by the NZ Transport Agency as its experience is that at high speeds such signage is less likely to be noticed and may be distracting to drivers.


THAT provision of cycle safety signage on Cable Bay Road be considered following further investigation into its likely effectiveness and with any funding required to be sourced from existing budgets.

6.15     Some submissions requested better cycle facilities in the Brook Valley to cater for the large number of cyclists accessing trails from that entry point. Dedicated cycle lanes, a separate cycle path, public toilets, a reduced speed limit and removal of car parks were all suggested.

6.16     Council proposed three years ago to install improved cycle facilities up the Brook Valley. It found that the local community was not in favour of reduced on-street car parking to accommodate the cycle infrastructure and instead it is planned to install increased signs and markings to raise awareness to motorists of the likelihood of encountering cyclists on the Brook/Westbrook route. This work is waiting on the completion of a significant utility upgrade (Maitai pipeline duplication) in the same vicinity to avoid rework.

6.17     Some submitters would like to see the Maitai Path between Nile and Collingwood St bridge reclassified as a park and not used as a cycleway. They have advised that Council will receive a proposal from them to this end in due course. There was also, however, comment from other submitters that cyclists need a good connection in this area. The Nelson Tasman Cycle Trail Trust (submission 7930) was concerned at the delay Council has resolved for work on this section of the network (to 2019/20), given what it saw as overcrowding on the route.

6.18     A number of submissions mentioned the importance of safe routes to school and encouraging students to cycle to and from school. This is an area that Council has been very active in for a number of years with systematic School Travel Planning and a programme of prioritised works. This resulted in a TRAFINZ Leadership award in 2015 recognising Council for its encouragement of active travel to school.

6.19     The St Vincent Street cycleway received some negative comment in terms of safety. Officers are constantly monitoring the safety of this route and recently removed some carparks at busier entranceways to improve visibility for cyclists and motorists.

6.20     Council received many submissions that provided views on the Nelson Southern Link and Rocks Road traffic. The Consultation Document made clear that the Southern Link is a NZ Transport Agency project and submitters who covered this issue were contacted and made aware of the Transport Agency’s concurrent consultation.

6.21     Submitter 7393 raised the issue of graffiti in the city, particulary Stoke, and asked that Council be more proactive in dealing with this. In particular he suggested that Council should paint out graffiti on private property and encourage utilities like Network Tasman and other businesses to fix graffiti on their facilities more promptly.

6.22     Council currently contracts Nelmac and Downers to remove graffiti from Council buildings and structures only, with a one hour response time for offensive graffiti.  Council cannot water blast or paint over any privately owned building as it has no jurisdiction and tracing property owners and tenants can be time consuming and would add to the cost of the work. Where complaints are received about graffiti on private property it may be possible for a standard letter to be sent encouraging action and providing details of firms which could do the work – officers will investigate the resourcing impact. Officers will also contact Network Tasman and the NZ Transport Agency about the problem to see if they are willing to collaborate on a more effective programme to remove graffiti from buildings and structures they own.


THAT officers discuss a more effective approach to graffiti removal with Network Tasman and the NZ Transport Agency.

7.       Water Supply

7.1       Fluoride was the main issue raised in relation to water supply with 45 submitters writing in opposition to any plans to fluoridate Nelson’s water supply. Since the consultation period closed, the Minister of Health has announced that decision making on fluoridation will be moved from local authorities to District Health Boards via a Bill expected to be introduced to Parliament later in the year. Submitters will be advised of this change.

7.2       A copy of all submissions on fluoride has been sent to the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board. Officers will also send the minutes of hearings and encourage the Board to engage with the community on this issue.

7.3       There were a few submissions on the Waimea Dam and some mixed views, including those who urged financial support for the dam, those who felt the case for the dam was flawed and those who didn’t support the most recent financial model. Generally there was agreement with Council’s approach of waiting for more information.

7.4       The Nelson branch of AccommodationNZ noted that discoloured water following heavy rain is a problem experienced by a number of its members located on Rutherford Street and Waimea Road. Subsequent to this submission Council has received multiple other complaints about discoloured water.

