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A.    A1426845 - M Bauer Comments on Proposed Representation Arrangements 14Sep2015                                                                                            2

B.    A1426925 - Memo - late submission - proposed representation arrangements 2016-2019                                                                      4




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15 September 2015

Memo To:        Her Worship the Mayor and Councillors

Memo From:    Penny Langley

Manager Administration

Subject:        Late Submission – Proposed Representation Arrangements 2016-2019

Please find attached an email from Moira Bauer, received yesterday, which relates to representation arrangements.

We have tried to contact Moira to confirm she would like her email treated as a submission but have not had a response.  Moira does not request the opportunity to speak to council in her email.

If Council wishes to consider this email as a submission it would be appropriate to pass the following recommendation:

THAT the email from Moira Bauer (A1426845) be received as a late submission to the Proposed Representation Arrangements 2016-2019.

In doing so, please be aware that it is clear from Moira’s email that she has read the staff report on today’s agenda which was not available during the consultation period.

Due to the requirements of the process around a representation review, should Council accept this email as a late submission, it is advised that an adjournment be taken to ensure councillors have had the opportunity to read and consider this information prior to making any decisions on submissions.

Similarly, due to the requirements of the representation review process, the reason for Council’s decisions in response to submissions must be included in the resolution passed by Council at today’s meeting.  To that end, should Moira’s email be received as a late submission, a subsequent amendment to the recommendation in the officer report would be required. 

This submitter requests that Council consider the use of Community Boards.  No indication is given as to the community such a community board might represent.  Therefore, it is hard to assess if that community would meet the appropriate requirements to be considered for representation by a community board.  However, based on the fact that Council in its initial proposal identified no communities or communities of interest which would benefit from a representation arrangement other than ‘at large’, this submission provides no evidence to the contrary.  It is therefore recommended that the following be added as bullet point three to the officer recommendation in the report attached to the agenda for today’s meeting:

·       There is insufficient evidence to suggest that Nelson has a community (as defined under Schedule 6 of the Local Government Act 2002) that would meet the fair representation threshold for a community board.