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30 July 2015

Memo to:                 Mayor and Councillors

Memo from:             Administration Advisers

Subject:                  Audit, Risk and Finance Subcommittee – 30 July 2015 – LATE ITEM



1.       Late Item: Capital Projects 2014/15                     2 - 4

Document 4646

A report titled Capital Projects 2014/15 is attached to be considered as a major late item at this meeting. 

In accordance with section 46A(7) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 and Standing Order 3.7.5, a procedural resolution is required before a major item that is not on the agenda for the meeting may be dealt with.

In accordance with section 46A(7)(b)(i) the reason why the item was not on the agenda is because it came to hand after the agenda had been distributed.

In accordance with section 46A(7)(b)(ii) the reason why discussion of this item cannot be delayed until a subsequent meeting is because a resolution on the matter is required before the next scheduled meeting of the Audit, Risk and Finance Subcommittee to enable a timely decision to be made.





THAT the item regarding Capital Projects 2014/15 be considered at this meeting as a major item not on the agenda, pursuant to Section 46A(7)(a) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, to enable a timely decision to be made.




Audit, Risk and Finance Subcommittee

30 July 2015




Capital Projects 2014/15



1.       Purpose of Report

1.1       To approve continuing work on 2014/15 capital projects in the interim until the carry forwards are formally approved.

2.       Delegations

2.1       The Audit, Risk and Finance Subcommittee has oversight of the management of financial risk and makes recommendations to the Governance Committee and to Council.


3.       Recommendation

THAT the report Capital Projects 2014/15 (R4646) be received.

Recommendation to Governance Committee and Council

THAT Council approves continuing work on 2014/15 capital projects within the 2014/15 approved budgets, noting a report on carry forwards will come to the Audit, Risk and Finance Committee’s meeting on 10 September 2015.




4.       Discussion

4.1       Capital expenditure to 31 May 2015 was $25.4 million, $5.1 million (17%) below projection.

4.2       Contractors accruals are not yet completed and a report on requested carry forwards will be on the agenda for the next meeting of this committee.  It is estimated that the required carry forward would be approximately $2.5 million spread over about 20 projects.  As these projects were all underway at 30 June 2015 and the budget was approved for spending in 2014/15, it is proposed that work continue on these projects in the meantime.


4.3       The projects that are continuing are:

4.4       ID        project

·        2100    Hampden St East- Little Go Stream Flood Protection

·        2565    Beatson Road Sewer Renewal

·        2657    Flood mitigation - Gravel Traps & Intake Structures

·        1175    Stoke sports & community facility

·        1548    Rutherford/Trafalgar Park Development

·        1227    Bishopdale to the Ridgeway shared path

·        1222    The Brook Area Cycling and Walking Improvements

·        2058    Tasman St upgrade(Nile to Bronte)

·        2784    Broadgreen House EQ remediation

·        2689    Saxton Creek upgrade

·        2699    Railway Reserve to CBD cycleway via St Vincent (Stage II)

·        2703    St. Vincent to CBD cycle connection (ANZAC Park)

·        2580    Earthquake Prone Buildings Detailed Assessments

·        1920    Corder Park sewer pump station upgrade

·        1606    Suter upgrade

·        2089    Salt Water Creek/Haven Rd Culvert

·        2193    Todd Bush Rd upgrade

·        1044    Saxton -Walkways/cycleways

·        1491    Commercial meter renewals programme

·        2555    WTP membranes - New train

·        2720    Atawhai RM - investigation

5.       Options

5.1       Approve the recommendation – the spending is within 2014/15 approved budgets.             

5.2       Not approve the recommendation.  Work would need to cease on these projects until such time as the formal report approving carry forwards has made its way through the Council processes.

6.       Alignment with relevant Council policy

6.1       Budgets were approved in the Annual Plan 2014/15 but have not been fully spent by 30 June 2015.

7.       Assessment of Significance against the Council’s Significance and Engagement Policy

7.1       This is not a significant decision.

8.       Consultation

8.1       No consultation has been undertaken.

9.       Inclusion of Māori in the decision making process

9.1       No consultation has been undertaken.


Nikki Harrison

Group Manager Corporate Services