7.5       There are periodic episodes of discoloured water around the city with the majority relating to water with a reddish-brown colour. Previous sampling of the water has confirmed the colour comes from iron and managanese in the water. Some of the iron and manganese occurs naturally in the water from the Maitai Dam but some comes from the treatment process where ferric chloride is used to help remove dissolved organic material from the water. A layer of scale containing these can build up on the walls of pipes over the years. Some of the discolouration can also come from a thin biofilm layer that originates from low levels of organic material in the river water.

7.6       Discolouration is can also be attributable to the ageing cast iron or steel pipe network (both private and public). This is as a result of the formation of rust and the build-up of an organic biofilm on the inside of the pipes. During conditions that change the flow in the pipe, such as earth tremors and pipe breaks this biofilm and rust is displaced resulting in discoloured water.

7.7       Operationally two actions are employed to minimise the effects of discolouration. First is the routine flushing of water mains around the city at key locations and increased flushing during times of increased discolouration. Second is maintaining a constant water pH which stabilises the biofilm and rust in the cast iron pipes.

7.8       Longer term solutions for Council include reducing the amount of ferric chloride used in the water treatment process, either by using the better quality water from the Roding River and the South Branch of the Maitai or by improving the treatment process.

7.9       Council also has, as part of its asset management planning, a programme to replace/renew ageing pipelines. This programme includes renewing AC (asbestos cement) pipes with cast iron pipes to follow. Council still has another eight years to replace black AC pipes with other AC to follow. Cast iron renewals as are scheduled to commence in 2024/25.

7.10     Residents who have old cast iron or steel pipes can help by running their taps until the water is clear. Council’s water supply consistently meets drinking water standards and the water is safe to drink despite the discolouration.

7.11     AccommodationNZ is also concerned about the charging of businesses for water lost when they experience a leak. The decision to charge commercial entities for water leaks is a decision of Council from November 2010. There are a number of reasons for the decision including that businesses can claim the GST if they are registered and the total cost against their tax if they are not.  It is also expected that business owners will keep a close eye on input costs, especially as some commercial properties that have a lot of reticulation and therefore greater opportunities for failures.

7.12     Water leaks are a serious issue for the city and Council has begun a long term programme to reduce those within the public network. Property owners are encouraged to check their water meters regularly to identify high usage which may signal potential leaks. For the future, electronic meters are currently being trialled to explore the possibility of more regular meter reading and an earlier warning of potential leaks.

7.13     One submitter suggested Council should require low flow water fixtures and rainwater tanks in all new dwellings across the city. While it is true that these measures have a positive role to play in saving water, to this point the benefits are not considered to be of a level to justify regulation by Council.  The primary issues that Council has identified regarding the current capacity of the city networks are the myriad small losses from the water mains and private reticulation and the level of stormwater ingress into the wastewater network. Addressing these is a high priority for Council.

8.       Wastewater

8.1       Coastal View Lifestyle Village and Gibair Developments have requested that Council bring forward the Gracefield beheading project as it will allow residential development of land east of Highview Drive and south from the end of Princes Drive (see map in Attachment 3). The area has a resource consent for subdivision into residential sections and for a large residential lifestyle village. The submitter notes that this project, if facilitated by the Gracefield beheading, would assist with Nelson’s housing shortage. Officers recommend bringing forward the first year options report from 2018/19 ($54,066) to 2016/17.


THAT the first year options report on the Gracefield beheading project be brought forward from 2018/19 to 2016/17 along with the required funding of $54,066.

9.       Stormwater/Flood Protection

9.1       Council has made a significant effort through the Long Term Plan 2015-25 to deal with necessary stormwater and flood protection projects. An extra $30million was included in the 2015-25 Long Term Plan over and above what was in the previous ten year plan. The bulk of that work is still in place but some delays have been proposed in order to allow for the new business case processes to be implemented.

9.2       The projects to be delayed were carefully assessed against the whole work programme and only those with a lower priority were proposed for delay. A small number of submitters have objected to those delays. Replies to these submitters will reiterate the overall significant effort underway to address stormwater and flood protection projects and explain the process undertaken to balance the work programme with available resources.

9.3       A resident of Coleridge Place in Stoke (submission 7410) is disappointed that the secondary flow path project has been delayed. An additional stormwater sump was installed at the end of the cul-de-sac in 2014 to help during normal rain events. For the more extreme rain events it is likely that the walkway at the end of the cul-de-sac leading to Orchard Stream will need to be lowered to direct surface water to Orchard Stream.

9.4       It is not recommended that the Coleridge Place project be reinstated for 2016/17 as that would lead to a higher priority project elsewhere having to be removed from the Annual Plan. However officers will visit the site and offer advice to the property owner about changes to the landscaping on their property that could allow surface water to flow onto the walkway before it reaches the house.  

9.5       Residents in support of remediation of Day’s Track have submitted (submission 7918) encouraging Council to remain committed to the project and asking that the area’s lack of stormwater drainage and related infrastructure be addressed.

9.6       Council's Long Term Plan 2015-25 outlined an extensive programme of stormwater work throughout the Tahuna Slope Risk Area. This work is programmed for 2015/16-2020/21 and is in addition to the works specifically identified for Day's Track. Any remedial works required for the sewer network will be undertaken at the same time.

9.7       A resident affected by the delay of the project to address flooding in Arapiki Road (submission 7928) has objected because they wish to pursue subdivision and development options for their property.  Officers recommend bringing forward part of the first year options report from 2018/19 ($50,000) to 2016/17. The site is not large and certainty around the future Council stormwater and flood protection works in the area would be of great benefit to the owner. Bringing forward the report would allow Council to work with the property owner to establish easements for future works.


THAT the first year options report on the Arapiki Road project be brought forward from 2018/19 to 2016/17 along with the required funding of $50,000.

9.8       A resident of 9A Atmore Terrace (submission 7558) wishes to undertake a small residential development on their property. The submission notes that the stormwater system needs to be upgraded before it can handle further development.

9.9       In the current financial year (2015/16) Council expects to undertake an assessment of options and design for a pipe extension from the end of the existing reticulation adjacent 16 Atmore Terrace to 9A Atmore Terrace. The options would be based on current development. The submitter will be advised that the work can be broadened to assess the downstream impact of additional development on 9A Atmore Terrace. Construction timeframes would be dependent upon the extent of any upgrading required.

9.10     There were two submissions relating to Wakapuaka and flood protection. Submission 8023 from a property owner in The Glen requested action on cleaning out Hillwood Streams. Council is currently developing a global consent to allow access to the streams and rivers for minor works such as clearing of gravel buildups and bank protection. Until this consent is granted individual consents are being sought for works on a case by case basis. A consent application is currently underway for the section of No2 Drain above Glen Road. There was also a submission from Federated Farmers (7944) asking about mudflat flood protection/drainage work at Wakapuaka and requesting an update on the status of the project and for funding to be included in the Annual Plan for completion.

9.11     In terms of assessing the risk posed by flooding events in Wakapuaka flood modelling work has been undertaken and recently completed.  The flood modelling signals that in some flood scenarios drain clearance will not alter the water levels that inundate the land.  Preliminary flood modelling work has been workshopped with landowners and the issue will be worked through further with affected landowners in the next couple of months with a view to finding solutions.

10.     Environment

10.1     There was support for the increased funding for monitoring of Nelson rivers and streams, although one submitter (7385) was concerned that reporting on our coastal areas was insufficient. A full explanation of the range of coastal monitoring, including for wetlands, estuarine and coastal areas will be provided to the submitter.

10.2     The work Council has done on the Maitai River was also well supported although some submitters were concerned about forestry in the upper reaches and the problem of logging debris. Work with forestry companies is ongoing to ensure good practices with regard to sediment loss. Council is also undertaking research to accurately identify the sources of sediment coming from the catchment – other research nationally has shown it is not always the most obvious land use causing waterway sedimentation. This will also be addressed through the Nelson Plan which is looking at sediment loss.

10.3     There were requests in submissions for interpretation panels along the lower reaches of the Maitai River. This is something that is being considered for inclusion in the 2016/17 Maitai/Mahitahi work programme.

10.4     Some submitters have commented on woodburners and the problems caused by owners not using them correctly. There was a request for better monitoring of smoky chimneys.

10.5     Council's Monitoring Officers have been systematically checking woodburners in the years 2012, 2013 and 2014. Last winter Council only responded to complaints (of which there were about 80 investigations), due to the more polluted airsheds having been checked and the rules for woodburners potentially changing. There will be an increase in the monitoring of woodburners over the coming winter.

10.6     Other submitters have requested that provision be made for ultra low emission burners. Provision for such burners is being considered as part of Plan Change A3, hearings for which commenced on 3 May 2016.

10.7     Council should note that, as flagged in the Plan Change report, the provision for an additional 1600 ultra low emission burners in Stoke and Brook/Atawhai in Plan Change A3 is contingent on a 10% improvement in air quality resulting from its behaviour change programme.  Provision for additional burners in Victory/Hospital and Tahuna over time is also contingent on improved behaviour. To achieve these improvements Council will need an enhanced behaviour change programme which would cost an additional $60,000 in 2016/17


THAT allocation of an additional $60,000 be made in the Annual Plan for an enhanced behaviour change programme for woodburner operation, contingent on approval of Plan Change A3.

10.8     There were seven submissions on the landfill proposal, all supportive.

11.     Social

11.1     Although the option to move the Elma Turner Library to a new location in Civic House and the State Advances building as part of the scheduled upgrade was not an Annual Plan proposal, it was mooted in the Mayor’s message at the beginning of the Consultation Document. It attracted the second largest group of submissions (107), four of these in support of the move and 90 against.

11.2     Support for the suggestion mainly came from a view that it would assist the CBD and that private investment would make more effective use of the riverside site. Opposition to the move had a number of elements.

11.3     Many people particularly value the riverside location and talked of sitting in the library looking out at the view and enjoying the sun and natural light. It was noted that proximity to a good cycle/walk network was an advantage of the library’s current location. A number of submitters saw a disconnect between the aim of strengthening the city to sea corridor and shifting an important community facility away from that corridor. Families particularly valued the proximity to the Maitai walkway, the small riverside playground and, eventually, the Rutherford Park playground. The library was seen as a key cultural element along the river promenade, drawing people into Rutherford Park.

11.4     Other submitters questioned what evidence Council had that moving the library to the bottom of Trafalgar St would have the positive impact on the CBD that was desired, with a suggestion that the lack of an active frontage would detract from the life of the street.

11.5     Some of the other points made in opposition to a move were the need to keep high value public land accessible to all and the importance of the 59 Council-owned free carparks adjacent to the library. A number of submitters commented on the ease of access at the current site both for the growing older population and disabled residents thanks to the good parking provision. The single-level facility was seen as aiding accessibility.

11.6     Citizens Advice Bureau and the Nelson branch of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists have asked to be included in discussions on the redevelopment project. Both see opportunities for co-location. Officers will consult with these groups as part of scoping of the Elma Turner redevelopment project.

11.7     Although the suggestion of moving Elma Turner Library is not included in the draft Annual Plan and is thus not a proposal, submitters will be expecting some response from Council.

11.8     It is clear from submissions how much Nelsonians value their central library and how strong a connection they feel to its special location on the banks of the Maitai. With this understanding of the community’s views Council may wish to reconsider keeping relocation as an option for the redevelopment project.

11.9     If redevelopment is pursued on the current site Council will need to ensure the budget is sufficient to provide a building that can effectively accommodate the activities of a modern library. Although many believe the current building was custom-built in fact it was a car sales yard and showroom site which the library took over in 1990. There are structural shortcomings in the current building that the redevelopment will need to address.

11.10   Officers will consider all the feedback from submitters alongside the Property Assets Review and provide additional advice and a recommendation to Council at the meeting.

11.11   There were also a number of submissions supporting Council’s proposal to bring forward funding for the Nightingale Library Memorial.

11.12   Volunteer Nelson’s submission notes the nationwide trend, related to our ageing demographic, for increasing demand for volunteer services. Volunteer Nelson believes this increase will be matched by a decrease in people willing to volunteer (NB: evidence to support a coming shortage is mixed). It requests dedicated funding of $30,000 (ongoing, or for a minimum of three years) be added to Council’s budget to help support volunteering, particularly for senior citizens and those with disabilities.

11.13   Volunteer Nelson has also put in an expression of interest for a Community Investment Fund agreement, the outcome of which will be known at the end of June. The amount applied for is $17,600. This comprises approximately $8,000 towards Community & Whanau meetings and $9600 towards Volunteer Service Hubs. Volunteer Nelson has indicated its preference is for a budget line item as it will give greater certainty about the services it can commit to.

11.14   Community & Whanau, a network of social agencies, has proved to be an effective tool for better coordination of social services in Nelson. This is a service Council is likely to wish to continue to support and consideration could be given to making ongoing provision in the budget for the contract (currently held by Volunteer Nelson). There is an existing budget line of $1,000 for venue hire for the monthly meetings which would need to be increased to $8,000 to also cover the cost of facilitation (organising meetings, speakers, minutes).

11.15   As both the additional funding for Community & Whanau facilitation and the broader volunteer support are new areas of funding it would be more appropriate to consider these during preparation of the next Long Term Plan where they can be assessed against other Council priorities in the social area. In the interim Volunteer Nelson could be advised to increase its Community Investment Fund application amount accordingly to cover all the Annual Plan request and this can then be assessed on its merits against other applications.


THAT Volunteer Nelson be advised that its request for additional funding should be made during the development of the Long Term Plan 2018/28 where it can be assessed against other ongoing social funding needs and in the interim it may wish to increase its application to the Community Investment Fund accordingly.

11.16   The Broadgreen Society (submission 7693) and a related submission (7968) have questioned how the $45,000 allocated for commemorations will be spent on legacy projects in a way that is consistent with the Heritage Strategy and Heritage Activity Management Plan.

11.17   Part of the funding allocated ($5,000) is proposed to go towards events related to the anniversary of the Royal New Zealand Navy and the loss of life associated with the sinking of the HMS Neptune during World War II. This is as a result of an approach by the Royal New Zealand Navy requesting Council support. Submission 7968 has questioned whether these are appropriate commemorations for funding by Council and suggested that heritage groups be consulted to provide more relevant local heritage events and sites to spend the funding on.

11.18   The remaining $40,000 of funding is for the 175th commemorations and/or legacy projects arising. Spending of the commemoration funding will be the subject of a future report to Council. Officers will engage with the submitter who wrote both submission 7693 and 7968 before preparing the report to Council.

12.     Parks and Active Recreation

12.1     The Trafalgar Theatre project received a good level of support from many submitters, though not all. But generally it was felt to be a useful addition to the venues available in Nelson.

12.2     Target Shooting Nelson and Nelson Cricket have requested Council assistance to make good a shortfall in fundraising for their new joint cricket training and target shooting facility at Saxton Field. Cricket and target shooting have contributed, and with Council officer assistance, co-ordinated $873,500 towards the $909,897 direct building costs. Although this would not normally be funded by Council, given that target shooting has been forced to moved from its existing facility in Rutherford Park it may be considered that it is justified.

12.3     The figures provided by the quantity surveyor from Gibbons Construction Ltd (project design and construction managers for the building) show a shortfall of $126,397 made up of: a direct building shortfall $36,397, geotechnical excavations $50,000, Council recreation levies (reserves contribution plus development contributions) $20,000 and a contingency of $20,000.  The geotechnical cost is to excavate the unsuitable ground material on which to construct the foundations and it is appropriate that this be funded by Council as it is our responsibility to provide land in a state that is fit to use.

12.4     The building will be built to national standards for both codes and encourage further international cricket matches to Saxton Field. The direct building shortfall relates to Target Shooting increasing the building capacity for more flexible regional use. Officers recommend that $18,000, or 50%, of the direct building shortfall be left for target shooting to fund. Officers recommend that the contingency be left as an item between the construction company and the two codes.

12.5     Further items required to complete the project are a verandah, costed at $20,000 and intended as a future viewing area for the cricket ground and $50,000 for pathways creating a building apron and linking it to a future carpark. The two clubs believe they have no avenues remaining for fundraising the additional $70,000. However for Council to provide funding for these items, that were not part of the original scope or essential to the facility’s operation, would set an unhelpful precedent and almost certainly raise expectations amongst other codes of ratepayer funding for any shortfalls. If Council wished to consider funding any portion of these extra items the project should first go to the Regional Funding Forum for joint consideration by the two councils.

12.6     The contract for construction of the facility will be between Nelson Cricket and Gibbons Construction and on completion the building will be owned by Council.


THAT $88,000 be allocated in the Annual Plan 2016/17 to the joint cricket/target shooting facility at Saxton Field to cover geotechnical excavations, Council levies and the fundraising shortfall.

12.7     The Top of the South Athletics Trust (submission 7911) has made a request for a new hammer cage to be installed at the Saxton Field athletics area and for Council to meet $28,000 of the total estimated cost of $34,000. The normal practice is for codes to meet the cost of equipment directly, however Athletics says that due to the costs of other recent purchases it can only provide $6,000 in this case. There would potentially be other associated costs related to an asphalt surround (not yet costed) and relocating or shortening the adjacent football field.

12.8     It is difficult to assess the priority of this funding request against other spending as officers have not been able to obtain current numbers of hammer throwers who would use the facility or how many events it would be required for. It is suggested that the request be directed to the Regional Funding Forum which has the role of assessing applications and recommending to both councils a fair contribution.

12.9     The health and safety issues raised by Athletics are a concern and these need to be fully explored before approval for a new facility is given, or indeed before hammer throwing practice recommences at the beginning of the next track and field season.


THAT the request for support from Nelson City Council towards the cost of a new hammer throwing facility be directed to the Regional Funding Forum which can consider the priority of the project and an equitable contribution from both councils.

12.10   A number of submissions were concerned with the marina access ramp for the sea scouts, rowing club and sea cadets which has been closed since 2015 due to rotting piles and beams. Submitters outlined the operational and safety issues associated with closure of the ramp.

12.11   The draft Marina Strategy recommends redeveloping this area for a range of sea sports and a new access ramp would be required to service this area. The current users don’t want to wait for the new facility to be built before gaining suitable access to the water. An initial business case has been prepared and costed this work at $330,000. It would be possible to build a new ramp more quickly if there was a confirmed location, however there is a significant amount of work to happen first.

12.12   Next steps are to consult with key stakeholders on the Marina Strategy, adopt a final Strategy and then prepare a Development Plan. Officers are expecting to include resources for the Development Plan in the Annual Plan 2017/18 and once a draft is ready it is likely to require further consultation to ensure the key stakeholders continue to participate in the process. Following that a detailed construction plan would be prepared.  It is therefore expected that construction of a replacement sea sports ramp is unlikely to commence before 2018/19.

12.13   As this is a long delay Council may wish to consider if any temporary measures could make the current ramp safe to use in the intervening period. Discussions with one submitter have suggested some possibilities. Officers therefore recommend that some initial technical work be commissioned to explore temporary options to make the ramp safe to use.





THAT $10,000 be allocated in the Annual Plan for technical work to inform an indicative business case for temporary strengthening of the marina access ramp at the sea scouts, rowing and sea cadets facility in the marina.


12.14   Four submitters requested support for kitesurfing through provision of a washdown area at Tahunanui Back Beach. Officers are aware of the increasing popularity of this sport and agree additional facilities are now justified. In keeping with Council’s partnership approach for new facilities it is suggested that kitesurfing be asked to raise half the cost of the project.


THAT an allocation of up to $2,500 be included in the Annual Plan 2016/17 for the provision of washdown facilities for kitesurfing at Tahunanui beach contingent on an equal contribution from the users.

12.15   One submission (7587) expressed concerns about safety for rowers due to the increase in swing moorings in the Haven which they believe have not been well aligned and are using all of the space which should be shared with Waka Ama and the Rowing Club (see Attachement 2).

12.16   To get a mooring one has to apply for a coastal permit (resource consent) under rules CMr.21 (Structures) and CMr.23 (Mooring Anchor blocks). Each application for a mooring is assessed by the planner and reviewed by the Harbour Master, who confirms the location is suitable. If the harbour master and planner are satisfied with the above then the application will be granted.

12.17   This issue can be considered during the review of the Navigation Safety Bylaw within the next year. Officers will explain the need to cluster swing moorings to maximise yield in areas with adequate depths, but also that there is a priority lane for rowing, waka ama and kayaks only. The submitter will be invited to contact officers to give more details of the issue so this can be taken into account in the bylaw review and the priority lanes reviewed if they are not working adequately.

13.     Economic

13.1     There was support from a number of submitters for Council’s proposal to bid for further One Day International cricket matches.

13.2     Sport Tasman also supported the cricket funding and asked that it be matched by an equal amount to bid for the South Island Masters Games 2017.  Officers consider this is not appropriate as the funding to cricket for its bid is necessary to deal with legal complexities which is not the case for the Masters Games. It is recommended that Sport Tasman be directed to the Events Fund as a source of support for its Masters Games bid.

13.3     Council provided $65,000 to the South Island Masters event in 2015, following an event fund application. Officers and Sport Tasman also intend to investigate the possibility of closer collaboration with Council to extract the greatest benefit for Nelson from the event eg by providing information on other attractions to encourage participants to stay extra days or bringing partners.

14.     Corporate

14.1     There were very few submissions relating to the Corporate Activity. These have all been addressed through the attached spreadsheet.

14.2     Submission 7895 complained about obscene signage on Wicked Campers. Council is unable to issue fines as the Resource Management Act does not control vehicles on roads. However this issue has had national attention and police are now able to fine in some instances. It is expected that this issue will be resolved at a national level.

15.     Concurrent Consultation

15.1     The consultation on changes to the Rates Remission Policy & Rates Postponement Policy was carried out concurrently with the consultation on the Annual Plan Consultation Document. No submissions were received to that process but one submission (submission 8013) to the draft Annual Plan process is deemed to address these matters. No further changes are proposed to the draft before adoption at the Council meeting on 2 June.


THAT Council note that no further changes are proposed to the Rates Remission Policy & Rates Postponement Policy as a result of the concurrent consultation process.

16.     Options

16.1     Council can choose to adopt the Annual Plan as it was consulted on, or to adopt the Annual Plan with amendments as directed.

17.     Alignment with relevant Council policy

17.1     The Annual Plan is an exceptions document, outlining changes from what was set out in the Long Term Plan 2015-25.

18.     Assessment of Significance against the Council’s Significance and Engagement Policy

18.1     The Annual Plan is a significant document guiding Council’s work programme and community engagement has been undertaken at an appropriate level.

19.     Consultation

19.1     The Consultation Document on the Annual Plan 2016/17 was open for consultation for the period 11 March to 11 April. Council heard submitters on 3 and 4 May.

20.     Inclusion of Māori in the decision making process

20.1     Maori were consulted through the submission process on the Consultation Document.


Nicky McDonald

Senior Strategic Adviser


Attachment 1:    Deliberations Report - Spreadsheet of responses to submitters (A1532915)  

Attachment 2:    Context for submission 7587 - Moorings (A1536482)  

Attachment 3:    Context for submission 7777 - Gracefield Beheading (A1543604)  

















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